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  • Tuesday, 23 February 2021

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 23rd February 2021 Written Update " Sirat Saves Kairav, Kartik is Thankful to her "


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 23rd February 2021 Written Update " Sirat Saves Kairav, Kartik is Thankful to her "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 23rd February 2021 Written Update " Sirat Saves Kairav, Kartik is Thankful to her ".

    The episode starts with Sirat. She asks Kartik to tell her what he wants in return for helping them.


    Firstly Kartik hesitates to say anything to her anything but later he apologizes to her for behaving rudely. Sirat asks Kartik to forget everything about the past and asks him to tell if she can do anything for him now. Kartik is about to say her to come to Goenka's house for Kairav. But before this, the nurse arrives there and asks Kartik to bring the medicine as soon as possible.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 23rd February 2021


    Kartik takes the prescription and leaves. Sirat goes with him. Another side Kairav's condition is getting poor. Goenkas worry about him and the doctor is in so hurry that he doesn't talk to Goenkas. On the way to the medical store, Sirat says to Kartik that even after the operation she doesn't want to leave Mauri alone. Kartik again tries to tell her about Kairav's condition but before this, she goes to the medical store.


     The owner of the medical store tells them that the medicine isn't available at his store so he'll send it later to the hospital. Later Kartik notices Sirat writing a wish for Mauri's health on a wishing spot. Kartik does the same for Kairav's health. Now Kartik starts talking about Kairav's health with Sirat. She is feeling dizzy.



     Kartik tells Sirat about Kairav's health but Sirat can't understand him as her head is paining badly and she is feeling dizzy. Manish calls Kartik and tells him that Kairav's is becoming worse now and to improve his health Sirat has to come here soon. Sirat becomes unconscious and Kartik holds her in his arms. He puts her in the car and starts driving. Kartik asks Kairav to wait for him as she is bringing what he wants now.


    Later Sirat gains her consciousness and asks Kartik about Mauri's medicines. She can see the dark outside then she questions Kartik that where they're going now. Sirat notices the entry board welcoming them to the Udaipur. Sirat bombards her questions on Kartik but Kartik remains silent. Sirat asks Kartik to tell her that was in and for what they're going to Udaipur at this time leaving Mauri alone. Kartik remains silent then she gets angry.

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    Finally, Kartik breaks his silence and tells to Sirat that his son Kairav needs her now. Sirat shocks and asks Kartik to stop the car in anger. She forces them to open the car's door and refuses to go with him. Kartik holds her hands. Sirat asks Kartik that how can he take her to Udaipur when Mauri is sick  Kartik replies that his son also sick and is in the hospital now.



    Sirat insists that she can't do anything for Kairav and right now she only wants to go to her Mauri. Kartik holds Sirat and asks her to listen that Kairav's is in poor condition and the doctor asked them that only she can make Kairav feel better. 

    Sirat isn't ready to listen to him and warns him to leave her otherwise she'll call the police. She blames Kartik saying that he kidnapped her. She says to Kartik that he helped them only for his own selfishly meaning. Sirat opens the car's door and disturbs Kartik while driving.

    Kartik's car is losing its balance. As Kartik stops the car at the hospital, Sirat tries to go from there. Kartik holds her and requests her to come inside with him once. Sirat refuses to go in. Kartik forces her to come in but she still refuses to say that Mauri needs her the most now.

     Kartik joins his hands in front of Sirat and says that Kairav is dieing with every moment and he needs her only. Kartik forces her again then she pushes her aside and refuses to go anywhere with him. Sirat sits on Kartik's car and warns him not to touch her. Kartik receives a call from Manish then he runs inside the hospital. Inside the hospital, Kartik loses his hope seeing Kairav's poor condition.



     Suhasini asks Kartik about Sirat then Kartik replies that she doesn't come. Kartik requests Manish and Suhasini to save his son's life. Kartik goes inside Kairav's room and apologizes to him that he can't bring Sirat. The doctors send Kartik out of the room. Later everyone shocks when Kairav's heartbeat stops. Other side Sirat says to herself that one she'll take all her acts of revenge from Kartik and Mukesh.


    The doctor gives shock therapy to Kairav but he doesn't respond to it. Goenkas are shattered now. Within the same moment, they shock to see Sirat in Kairav's room. Seeing her Goenkas see a ray of hope for Kairav's life. Sirat keeps her hand on Kairav's heart and asks him to wake up as his Mumma is there. She also apologizes for getting late. Sirat tries her best to wake him up but Kairav doesn't respond to her. But the next moment, a miracle happens and Kairav's heart again starts beating. Goenkas are so happy now.


    Kairav opens his eyes then Sirat hugs and pampers him. Kairav asks Kartik to come in. Kartik goes inside and hugs Kairav. Other members of the Goenka family also reach there. Rhea shocks to see Sirat and Kartik together hugging Kairav. The doctor asks Kartik and Sirat to leave as Kairav needs rest. Sirat gets emotional and she leaves.


    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 24th February 2021 Written Update :

     Goenkas are celebrating a festival. Suhasini tells that if today a garland from a man's hands goes in a woman's neck then God fixes their relationship. The same happens with Kartik and Sirat. Will god bring Kartik and Sirat together.

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