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  • Thursday, 30 May 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 30th May Written Update" Ishita is Arrested "

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 30th May Written Update" Ishita is Arrested "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 30th May Written Update" Ishita is Arrested "

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Samsad addresses Ishita as Sahil's wife, Shaina. Raman shouts at Samsad for calling Ishita his bhabi.

     Samsad tells everyone that Ishita is the mastermind behind their illegal works. Ishita gets angry at Samsad. Samsad tells her that they have all the proofs where it is clear that she is Shaina Shah. Ishita calls the papers to be fraud. Yug slaps Samsad for claiming Ishita to be Shaina. Karan asks Samsad to get out. 

    Samsad tells them that he's talking to Shaina about the deals she has signed and threats them that the clients will not let Ishita leave in peace if they face loss. Raman and Ishita decide to go to the police station. Raman shows the phone to the commissioner.

    He tells him that they haven't opened a text which recently arrived in the morning. The commissioner assures Raman and Ishita to help them if Sahil is planning something against them. The commissioner sends the phone in the forensic lab for test. Raman and Ishita come back home. Everyone is tensed. Yug gives a packet which came for Ishita. The person who was talking to phone the previous day informs Ishita that he has gotten his consignment and has send her the money. The family is shocked to find a huge amount of money in the parcel. Ishita gets irritated and cries as she isn't Shaina Shah. Raman asks her to calm down as they know the truth. Ishita knows that Sahil has all the proofs against her which will prove her to be Shaina Shah.

     Raman calls the commissioner. The commissioner tells him to come to his office immediately along with Ishita. Ishita understands that something is definitely wrong. Samsad informs Sahil that he has done according to his instructions and Ishita must have been in shock. Sahil wants to see how Ishita will come out of the trap now. He asks Samsad to disturb Ishita so that she gets trapped in their plan. Samsad leaves after visiting Sahil. 

    Raman and Ishita come to meet with the commissioner. The commissioner shows them a photo in the mobile of Shaina's passport and all the videos where Ishita seems involved in Sahil's illegal activities. Ishita explains the commissioner that she did all the instructions of Sahil to save her daughter, Ruhi.

    The commissioner calls Ananya inside his chamber. Ishita is shocked when Ananya requests her not to harm her family. Ananya speaks against Ishita. The commissioner tells Ishita that the evidence are against her indicating her to be Shaina Shah. He tells Ishita that she has threatened to harm Ananya's family in the past when she came to know about the diamonds. Ishita tries to explain the commissioner that Sahil is trying to trap her. 

    The commissioner tells her that the evidence are clear enough to understand her to be Shaina Shah. He tells how she tried to threaten the shopkeeper of her building and which is clear from the videos. The commissioner tells Raman that he can trust him but the court trusts in evidences. All proofs are against Ishita and so he arrests her as it's a serious case.

    Raman tells the commissioner that he has all the documents which proves Ishita's true identity. He tells the commissioner that Sahil is trapping them. The commissioner doesn't listen to Raman. Raman assures Ishita that he will prove the truth. He asks the commissioner to give him some time to prove the truth to him. Samsad comes to chamber. Raman gets angry seeing him and accuses him for trapping Ishita. The commissioner sends Samsad outside as Sahil's bail isn't possible. The Bhallas are worried for Ishita and Raman. Ruhi is also tensed. Raman comes home and everyone asks for Ishita. Raman's lawyer comes home. Raman informs everyone that he needs to prepare for Ishita's bail papers as police has arrested her. The family is shocked. Raman tells everyone how Samsad trapped Ishita. Karan leaves in anger. Raman and Bala follow Karan. Karan goes to meet Samsad and attacks him for trapping Ishita. Both Karan and Samsad engage in a fight. The other goons also come to beat Karan. Fortunately, Raman comes to save him.
    Samsad threatens Karan to put him in jail. Raman asks him to call the police if he can as he has recorded how the goons were beating Karan up. Ruhi takes Raman home. Back in home, Karan apologizes to Raman for behaving foolishly. Raman asks Karan to control the emotions as their first and foremost task is to arrange for Ishita's bail. He gets a call from the lawyer that the bail papers are ready. Karan and Yug accompany Raman to the police station.

     The commissioner doesn't accept the bail papers as Ishita has the explosive in her clinic and is guilty. He tells Raman that Ishita can't come out of the jail till Ishita is proved innocent. Raman asks the commissioner not to believe in the recordings as Sahil is trapping Ishita. The lawyer requests Raman to come outside with him. Bala, Yug and Karan come to know that Ishita's bail isn't possible and bail is rejected. Raman talks to Ishita and apologizes to her for not able to take her out of jail. Ishita asks him to take care of himself and the family.

    The lady constable takes Ishita with them. Raman misses Ishita and is worried about her. He can't sleep thinking of Ishita. Later he falls asleep in the hall. Yug finds Raman in the hall and understands that he couldn't sleep the whole night. Raman wakes up and tells Yug and Ruhi that they should talk to Ishita's assistant so that she changes her statement in favour of Ishita. Ruhi thinks that Yug and she should go to meet Ananya to make her understand.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 31st May Written Update:

     Mani asks Raman to think like Sahil. The lawyer tells Raman that they have to do something quickly as Sahil will prove Ishita to be his wife, Shaina if the case reaches to the Court. He tells them that Ishita may be trapped badly and may be get punished for lifetime or a hang in death.

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