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  • Wednesday, 18 September 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 18th September 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag Calls Police and Gets Bajaj Arrested "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 18th September 2019 Episode Written Update

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 18th September 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag Calls Police and Gets Bajaj Arrested ".

    The episode starts at Basu house. Bajaj calls his employee and tells that he is not getting work as he had before.

    Bajaj says that now he has so much of time and because of that he is thinking about the things what is not belonged to him. Employee didn’t get what Bajaj is telling and Bajaj asks him to meet him now. Prerna comes there asking whether Bajaj had his dinner and he tells no.

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    Prerna tells that she will serve for him and goes. Bajaj stops her telling that he has no hunger and tells her that the incidents happening now is being difficult for him. Bajaj thanks her for caring Anurag even though he caused the accident. Prerna tells that she wonders when everybody expects her not to care or worry for Anurag.

    Prerna tells to Bajaj that she is worried about Anurag and hearing this Bajaj goes from there telling that he has some work in the study room. Sharda asks Tanvi to pretend that she loves Anurag but she is not convinced. Sharda tells that when Prerna see Anurag with some other girl she will get jealous and will try to get back Anurag. Sharda tells that at the end Anurag and Prerna will get united. Tanvi agrees with Sharda as she says that Anurag will flirt with her for making Prerna jealous.

    Bajaj smokes and recalls Prerna’ words. Bajaj is restless thinking about his feelings to Prerna. He thinks that Prerna is changing him and tells in mind that she has hypnotising power. Mehra comes to meet Bajaj and he asks Mehra whether girls can do hypnotism.

    Bajaj tells that one employee now is not focussed about his work now and tells that he has changed a lot thinking always about his wife. Mehra tells that he will talk to him and asks him not to fire that employee. Bajaj tells that he itself will talk to him and tells that becoming soft-hearted doesn’t work for business.

    Mehra asks him why he is asking these things to him and Bajaj tells that because he is married. Mehra tells that even Bajaj is married and stops telling that he is not like others. Bajaj asks what and Mehra asks him does he want to fire him. Bajaj asks him to tell and Mehra tells that his heart is not like this. Bajaj is confused and Mehra tells that the employee he mentioned love his wife so he is acting like that.
     Prerna brings coffee for them and goes. Bajaj tells Mehra that he will come now and asks him to be seated.

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     Bajaj asks Prerna whether he told her to make coffee for him and Prerna tells that she is also a part of this family now so she should treat the people coming to home nicely. Prerna asks Bajaj whether he needs to know about Anurag and Bajaj tells no. Bajaj asks Prerna to stop behaving good to him as he feels guilty thinking about their marriage deal.

    Prerna tells that there is no need to feel guilty and tells that she accepted it as she thought that was right. Bajaj tells that the reason for their marriage is his daughter and says that he thinks that their relation to be limited there. Bajaj asks her not to be extra nice even when she is tired. Prerna tells that she did this for Mehra and tells that this culture was given by her mother.

    Prerna tells that if she was in Bajaj’s place she wouldn’t have disturbed someone this midnight. Mehra comes there and Bajaj asks him why people care for others. Bajaj tells that by caring for others we become soft and tells that he doesn’t want to be good. Mehra asks is Bajaj nervous and tells that he haven’t seen Bajaj like this before.

     Mehra tells that Bajaj is smiling, getting nervous and is expressive today and says that he feels that he is meeting Bajaj’s twin. Bajaj apologise to Mehra for calling him midnight and tells hi to remind him if he calls again like this. It the morning Bajaj is having breakfast and Sharda asks him when Prrena returned at night. Sharda try to provoke Bajaj and gets angry when she sees Mohini there. Bajaj asks her not to create any melodrama now.

     The doorbell rings and police enters the house when servant opens the door. Police tells Bajaj that they have come to arrest him and everyone is shocked. Prerna also comes there shocked. Police tells that he is charged for committing accident intentionally but Prerna tries to defend him. Bajaj tells that why they are here even after him reporting this accident to police and Anurag comes there with Anupam telling that because he called them.

    Everyone is shocked seeing Anurag there and Anurag tells that Bajaj tried to kill him. Shivani is hurrying outside and tells that she is going to Victoria Palace. Veena tells that she is also coming but enquires what happened seeing Shivani’s tensed face. Shivani explains about Anurag’s accident to Veena and her brother. Veena tells that they will go and visit Anurag at home. Anurag tells that Bajaj did this accident and Bajaj tells that he reported about this himself to the police.

    Anurag tells that he did this intentionally because of anger and doesn’t listen to Bajaj. Anurag asks police to arrest Bajaj and Mohini asks police whether they will not arrest now also. Bajaj takes Prerna’s name but she remains silent. Anurag goes to Prerna and tells that when he was talking to Prerna in phone Bajaj saw him and hit him by increasing car’s speed. Anurag tells police that Bajaj reported the accident to police but didn’t give full information he did this accident knowingly.

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     Prerna tells Bajaj that he tried to kill Anurag for whom she sacrificed her whole life. Anurag tells that he will not sit calm until Bajaj goes out of this house. Bajaj asks Prerna to take care of his daughter. Bajaj tells that someone thinks that he did wrong so he is ready to suffer punishment.

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