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  • Wednesday, 21 October 2020

    Anupamaaa 21st October 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gets Faint After Seeing Vanraj Confessing His Love For Kavya "

    Anupamaaa 21st October 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gets Faint After Seeing Vanraj Confessing His Love For Kavya "

    Anupamaaa 21st October 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gets Faint After Seeing Vanraj Confessing His Love For Kavya ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house when Anupamaa was welcomed in the house again as a bride.

    Anupamaa becomes emotional seeing the knot between Vanraj and her open. Leela gets angry but Hasmukh consoles Anupamaa. Hasmukh advises Anupamaa to be herself even after staying with everyone else. He asks Anupamaa not to let go of her identity. Everyone appreciates Hasmukh’s advice. Anupamaa holds Vanraj’s hand and takes him inside the house.


      Anupamaa 21st October 2020 Episode Written Update

    Kavya too holds Vanraj’s other hand but he loosens it and gets inside along with Anupamaa. Vanraj asks Leela if he can go to his room for a while as he’s not feeling well. Leela allows Vanraj and asks Anupamaa to follow the rest of the ritual. Vanraj walks through the corridor and recalls Kavya’s statements. Anupamaa worries for Vanraj’s back pain and asks Devika to come with her to her room. Devika tells her that she will wait outside the room.



    Vanraj is shocked to find Kavya in the room. He hurriedly shuts the door and shouts at Kavya for being in his room. He requests her to leave his room as someone will arrive. He tells her that he will apologize to her later for unable to be present in the tenure to marry her. Rakhi congratulates Anupamaa for starting a new life. She tells Anupamaa that Vanraj should focus much on her rather than on Kavya who’s in his work life.



    Devika gets irritated at Rakhi’s statement regarding Vanraj and Kavya. Anupamaa tells Devika to sit with Rakhi and doubt Vanraj but she will always trust her husband. Devika tells her that she’s wrong about Vanraj this time as Vanraj is only hers. Anupamaa blushes and asks Devika to come with her. Vanraj requests Kavya to leave his room.


    Kavya shouts at him for being selfish. Vanraj asks her to calm down. Kavya breaks down and cries. Sanjay, Paritosh, and Nandini search for Kavya. 

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    Nandini decides to look at her house if Kavya has left. Kavya tells Vanraj that she has always shared him with Anupamaa in these eight years of their relationship. She tells him that she just wanted a day from him to give her the right of being his wife which she deserves. Vanraj asks Kavya to talk slowly and tells her how Sanjay trapped him.


    Kavya doesn’t care about Vanraj’s statements and keeps shouting at him for not arriving at the temple to marry her. Vanraj gets angry and asks Kavya to leave the room.

     Kavya is adamant and doesn’t want to leave Vanraj. Samar comes running and tells Anupamaa that he doesn’t have a single picture with her. Devika clicks the picture for them. Samar appreciates Anupamaa’s smile and her bridal look.




    Vanraj tells Kavya that he loves her. Kavya doesn’t want to understand him. She tells Vanraj how much hurt she is as her bridal look is incomplete without the mangalsutra which he was about to make her wear. She cries for her luck which never supports her. She tells how everyone was feeling pity for her in the temple.



     She destroys all the decorations done in the room for Vanraj and Anupamaa’s special night. Vanraj requests Kavya to calm down as someone may come and listen to their conversation. Kavya doesn’t care if someone comes. She decides to tell the truth about Anupamaa. Devika keeps teasing Anupamaa for her special night with Vanraj. Vanraj holds Kavya and tells her that he didn’t cheat on her as he wasn’t allowed to go outside from home.


    He asks Kavya to look at his eyes and feel if he has cheated on her in these eight years. Kavya loses her temper and doesn’t want to listen to Vanraj’s explanation. She feels that Anirudh is right about Vanraj’s character as he wants both a wife and another woman in his life. She decides to be Vanraj’s one and only wife. She asks Vanraj to decide in front of everyone whether to be Anupamaa and her husband.




    Anupamaa runs into the kitchen when Jhilmil tells her about the milk getting sour. She decides to make paneer out of the milk. Devika stops her and asks Jhilmil to handle the kitchen work. Devika goes with Jhilmil to the kitchen. Anupamaa walks towards her room. Kavya asks Vanraj to take a decision and confront in front of everyone.



    Nandini informs Paritosh and Sanjay that Kavya isn’t in her house. Vanraj tells Kavya that their lives are messed up and they won’t be happy if he confronts his love for her in front of everyone. Kavya secretly opens the knob of the door. Vanraj asks Kavya to stop her craziness. Kavya sits in the bed calmly. Vanraj makes her understand. He makes all the things alright so that the room looks fine. Anupamaa feels to be the luckiest girl in the world.



    Kavya apologizes to Vanraj for her behavior and both of them hug each other. Anupamaa excitedly enters the room and finds Vanraj and Kavya hugging each other. 

    She gets shocked and listens to Vanraj’s confession of love for Kavya. She sees Vanraj kissing Kavya on her forehead and intimately falling in the bed. Anupamaa falls unconscious upon seeing this shocking sight.



    Precap For Anupamaaa 22nd  October 2020 Episode Written Update :

    Vanraj gets worried and tries waking up Anupamaa. He shouts at Kavya and asks her to leave. Kavya runs out of the room. Devika cries and calls everyone. Rakhi’s wish gets fulfilled.

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