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  • Saturday, 10 October 2020

    Anupamaaa 10th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa's Mehandi Kavya Writes Vanraj's Name Rakhi Revealed "


    Anupamaaa 10th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa's Mehandi Kavya Writes Vanraj's Name Rakhi Revealed "

    Anupamaaa 10th October 2020 Episode Written Update

     " Anupamaa's Mehandi Kavya Writes Vanraj's Name Rakhi Revealed ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Leela suffers from leg pain when Anupamaa brings oil to massage her leg.



    She recalls Anupamaa and Vanraj’s marriage and how twenty-five years passed. Anupamaa asks Leela if she has been able to make a little place in her heart in these twenty-five years. Leela becomes emotional when Anupamaa asks her if she likes her after all these five years. She tells Anupamaa that she doesn’t dislike her which makes Anupamaa happy.


    Anupamaa 10th October 2020 Episode Written Update


    Kavya tells Vanraj that Leela has forgiven her and is going to like her gradually. Vanraj appreciates Kavya’s gesture of sorting out things with Leela. Kavya knows that she cannot have all the rituals done by in-laws after marriage but is excited to wear mangalsutra in Vanraj’s name. She requests Vanraj to bring a mangalsutra for her which he agrees to do so. Kavya gets a voice remainder from Pakhi regarding Anupamaa’s mehendi.



    Vanraj asks Kavya not to come to attend the mehendi if she’s not comfortable. Kavya decides to come and reminds Vanraj that they both are getting married too. She also wants to put mehendi in Vanraj’s name and hugs Vanraj.

     Anupamaa thanks Leela for supporting her for all these years and giving her the best gift, Vanraj. Leela blesses Anupamaa and Vanraj’s togetherness for a lifetime. Anupamaa massages Leela’s leg and both of them share a good time.




    Hasmukh and mama ji is happy to see Leela and Anupamaa’s bond. Kavya is excited as Vanraj and her relationship will get a name. Anupamaa thanks Kanha ji for giving her so much happiness. In the morning, the day starts with Anupamaa and Vanraj doing the aarti along with the family members. Everyone wears the mehendi dress code.


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     Leela suggests starting the mehendi function. Kavya arrives at the function. Seeing Kavya alone, Samar searches for Nandini. Paritosh asks Kavya about Nandini seeing Samar in curiosity. Kinjal tells Paritosh that after a few days they will also celebrating the mehendi function. Leela asks Kinjal about Rakhi who’s not present in the function. Paritosh changes the topic to avoid Leela’s taunts. Paritosh teases Samar about Nandini who hasn’t arrived in the function till then.



    Vanraj tells Kavya that he has bought the mangalsutra for her which is kept in the car’s backseat. Kavya becomes excited. The mehendi function begins. Hasmukh blesses Anupamaa. Leela does the ritual with Anupamaa. 

    Kavya secretly follows the ritual of the mehendi as she will become Vanraj’s bride too. Sanjay notices the odd behavior in Kavya but doesn’t understand what’s going on. Nandini sees Kavya’s behavior. She ignores Kavya and sits with Anupamaa.



    She is still upset and looks disappointed. She walks towards Samar and wants to tell him something but Pakhi, Kinjal, and Paritosh interrupt between both of them. The dance performance starts. Everyone enjoys the function. Anupamaa and Vanraj also join the dance. Kavya feels uncomfortable seeing Anupamaa and Vanraj together. She starts imagining herself in Anupamaa’s place and fantasizes about Vanraj.



    Soon she is out of her imagination and finds Vanraj dancing with Anupamaa. Samar becomes emotional and hugs crying his father. He thanks Vanraj for giving Anupamaa so much happiness and respect which she always deserved. Anupamaa too becomes emotional. Vanraj asks Samar not to cry as his cool image will get ruined. He then holds Anupamaa’s hand and tells that his happiness lies in Anupamaa’s happiness. Samar puts kajal on Anupamaa’s neck to remove all the evils from her destiny. Anupamaa adores her son.



    Paritosh and Kinjal start the dance performance again. Samar too joins them. He asks Nandini to join. Nandini looks disappointed. Leela takes Anupamaa with her to complete the Mehendi. Nandini leaves the dance floor when Samar follows her. Samar asks Nandini if she wanted to tell him something. Nandini changes the topic as she doesn’t want to hurt him telling him about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. She is in dilemma. Vanraj’s name gets a place on Anupamaa’s hand.



    The mehendi girl writes Vanraj’s name on Kavya’s hand too by mistake which is observed by Rakhi. Rakhi takes advantage of the situation and shows Kavya’s hand to everyone. Everyone is shocked by seeing Kavya’s audacious act.


    Precap For Anupamaaa 11th October 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Anupamaa wipes out Vanraj’s name from Kavya’s hand and tells her that Vanraj’s name can be written only on her hand. Later, Kavya ruins Anupamaa’s mehendi intentionally.

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