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  • Wednesday, 11 September 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th September 2019 Episode Written Update " Mr Bajaj Reveals the Truth "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th September 2019 Episode Written Update " Mr Bajaj Reveals the Truth "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th September 2019 Episode Written Update " Mr Bajaj Reveals the Truth ".

    The episode begins at Basu house. Prerna questions Bajaj whether he caused Anurag’s accident. Bajaj says yes and Prerna asks him how can he do this.

    Bajaj tells Prerna that he didn’t do this intentionally but she doesn’t believe his words. Prerna asks Bajaj whether it was an accident or failed attempt to murder. Bajaj tells that Prerna is blaming him deciding him as the culprit. Prerna asks Bajaj if he didn’t do the accident intentionally then why he didn’t help Anurag and abandoned him in the road.

     Bajaj tells that he wanted to help but he couldn’t. Prerna tells that Mr. Bajaj ran away from the accident scene and tells that Shivani told her everything as she was present there. Doctors are trying hard to save Anurag. Doctor asks Shivani to call someone who is attached to Anurag to bring him to consciousness otherwise he may go to coma stage. Shivani gets tensed and thinks of calling Mohini. Niveditha asks Anupam why he thinks that Prerna is not responsible for everything happening. Anupam tells they only forced Prerna to meet Mr. Bajaj.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 11th September 2019 Episode Full Written Update

     Niveditha agrees to that but tells that they didn’t ask Prerna to marry Mr.Bajaj. Shivani calls Mohini and she gets irritated seeing the call. Mohini cuts the phone call in anger. Shivani calls Mohini again and Niveditha asks her to pick the phone as it may be something important.

    Mohini tells that Shivani may be in need of help and tells that she will give answer to these people. Mohini picks up the phone and puts it on loudspeaker. Shivani asks Mohini to help but Mohini tells that even if someone is dying she is not going to help. Shivani asks her not to tell like this and informs her about Anurag’s accident.

     Niveditha and Mohini get shocked hearing about the accident. Shivani tells that doctors told her to bring someone dear to him there and says that this is why she called them. Mohini runs from there hearing this and Niveditha tells Anupam about the accident. Sharda hears this and thinks whether this was an accident or a murder attempt.

    Bajaj asks Prerna why he will try to attack Anurag and Prerna tells that because Bajaj hates Anurag thinking that he still loves her. Prerna tells that she will not allow Bajaj to hurt Anurag. Bajaj tells that he hates Anurag not because of her but has a reason. Bajaj tells that he was driving car faster and by seeing Anurag he got angry more. Bajaj tells that his car speeded up and before he could stop he hit Anurag.

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    Bajaj tells that when he came into senses he left from there seeing the crowd near his car. Bajaj tells that he came back there but by that time Anurag was taken to hospital. Bajaj tells that this is the last time he is explaining her this and again he won’t do this.

    Bajaj tells that he came back home to explain this to her. Prerna tells that to whom Anurag was speaking while the accident took place it was her. Prerna tells that she came there running and tells that when she reached he was taken to hospital.

    Prerna tells that Anurag is in bad condition. Sharda and Tanvi overhear their conversation. Prerna tells that the girl who saved Anurag was Shivani, not Niveditha as Bajaj thought. Sharda and Tanvi thinks that what they thought will not happen now. Sharda tells that Prerna is being understanding by believing that Bajaj will not do the accident intentionally. Sharda tells that she will also get sick and Prerna will have to choose between her heart and duty. Sharda tells that Prerna will opt to be with Anurag and tells that Bajaj will dislike her for this. Sharda tells that Prerna’s feelings for Anurag will destroy her relation with Bajaj. Basu family reach hospital and sees Anurag.

     Anupam tries to console Mohini. Shivani tells Anupam that Anurag needs someone dear to him as he is not responding. The doctor tells them about Anurag’s condition and tells that his body is not reacting. The doctor tells that they should speak to Anurag and maybe by hearing this voice his body may react. Bajaj tells that he will inform about Anurag to Mohini.

    Prerna cries telling Mohini will not be able to bear to see Anurag like this. Bajaj feels bad seeing Prerna crying but couldn’t console her. Basu family enters the room and Mohini talks to Anurag. Mohini asks him to open his eyes and cries. Niveditha also tries to talk to him but he doesn’t respond to them. Shivani thinks why Anurag is not responding to Mohini and recalls Anurag telling Prerna’s name when he had accident. Shivani also recalls Prerna’s and doctor’s words.

     Bajaj tells Prerna that he will make sure that nothing will happen to Anurag and she tells that he won’t be able to do anything as it is not a business deal. Bajaj tells that doctors can help Anurag. Prerna tells that Basu family will hire the best doctors even before he thinks of this. Prerna tells that doctors are humans, not God. Bajaj asks Prerna what he should do now and tells that there is no need to tell every time about her concern about Anurag all the time.

    Bajaj asks Prerna not to speak to him like this and tells that he will tell everything to Mohini. Prerna tells that she will also go with him. Bajaj tells her that she will not be able to bear what Mohini will tell them but Prerna insists to take her along with him.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 12th September 2019 Episode Written Update :

     Basu family is crying near Anurag. Shivani calls Prerna telling that Anurag needs her otherwise he will die. Niveditha asks Shivani who caused the accident and she tells Bajaj’s name. Niveditha and Mohini get shocked hearing this.

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