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  • Wednesday, 21 October 2020

    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Full Episode 21st October 2020 Written Update " Ahem gets memories flases from his Past and Gopi "


    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Full Episode 21st October 2020 Written Update " Ahem gets memories flases from his Past and Gopi "

    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Full Episode 21st October 2020 Written Update " Ahem gets memories flases from his Past and Gopi ".

    The episode starts at Desai's outhouse. Kokila asks who ate the cake as she couldn't see Gehna there and Gopi tells Gehna after recalling Ahem having the cake.



    She sees Gehna there and Gehna asks Gopi to teach to make a cake like this. Gopi thinks whether she saw Ahem for real or was it her imagination but thinks that she can't give false hope to Kokila. They leave from there while the person looking like Ahem looks at them. Jamna says that they bought sarees for Hetal and Urmila while Kanak and Hema are looking for the sarees as it is expensive.




    Kokila comes there and thanks Jamna when she gives the saree selected by her. Urmila is jealous that she liked that saree but couldn't get and Gopi says thank you and sorry to Gehna as she was forced to lie due to her. Gehna says that it is okay as Lord Krishna has taught that lies for something good is not a sin and Kokila calls Gopi there showing her saree. Prabhul says that she should also select a saree later and Gopi sits there recalling about Ahem.



    Kokila praises Prabhul for keeping the whole family under the same roof so asks his sons and daughters in law to give love and respect to him forever. Pankaj and Chetan say that they will take care of them and their finance while Kokila asks Jamna why he is talking like this as she told Anant was the one who manages finance.




    Jamna tells Chetan that Anant will handle everything he need not worry and Kanak says that they will prepare for tomorrow's party. Gopi and Kokila ask Gehna to sit with them while Kanak says that she will come after making green tea as she has a headache. Gehna tells her that she will bring tea for her and sharbat for others.



     Gopi thinks of telling Gehna why he asked her to lie about cake and Kanak asks Jamna whether she wanted to show jewelry for tomorrow's function. She gets angry as Jamna asks Kokila to come along with them and asks Hema what she is wearing. She tells about the jewelry but tells that it is at her home and Urmila thinks that she will show them both that she is the best at pretending.



    Jamna gives a jewelry set to Hema and she gets happy while Kokila asks her to keep it safe as it is as precious as she received from her mother in law. Kanak says that she also wants jewelry and Jamna asks her to select whatever she likes. Kanak chooses the diamond set and tells that she will return after the party. Gehna comes there with green tea and sharbat while Prabhul asks whether everyone chose their jewelry.





     Kokila asks Gehna what she is going to wear for the party and Jamna gives her favorite jewelry but Gehna says that she is not coming to the party. Jamna says that Gehna is like this always doesn't come to any party and Kokila says that Gopi was also like this at the beginning while Gopi says that she recalled her past nature seeing Gehna.



    Prabhul says Gehna that if she doesn't come to the party he will be angry with her and Gopi assures that Gehna will surely go with them. Prabhul goes getting a call while Jamna asks Kanak to give this jewelry to Gehna and Kanak thinks that this is traditional earrings which she didn't get when she asked once but now giving to this servant.



    Kanak gives the earrings to Gehna in anger but says that she will look good in this. Gehna gives the earrings to Jamna telling that there will be a lot of work tomorrow and she may forget or lose this keeping anywhere. Gopi says that if she can't wear the earrings she will have to wear her lehenga and Kokila asks her to make her weakness away else people will take advantage of the situation.



    Kanak is angry hearing Kokila's words aiming at her and supporting Gehna. Kokila gives her earrings and says that even if she forgets no one will take advantage of her. Gehna takes blessings from Kokila and Jamna. Kanak plans to take revenge against Gehna and Hema also joins with her while she asks her that they should steal.



    Kanak asks Hema to steal the earrings that Kokila gave to Gehna and threatens her to do. Kanak throws chocolate in anger which Pankaj gets them and he thinks he did something to make her angry. Kanak says that he didn't do anything but she is angry with Kokila and Gehna so she won't leave them.



    Gehna thanks God for giving her blessings and asks to give strength to keep their trust forever. Gopi is still thinking about Ahem and Gehna says to her Gopi uncle that this was given to her. 

    She praises her and Ahem gets vague memories of the past so asks her to stop. He tells that no one else should come here as he doesn't like and Gehna calms him seeing angry. He is still getting old memories not clear but thinks who Gopi is.


    Precap For Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Full Episode 22nd October 2020 Written Update :

     Gopi helps Gehna in getting ready but Kanak destroys her happiness. Anant sees Gehna at the house.

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