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  • Thursday, 12 May 2022

    "Hansmukh's Condition, Anupamaa Gets Ready for Marriage " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th May 2022


    "Hansmukh's Condition, Anupamaa Gets Ready for Marriage " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th May 2022

    "Hansmukh's Condition, Anupamaa Gets Ready for Marriage " Anupamaa Upcoming 12th May 2022.

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupama runs away to the roof and breaks down into tears recalling Hasmukh’s condition.


     She recalls how Hasmukh has always treated her with love and supported her. Anuj stands by her side. Anupama hugs him and blames herself for not noticing Hasmukh’s suffering. She calls herself an undeserving daughter for not taking care of her father. She feels that it must have been difficult for Hasmukh to hide his pain.

    Anupamaa 12th May Today's Episode Written Update



    She doesn’t understand why Hasmukh kept everything secret. Anuj tells her that whatever Hasmukh did was for his children being a father. Anupama tells him that she would have died if something wrong had happened to Hasmukh. She feels grateful toward Hasmukh for being her father the moment she stepped into the Shah house. Anuj consoles her and asks her not to break down as she’s the strength of the family. He asks her not to worry as they have to be with Hasmukh and give her courage.


     Samar calls Anupama. Anupama and Anuj run towards Hasmukh’s room. They find Hasmukh sitting on his bed and others surrounding him. Anupama holds Hasmukh’s hand and tells him that her wedding isn’t important more than his health. Anuj tells him that their happiness is incomplete with him. G.K tells Malvika that he had stopped Hasmukh from hiding everything from his family.



     Kanta, Malvika, Devika, and Rakhi get emotional as Hasmukh had decided to sacrifice his life for Anupama’s happiness. Hasmukh apologizes to Anupama for not keeping his promise as he wanted Anupama to leave the house with joy. He cried for making Anupama cry and ruining her sangeet ceremony. Anupama asks him not to embarrass them anymore.


    She tells him that her wedding will be planned only when he becomes physically fit. Leela tells Hasmukh that the family will be incomplete with him. Vanraj tells his father that he will be hospitalized in the evening and his surgery will start as soon as possible. Anuj supports Vanraj’s decision.Hasmukh refuses to go to the hospital as he won’t leave the house only after Anupama’s wedding. Anupama pleads with him to get admitted to the hospital. Anuj pleads with him too.


     Leela asks Hasmukh if Anupama means everything to her. Vanraj requests his father not to be adamant. Anupama declares her decision not to marry Anuj till he’s physically fit and fine. Hasmukh tells her that if he goes to the hospital without seeing her wedding, then he will not survive. 

    Rakhi salutes Hasmukh for sacrificing his life for Anupama. She understands Hasmukh’s stubbornness being a parent. Hasmukh tells his family that he will pray for his death if he’s sent to the hospital.



    Anupama and Anuj tell him that they aren’t ready for the wedding seeing him in this condition. Hasmukh tells them that he will get admitted to the hospital after Anupama and Anuj’s wedding. Anupama tells him that their wedding can be some days later too but cannot afford to lose him. Hasmukh requests her not to be sent to the hospital as anything can happen to him during the surgery.


    He behaves like a kid requesting Anupama to agree with him. Anupama asks him to promise her that he will take proper care of his health till her wedding. Hasmukh asks everyone to cheer up and dress themselves up for the wedding. He asks them to dance, sing and enjoy after all it’s her daughter’s wedding. He keeps Anuj and Anupama’s hands together which makes Leela and Vanraj irritated. Later, G.K apologizes to Anupama for keeping Hasmukh’s health condition secret.


    Anupama asks him not to bend down in front of her as she understands his situation. He gives her the prescription and asks her to give hope to Hasmukh as he wants to see his daughter get married. He asks her not to worry as nothing will happen to Hasmukh. 

    He goes to visit Hasmukh. While Anupama checks the prescription, Vanraj snatches it from her and tells them that she can turn anything into poison.


    Precap For Anupamaa Upcoming 13th May 2022 :

     Anupama and Anuj are excited about their wedding. Dolly and the children of the house request Leela and Vanraj to get involved in the wedding.

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