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  • Monday, 3 May 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2021 Written Update "Sirat Takes Ranveer To Hospital, Kartik Understands Sirat's Pain "


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2021 Written Update "Sirat Takes Ranveer To Hospital, Kartik Understands Sirat's Pain "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2021 Written Update "Sirat Takes Ranveer To Hospital, Kartik Understands Sirat's Pain ".

     The episode starts with Suwarna. She connects the video call to Suhasini so that she can enjoy Kartik's engagement from the ashram.




     Holding the Ranveer's written chit, Sirat becomes emotional once but within the same moment, she trashes the chit and says that she shouldn't carry her past now. Another side Rhea is provoking Ranveer to go and stop Sirat's engagement. Ranveer believes Rhea's lies and he runs to stop the engagement. Rhea is now so excited to see the results of lighting the fire to destroy Sirat's life.

     Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Today's Written Update 3rd May 2021


    Ranveer reaches there when Kartik puts on the ring on Sirat's finger. He stops himself at the door. Everyone is so happy there but Ranveer is feeling so much pain. Sirat seems so happy and excited and this stops Ranveer from coming in front of her. Mauri congratulates both Kartik and Sirat. No one notices Ranveer standing at the door.


     He is feeling so bad to see Sirat going to be someone else's now. Kairav comes and hugs Kartik and Sirat. The three look so happy with each other. Ranveer is still watching everything. Mauri thanks god and says that Sirat has faced a very bad time in her life but from now onwards her life will be filled with happiness only. She praises Kartik and his family as they all love Sirat a lot.




    Sirat replies to Mauri that it's all because of her as she met with Kartik in the market and wished him for her. Mauri and Sirat do some fun with each other. Ranveer is still watching all this silently. Everyone is enjoying it a lot at the moment. Even Naksh seems so happy now. Ranveer puts his hand on his chest and recalls that someone had shot him with a gun at this place.


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     Kairav asks Kartik and Sirat to come closer and hold each other's hand as he wants to click their pictures. Ranveer feels more pain seeing Sirat holding someone's hand and seems so happy also. He recalls Mauri's words that Sirat is so happy now because she gets a great life partner now. Suddenly Mauri notices Ranveer standing at the door and she gets worried to see him there.


    Kairav also notices him and he tells Kartik also. But before Kartik can call him Ranveer had left. Rhea is so excited as she is thinking that her plan will work and Ranveer will take Sirat with him but nothing has happened. Kartik says to Kairav that his friend is having his flight so he can be there. Kairav ensures that he saw him. Kartik goes to check this. As Kartik leaves Sirat is also about to leave.



     Mauri stops her but she doesn't and goes behind Kartik. Mauri is getting so worried now. Rhea also leaves behind them. Ranveer is running and Kartik is following him. Kartik worries about Ranveer as he comes again and is leaving without meeting him. Sirat is also following Kartik holding Ranveer's written chit. Rhea follows Sirat and she is so excited to see when Kartik will meet Ranveer.


    Other side Surekha questions Kartik's new friend and Mauri gets more worried. Later Ranveer comes out of the resort and Kartik doesn't catch him but also reaches outside the resort. Recalling everything again Ranveer hurts himself by hitting his hand with the van standing there. Sirat also reaches there. Kartik calls Ranveer's name and Sirat shocks to listen to this. Sirat questions Kartik about Ranveer.


    Kartik tells her everything that he has met with him on Gangaur and they both become friends of each other. He says that he didn't meet him now but will call him after the engagement. 

    Kartik asks Sirat to come inside as the auspicious timing is going for their engagement. But Sirat is so worried after listening to Ranveer's name. Other side Ranveer is feeling so much pain and he cries a lot. Later Ranveer recalls Sirat and is walking on the road.




    Sirat shocks to spot him there. Ranveer is carelessly walking on the road when a car hits him and he meets with an accident. He gets an injury on his head and becomes unconscious. Sirat shocks again to see this and she runs towards him. She asks Ranveer to open his eyes but he doesn't. Kartik steps outside to bring Sirat. Other side everyone is worried as Kartik and Sirat aren't returning.


    Sirat cries for help than two men arrive there and she calls them to call a taxi to take him to the hospital. Sirat continuously requests Ranveer to wake up then Kartik reaches there. He is confused to see Sirat worrying for Ranveer. She asks Kartik to take him to the hospital. Later Kartik and Sirat take Ranveer to the hospital and Sirat is continuously reciting Ranveer's name. Sirat tells every detail about Ranveer and Kartik fills the admission form for him.


    Other side Rhea tells everyone about Ranveer and Sirat's past stroy. Everyone shocks after learning about her past. Mauri gets worried. Suwarna tries to justify Sirat's condition and says that they don't have any issue with Sirat's past and she is sure that Sirat has told Kartik everything.  But Manish gets angry and says wrong about Sirat.


    Rhea says that she doesn't think that Sirat will return now. Later the nurse asks for a family member and Sirat signs Ranveer's form. Gayatri asks everyone not to think wrong before knowing the truth.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2021 Written Update :

    The doctor tells Kartik that after testing Ranveer's body they found an old bullet shot in his chest. Later Kartik asks Sirat to face the truth. She replies that she only wants to focus on her boxing and life.

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