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  • Wednesday, 11 May 2022

    "Vanraj Blames Anupamaa-Anuj, Anupamaa Stops her Marriage " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th May 2022


    "Vanraj Blames Anupamaa-Anuj, Anupamaa Stops her Marriage " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th May 2022

    "Vanraj Blames Anupamaa-Anuj, Anupamaa Stops her Marriage " Anupamaa Upcoming 11th May 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. The Shahs clap for Anuj and Anupama’s performance. When Leela gets irritated, Kavya asks her to enjoy herself.


     Kavya plays the role of Anupama’s mother in depicting the love story of Anuj and Anupama. Hasmukh feels sick. Kavya tells Anuj that Anupama’s marriage is already fixed somewhere. Anuj gets serious and requests Kavya not to let Anupama marry someone else. He gets emotional which surprises everyone. Malvika calls him to make him realize that it’s just a play.

    Anupamaa 11th May Today's Episode Written Update



    Anuj handles himself and tells Anupama that he was devastated when he saw her in a bridal look. Anupama gets emotional and apologizes to him for not realizing his feelings for her. Anuj blames himself for not expressing his feelings to her. Malvika asks them not to spoil the function by getting emotional. Devika restarts the function. Anuj and Anupama dance together again. While they were about to exchange the garland to make their love story a happy ending, Hasmukh falls unconscious.


    Anupama runs towards him. Everyone gathers in front of Hasmukh and tries to wake him up. Vanraj and Samar pick him up and make him lie on a bed. Vanraj asks Paritosh to call a doctor immediately. Anuj holds G.K who was about to lose his balance seeing Hasmukh’s condition. Anupama and Leela rub Hasmukh’s hands. Everyone tries their best to wake up Hasmukh.



    Looking at G.K’s expression, Anuj asks him if he wants to tell him something. G.K goes numb and remembers the promise he has made to Hasmukh. Kavya finds Hasmukh’s medical reports lying on the floor. Vanraj takes the file from her. Anuj realizes that G.K knew about Hasmukh’s health condition. Vanraj fails to understand the medical terms in the reports.


    Paritosh decides to check the terms online. Vanraj wonders why and when Hasmukh went for a medical test that no one in the family knows about. Anuj tells him that G.K knows everything. Anuj asks G.K to tell everything to the Shaha. G.K apologizes to the family for not revealing the truth to everyone for the sake of Hasmukh’s promise. He tells them everything about Hasmukh’s health condition. Vanraj blames G.K and calls him insensitive for hiding the truth.


    Anuj tells him that it’s due to Hasmukh’s stubbornness. When Vanraj and Anuj get involved in a verbal fight, G.K pleads with them to stop. Vanraj gets reminded of Leela’s doubt about Hasmukh’s changed behavior. He accuses Anuj and Anupama’s marriage of Hasmukh’s deteriorating health.

     He holds them responsible for ignoring Hasmukh due to their enjoyment. Anupama cries and tells him that she wasn’t aware of Hasmukh’s health condition.



    Vanraj asks everyone to dance and enjoy as they shouldn’t get stopped due to Hasmukh. He asks Anuj and Anupama to get married but will not let Hasmukh get involved in their marriage. He asks them to get out of the house. Leela blames Anupama for snatching away Hasmukh from them. She curses Anupama and tells them that Hasmukh means everything to her.


    Vanraj blames both Anuj and Anupama for Hasmukh’s suffering. Leela orders that Hasmukh isn’t going to participate in the wedding. Hasmukh somehow opens his eyes and tells Leela that he will not survive if Anuj and Anupama’s wedding is canceled. The doctor arrives. Vanraj shows him the reports. The doctor pushes an injection to Hasmukh and suggests immediate surgery. After he leaves, Vanraj decides to do immediate surgery for Hasmukh.


    Anuj tells him that Hasmukh should be hospitalized soon. Anupama tells that nothing is more important to her than Hasmukh’s health. She cries as Hasmukh has hidden the truth from them. 

    Vanraj asks everyone to look after Hasmukh as he’s going to talk to the cardiologist. Anupama runs towards her room unable to control her emotion.


    Precap for Anupamaa Upcoming 12th May 2022 :

     Anupama tells Anuj how much Hasmukh means to her. They both get emotional.


    When Hasmukh denies going to the hospital, Anupama tells him that Anuj and she won’t marry if he doesn’t go to the hospital.

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