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  • Friday, 20 September 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 20th September 2019 Written Update " Naira to Leave Goenka House Kartik Gets Angry "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 20th September 2019 Written Update " Naira to Leave Goenka House Kartik Gets Angry ".

    The episode starts Vedika after seeing Kartik and Naira sleeping together. They both wake up and try to come out of the blanket but they entangled in it.

     Ganpati Visarjan celebration starts in the Goenka house. Suwarna brings Vansh and Kairav in the get of Ganesh and Kartikay. Everyone praises Vansh as he also selected the script for the skit also. Suhasini asks that they must start the visarjan and will do it in their own courtyard as the Ganpati is eco-friendly.

    Kartik asks Kairav when will he do the skit then he says when his mother arrives. Suhasini says she will come down when listening the sound and asks them to start the process. Vedika goes to Naira and says she never sees her problems. Vedika burst out in anger and says she always listen to her and his son and now she is tired of all this. When Kartik missed her she was not there and when he moved on you came back with his child.

    Further she says that Kartik married to her with his own will but because of her he is unable to fulfill his promise. Naira questions her whether she created this situation by herself and what can she do as doctors asked her if he will remain happy then he will recover fast and other members also want him to stay with them.

    Vedika questions her that now Kairav's reports are fine then why she is here now. Vedika blames her that she is using his child to do anything. Naira says it's all the matter of destiny and her condition is more critical because she has child. Vedika asks her to stop making his child be shield for herself then Naira asks her to stop understanding that she uses his child.

    Vedika prays her to leave the house as she doesn't want to understand anything. Naira says it's not that easy then Vedika replies it's easier than the earlier time. Naira says only she knows her pain as now it does not matter for herself only. Vedika says to Naira that she is hurting Kartik also as he feels more pain when she is around him. Vedika blames her that her relationship with Kartik will never be started if she will stay here.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler 20th September Full Episode Written Update

     Naira says she can't understand what she wants to say. Vedika replies her that she doesn't want to go back. Naira asks her to stop but she further says that in reality, she wants to join her relation with Kartik again. Vedika speaks to much about her then Naira comes out of the room start crying.

     They both come down. Vansh and Kairav start their skit. As Kairav is playing Ganesh's role he brings Kartik Naira together and revolves around them. Suhasini explains them why Ganesha did this because his parents meant to be world for him. Everyone praise the children.

    Naira looks towards Vedika and stands apart from Kartik then Vedika comes closer to him. As Goenkas do the Visarjan, Naira asks Kairav and Vansh to change their clothes. Samarth says that they will wait for Ganesha for the next year then Naira says excluding her and Kairav.

     Naira says that now it's their turn to go back as Kairav is totally fine now. Naira says sorry to them as she announced this now then Suhasini says she can't live without Kairav and he can't live without you and you can't stay here.

    Manish asks Naira there will be another way also then Naira replies as their lives are disturbed because of them and will become normal as they go back. Naira says that they are not going too far as she will stay at his brother's house for some days. Kartik stops and warns her that she can go anywhere but his son will stay with him and he will never let him go.

     Naira says how can he stay here as you know nothing about him and who will take care of him here. Naira asks Kartik to think practically. Naira says she doesn't want to hurt him otherwise she will ask now him with whom he wants to stay with. Kartik stops her.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 23rd September 2019 Written Update

     Vedika says to Kartik that she can accept Kairav but not Naira.

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