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  • Monday, 3 May 2021

    " Vanraj makes Anupamaa Laugh, Kavya Gets Jealous " Anupamaa 3rd May 2021 Written Update


    " Vanraj makes Anupamaa Laugh, Kavya Gets Jealous " Anupamaa 3rd May 2021 Written Update

    " Vanraj makes Anupamaa Laugh, Kavya Gets Jealous " Anupamaa 3rd May 2021 Written Update.

    The episode begins in the resort. Anupamaa requests Vanraj to be responsible for one relationship at least.



    Dr Advait offers the bat to Kavya and asks her to beat the ball tied from the tree and calm down her anger. Kavya recalls all the incidents earlier that made her angry and beat the ball hard. She wipes her tears while Advait makes her laugh. Vanraj notices Anupamaa laughing with her family and Kavya with Advait. As Kavya beats the ball again, Vanraj holds the ball. Advait tells Vanraj that he’s happy to see Anupamaa in a cheerful mood.

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     Vanraj asks him if he has met Kavya. Kavya tells Advait that Vanraj and she aren’t together even being together in a relationship. Vanraj asks Kavya not to say such things in front of Advait. Kavya loses her temper and argues with Vanraj. Advait asks them to calm down and don’t ruin the vibe of the resort.


    Advait advises Kavya to calm her anger down whereas he asks Vanraj to choose anyone between Kavya and Anupamaa. Suddenly, Vanraj hears Samar’s voice calling his mother. He runs and finds Anupamaa lying on the ground. Advait too runs hurriedly and asks if Anupamaa is fine. Samar tells them that Anupamaa’s leg slipped as she climbed up the tree to pluck mangoes.




    Leela calls Anupamaa to be a monkey. Vanraj scolds Anupamaa for hurting herself. He tells Anupamaa that she could have told him or someone else to pluck the mangoes. Anupamaa tells him that he has never listened to her when she used to ask him every year to pluck some mangoes from the nearby tree of their street.


    She tells Vanraj that she is trying to be self-sufficient as their divorce is arriving soon. Nandini and Pakhi hold Anupamaa and helps her to stand. Nandini decides to help Anupamaa and so does Samar. Leela asks Vanraj not to worry as Anupamaa is fine. Vanraj worries for Anupamaa as she’s sick. Leela asks him not to remind Anupamaa about her illness rather give her strength. Anupamaa prepares for mango juice. Nandini helps her.

    अनुपमा की हिंदी में अपडेट पड़ने  के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे 


    Anupamaa decides to buy milk from the nearby shop to make a milkshake for Vanraj and Pakhi. As Anupamaa leaves, Samar thanks Nandini for always being there for Anupamaa. He asks Nandini what relationship she has with Anupamaa. 

    Nandini blushes. Samar tells her that she’s going to address Anupamaa to be her mother-in-law very soon. Nandini asks not to be impatient and wait for their wedding. Samar kisses her on her cheek and Nandini throws water on him.




    Nandini runs away from him and Samar follows him. She hides in the bushes while Samar keeps finding her. Anupamaa thanks Kanha ji for such a beautiful house. Samar notices a bush and feels that someone is there behind the bush. He misunderstands the person to be Nandini and holds the hand of the person and finds it to be Dr. Advait. Samar apologizes to Advait. 

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    Meanwhile, Nandini arrives at the place. Samar hesitates to tell Advait who he was finding actually. Advait understands Samar and Nandini’s relationship and both of them blush. He asks Samar and Nandini about their relationship status. Both of them express their love for each other. Advait asks both of them some funny questions and realizes the bond between the two lovebirds. Samar asks Advait if he has loved someone in his life.


    Advait tells them that he had someone in his life and asks them to let go of the past to live the present. He promises to be there for them whenever they need him. He leaves while playing the flute. Samar and Nandini realize that Advait had a sad love story. Samar kisses Nandini on her hand and hugs her. Anupamaa cuts the mangoes while Vanraj asks her if he can eat a slice.



    Vanraj asks her if she’s liking the resort. Anupamaa becomes nostalgic recalling her childhood house which was similar to this. Vanraj takes another slice and enjoys it. Anupamaa tells him that he is behaving like a child and both of them laugh together. Kavya notices them together spending time.

     Anupamaa asks him if they can make Samar and Nandini’s engagement as she doesn’t want them to take any wrong decision like Kinjal and Paritosh. Vanraj agrees with Anupamaa and thinks that it’s not a bad idea. Anupamaa misunderstands Vanraj and thinks that he’s against Samar and Nandini’s relationship. She gets angry while Vanraj tries to explain to her. 

    Vanraj puts his hand on Anupamaa’s mouth to make her quiet. He tells her that it’s a good idea to engage Samar and Nandini. Anupamaa is happily surprised. Vanraj asks her if they can organize Nandini and Samar’s engagement in the resort itself. Anupamaa smiles in happiness and offers more mangoes to Vanraj.


    Precap for Anupamaa 4th May 2021 Written Update :

     Anupamaa and Vanraj come to know that their divorce date has arrived. Vanraj asks the lawyer if he can cancel the decision of divorce. Kavya overhears Vanraj’s conversation with the lawyer and forces him to divorce Anupamaa. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that they will reveal their divorce date after the puja gets over.

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