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  • Friday, 20 September 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th September 2019 Episode Written Update "Anurag Asks Question To Prerna "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th September 2019 Episode Written Update  "Anurag Asks Question To Prerna ".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th September 2019 Episode Written Update
    "Anurag Asks Question To Prerna ".

     The episode begins at the police station. Mehra shows bail papers for Mr. Bajaj to police. Bajaj is sitting inside the jail recalling Prerna’s words blaming him for Anurag’s accident.

    Mehra tells Bajaj that Sharda called him to prepare bail papers and says that he can come out after signing the bail papers. Bajaj tells that he wants to be here and says that these things are happening to him as he allowed it. Mehra tries to convince him by telling that accident case is a bailable offence but Bajaj tells that he doesn’t want a bail but a clean chit.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 20th September 2019 Episode Full Written Update

    Prerna tells Veena that she never thought Bajaj will do such a thing after promising her not to harm Anurag. Mohini tells Anurag that Bajaj tried to kill him as he loved Prerna and no husband can ever tolerate this. Mohini blames Prerna for the accident but Anurag tells that he is alive just because of Prerna. Anurag tells that he came back to life after hearing Prerna’s voice and tells that his love for Prerna is even above love.

     Mohini tells that if she meets a girl like Prerna ever she will accept her for Anurag but he tells that for him this Prerna is fine. Veena tells that when Bajaj did wrong he should get punished. Shivani tells that Anurag is giving the proof so he will get punished but her brother says that Bajaj have never accepted that he did the accident intentionally.

    Sharda comes there asking Prerna what is wrong in her supporting Bajaj as he is her husband. Prerna tells that she can’t support a person who is wrong. Sharda tells that Prerna is concerned on about Anurag and tells that she had warned Bajaj as Prerna cares always about Basu’s. Sharda tells that Bajaj didn’t stop Prerna when she cared for Anurag thinking that they needed her. Sharda tells that Bajaj did wrong but he is not a murderer.

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    Tanvi takes Sharda from there telling that they will not be able to understand Bajaj. Anurag asks Mohini nicely to Prerna for his happiness. Tapur comes to call Mohini for pooja and tells Anurag that Mohini has not eaten anything after his accident. Mohini tells that she will eat now and Anurag hugs her getting emotional.

    Sharada is tensed that Mehra is not picking her phone and Tanvi asks her whether her concern for Bajaj is genuine or not. Sharda tells that it is genuine and says that Prerna should move out of his life as she doesn’t deserve him.
      Sharda tells that Bajaj is good-hearted and says that that is why he had chosen Prerna for Kukki when he would have gotten any other girl to marry.

    Mehra comes there and tells Bajaj’s decision. Prerna overhears Mehra telling that Bajaj never signed the bail papers. Mohini performs aarti, she and Anurag feeds sweets each other. Anurag feeds Mohini telling that he want to do this. Anurag sees Prerna coming downstairs and going outside he follows her. Anurag calls out for her and she stops.

    Prrena tells that she is feeling good seeing him fine and Anurag tells that she is the reason for him to live. Anurag tells that doctors told him that there was no hope of his survival but her voice called him back. Prerna tells that she will go to any extend to save everyone as she cares for all. Prerna asks him not to think that she showed care and concern to get him back to her life.

    She tells that she did this as she wanted him to live. Anuarg asks why she want him to live and Prerna tells thathis life is more important than her life. Bhuvan who is a fellow prisoner tries to speak to Bajaj and tells that he heard him talking to lawyer. He tells that Bajaj is in jail just for his wife but says that the world will think that he is in jail as he did accident intentionally.

     Bhuvan predicts that Bajaj’s was love marriage and he asks him to be quiet. Bajaj gets up thinking that he came in between Anurag and Prerna. Anurag asks Prerna if it is not love then why she is telling that his life is important that her. Prerna tells that it is more than love and Anurag tells to her to save this for Bajaj as he needs her love only.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 20th September 2019 Episode Full Written Update

    Anurag asks her why she is quiet and what is stopping her. Anurag asks her not to tell that she did everything for money and tells that if it was for money she wouldn’t have left everything rushing to him. 

    Anurag tells Prerna that no husband will ever accept that his wife goes to her lover or even meet him always. Anurag tells that even then Prerna risked everything for coming to him and asks her tears are for whom.

     Prerna says that Anurag will never change and tells that some questions has no answers. Prena goes from there and Anurag thinks that he will find the answers.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th September 2019 Episode Written Update :

     Prerna tells Bajaj that he never accepted his mistake even after getting arrested and he tells that he did this for her. Bajaj tells that he won’t come back without he is proved innocent.

    Mohini tells that she needs a girl for Anurag who accepts him with his past. Prerna holds Bajaj’s hand telling that everyone is disturbed at home and Anurag sees this.

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