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  • Tuesday, 23 February 2021

    Anupamaa 23rd February Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gives White Rose to Vanraj, Kavya's Plan Against Anupamaa"


    Anupamaa 23rd February Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gives White Rose to Vanraj, Kavya's Plan Against Anupamaa"

    Anupamaa 23rd February Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gives White Rose to Vanraj, Kavya's Plan Against Anupamaa".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Vanraj and Kavya perform the aarti together in the puja.



    Dolly and Sanjay do the aarti followed by other couples in the family. Anupamaa does the aarti alone. After the aarti gets completed, Vanraj follows other rituals. Leela prays for her son’s well being and longevity. Vanraj promises to be with Leela. Vanraj stands in front of the mirror, while Anupamaa enters the room without noticing Vanraj.

    Anupamaa 23rd Feburary Episode Written Update


    Anupamaa tries to find something and notices the flower vase in an improper way. She makes the vase placed properly and arranges the flowers. As Vanraj sneezes, Anupamaa realizes his presence in the room. Vanraj apologizes to her and tells her that he has come into the room to make his tika look proper. Anupamaa apologises to him for entering the room in a hurry without noticing him. She recalls how Vanraj threw her out of the room earlier.


    Vanraj appreciates Anupamaa for handling the situation in the family when Kavya came to celebrate his birthday with his family. He thanks Anupamaa. As Vanraj walks towards Anupamaa, she recalls a Vanraj’s birthday morning in the past and how she offered him a red rose being the love of her life. Anupamaa breaks her thoughts and tells Vanraj that it’s not necessary to hate the person after the relationship gets broken.




    She feels that there can be other feelings towards a person except for love and hatred. She tells that when two people separate from their relationship, it’s not necessary to hate each other but can find peace with each other’s existence. She asks Vanraj if they can try to bring peace in their life. She offers a white rose to Vanraj and wishes him a birthday.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 23rd February 2021


    Vanraj accepts the rose and thanks Anupamaa. Anupamaa feels happy as she is trying to let go of the past and tries to build this new friendship with Vanraj. Pakhi clicks selfies with her family. Hasmukh appreciates Leela for her look. Leela asks Kinjal if Rakhi has gone home. Leela tells her that Rakhi is changing her outfit accordingly to the theme of the party. Soon Rakhi arrives getting ready in a black saree. Mama ji offers red rose to Rakhi and flirts with her.


     Rakhi gets annoyed. Leela compliments Rakhi for looking beautiful. Vanraj and Anupamaa get ready and face each other. Anupamaa notices Vanraj has put the white rose in the pocket of his court. Pakhi takes Vanraj along with her. Kavya too arrives at the party and along with Nandini when Leela taunts Kavya.



    Kavya appreciates Pakhi for the theme of the party being golden and black. Pakhi taunts Kavya as the latter previously felt that black and gold was too tacky to be a party theme. 

    Kavya accepts that she was wrong. Rakhi wonders how Kavya has become so sweet and calm. Pakhi decides to video call Samar and starts the cake cutting ceremony. As Kavya brings the cake, she almost trembles. While everyone was worried about the cake, Anupamaa holds Kavya and doesn’t let the cake fall.


    Vanraj asks Anupamaa and Kavya if they are fine. Pakhi tells him that Anupamaa handles everything. Kavya agrees with Pakhi. Pakhi tells Kavya that no one can be like her mother. Vanraj appreciates the cake baked by Leela. Kinjal tells him that Anupamaa has decorated the cake. Rakhi taunts Anupamaa and Kavya. Seeing Kavya walking towards Vanraj, Pakhi intentionally stands beside Vanraj and made Paritosh stand on the other side.


     Paritosh misses Samar’s presence and so does Vanraj. Samar calls and wishes Vanraj. Samar is shocked to see Kavya. Anupamaa asks Samar to wait till the cake cutting ceremony. As the cake-cutting ceremony begins, Anupamaa recalls the previous year's birthday of Vanraj. Kavya asks Vanraj to make a wish before blowing the candles.




    Pakhi interrupts and tells Kavya that Vanraj makes a wish every year on her insistence. Rakhi taunts Vanraj and asks her to make a wish to get a job. Anupamaa defends Vanraj and calls him talented enough to get a job. Vanraj imagines Anupamaa in his wish. The cake-cutting ceremony begins. Vanraj offers the first piece to his parents and then to Pakhi and Paritosh.


     Pakhi asks Vanraj to make Anupamaa eat a piece of cake. Kavya too asks Vanraj to do the same. As Vanraj offers a came towards Anupamaa, Anupamaa stops him. Kavya eats the cake and makes Vanraj eat a piece too. Kavya offers Anupamaa a piece when Anupamaa holds her hand too. Anupamaa denies eating the cake as Vanraj’s name is written on it. She goes to the kitchen to bring the plates.


    Anupamaa consoles herself as she felt awkward. Later, Rakhi asks Kavya why she’s acting to be sweet in front of the Shahs. Kavya tells her that she wasn’t able to do anything staying outside of the Shah house. 

    She unveils her evil plan to take revenge from Anupamaa, throw away Vanraj’s parents from the house along with Samar and Anupamaa, and sent Pakhi to the hostel.



    Precap For Anupamaa 24th February Episode Written Update :

    Anupamaa dances at the party. The family performs a group dance. Kavya dances with Vanraj making him uncomfortable. Later Pakhi angrily tells Kavya that Vanraj isn’t happy with her. Kavya asks her to do whatever she wants as Anupamaa couldn’t stop her.

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