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  • Wednesday, 11 September 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 11th September 2019 Written Update " Kartik Breaks Naira's Fast Celebration of 3000 "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 11th September 2019 Written Update " Kartik Breaks Naira's Fast Celebration of 3000 "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 11th September 2019 Written Update " Kartik Breaks Naira's Fast Celebration of 3000 ".

    The episode starts with Goenkas who rejoices the moment. Suhasini asks Suwarna to see whether Vedika is ready for the prayer or not.

    Suwarna asks her that Manish wants to celebrate the three thousandth day victory then Suhasini asks yes we will celebrate and asks Suwarna to call Naira also in the celebration. Surekha gets worried as she doesn't receive any message or call from Akhilesh then everyone asks her not to worry. Suwarna asks Surekha to not pay attention towards it then she says she feels like something bad is going to happen.

    Naira messages Liza that soon they will come to know something and Liza replies sorry to Naira and asks her to celebrate her festival today. 

    Suwarna comes to Naira having a dress in her hand. Naira asks her to take it back as today is Vedika's day and she will make Kairav understand about it. Naira says that it doesn't seem good for her then Suwarna says is starving is good for you and says being a mother she knows everything about her.

    Suwarna asks Naira not to seal her eyes as Vedika is Kartik's wife now but our mind can understand this and not or heart. Further, she says if she thinks from Vedika's side then it seems to be wrong but till today she couldn't become Vedika's mother.

    Suwarna holds the dress to Naira and leaves. Goenkas decorates their house with three thousand lights. Suhasini prays to God the from now everything goes right. Vansh asks that everyone does something but they don't then Kairav says they will do something now then Kartik replies then the happiness will become double. Goenkas dance and celebrates the moment with joy. 

    Naira gets ready for the celebration. Bhabhimaa and Devyani also come to contribute to their happiness. Everyone enjoys the celebration. As Kartik sees Naira his eyes stucks on her as she is looking pretty. Every couple dances then Kairav brings Kartik and Naira also to dance. Vedika doesn't like this.
    Kairav and Vansh bring cake. Manish asks but for how can they cut the cake now as all the ladies are starving then Suhasini says the ladies will eat it later. Kairav brings Kartik and Naira's hand closer to cut the cake. Vedika feels worse.

    Kartik Naira feeds cake to Kairav together and then cleans his face together. Kairav asks Naira to feed cake to his father also then Kairav holds Naira's hand and make her feed cake to Kartik then Kartik feeds cake to Vansh. Vedika and Suhasini don't like these even tears drop from Vedika's eyes.

    Kairav asks Naira to open her mouth then he says that he forgets that she is starving then Kartik asks Vedika that she can eat.
    Kairav and Vansh ask Kartik to celebrate their festival. They again start celebrating. Kairav brings Naira to dance and she dances. Naira brings every lady to dance with her. Vedika and Naira dance together. Teardrops from Kartik and Naira's eyes. Kartik sees towards Naira and imagines that they are dancing together.

    Kartik comes out of his imagination and sees that Naira is coughing because of smoke. Coughing Naira goes out and Kartik also goes behind her. Kartik sees that Naira is about to fall down then he takes water and holds her. Naira falls unconsciously in Kartik's arms. Kartik makes her drink water from his hands and at the same moment, the moon also arises from the clouds.

    Naira comes to her senses and sees the moon. Kartik asks her what happens and says she always has a problem with that smell and that smoke and this time also the same has happened. Kartik asks her but she doesn't reply. Naira sees towards the moon and the water in Kartik's hand. Kartik also looks towards the moon and feels happy.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th September 2019 Written Update

     Kartik says to Naira that it looks today was her Teej then she says when she left him she has left everything also and Vedika sees them.

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