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  • Friday, 15 March 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th March 2019 Written Update " Aliya's Condition Raman-Ishita to Rescue "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th March 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th March 2019 Written Update " Aliya's Condition Raman-Ishita to Rescue ."

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Yug and Aliya discuss design project.
     Ishita serves coffee to Yug and Aliya. She asks Aliya about the progress of the project. Aliya suggests Ishita if they can go out to watch a film. Ishita wants Aliya to be at home and gossip together. She calls Shagun to check if she can join them to spend time.

    Yug asks Aliya if they can play ludo. Mihika and Ishita join them to play. They spend some quality time together having fun. Ishita gets a call from Anjali and she has to leave to the clinic to check up a child. Aliya wants to drop Ishita along with Yug.

     Ishita wants Aliya to take rest at home. Aliya is bored sitting at home and wants to go out to drop Ishita. Ishita doesn't allow Aliya to go out. Mihika suggests her if they can play ludo. Aliya gets angry and goes to her room. Yug goes to check her.

    Ishita asks Mihika to take care of Aliya and Yug. Aliya shouts for not letting her allow to go out as she is feeling suffocated. Yug tries to control Aliya's anger. She tells that she isn't weak and mad. Yug asks her what she wants to do instead of being angry.

    Aliya wants to go out for a movie. Yug doesn't agree at first but as Aliya starts reacting rude, he agrees to take her out. Yug finds no one in the hall. Finding a chance, Aliya and Yug go out. After watching the movie, they drive back home.

    Aliya enjoyed the movie and thanks Yug for taking her out. She asks Yug to stop the car as she wants to eat chaat. Yug goes to bring chaat. Ishita calls Yug to check if Aliya is okay. Yug gets worried as Ishita would scold them if she doesn't find Aliya at home.

     Without taking the chaat, Yug goes hurriedly into the car to drive back home but doesn't find Aliya there. He calls for Aliya and goes to search her. He asks the nearby people about her. He is worried about her and blames himself for leaving her alone.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 15th March 2019

    As he goes to call Raman, he hears Aliya's voice. Yug hugs her after seeing her. Aliya tells him that a lady needs their help. Aliya takes Yug along with him. She talks to an imaginary lady and brings Yug near the place. Yug gets shocked when he doesn't find anyone at the place.

    Ishita is irritated when she doesn't find Yug and Aliya at home. Mihika explains that she was in her room as the baby was crying. Ishita gets angry at Yug for being unreliable. Aliya asks Yug if he is ready to help the lady.

    Yug stays dumb after seeing Aliya taking to an invisible character. Aliya doesn't let Yug take the call. She keeps on talking about the imaginary person to Yug. Aliya asks the imaginary person to stop crying. Ishita and Mihika are tensed about Aliya. Aliya gives Yug a paper which she claims that the imaginary person has given to her.

    As Yug looks into the paper, he finds it blank. He tells Aliya that they should go home first to inform Ishita and come back again to help the lady. Aliya gets angry for leaving the lady alone in a dangerous place.

    She asks Yug to read the paper where it is written that the lady is tortured by her husband. Yug gets scared at Aliya's absurd behaviour. He suggests Aliya take the lady along with them. She goes to talk to the imaginary lady again. Meanwhile, Yug receives Ishita's call. He asks her to come to the place where Aliya and he is.

     He panics and sends Ishita the location. Ishita and Bala leave.
     Raman comes and they take him along with them. Aliya tells Yug that the lady isn't comfortable to go to the police station. Yug cries in fear and asks Aliya to go home first. Aliya calls him heartless for leaving the lady alone.

    Yug goes speechless after hearing Aliya's description of the lady. Aliya suggests Yug call the police to complain about the lady's husband. Yug thinks it to be a good decision to go to the police station. But Aliya wants to stay with the imaginary lady and asks Yug to go to the police station. Yug gets angry and asks her to come home with him.

    Aliya gets angry at Yug and pushes him. Yug falls on the ground. He tries to make her understand the situation. But Aliya frowns at him for not helping the lady.  She decides to help the lady and take her to the police station. She holds the imaginary person and tells that she will help her.

    Meanwhile, Ishita, Raman, Ruhi, and Bala reach the spot. Aliya gets angry at Yug for calling Ishita. She tells Ishita not to worry and asks them to go home as she wants to help the lady.
     All are shocked at Aliya's unstable mental condition.

    Precap for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 16th March 2019 Written Update :

     Rohan holds Yug and takes him out of the Bhalla house. Raman and Bala stop Rohan. Raman doesn't want Yug to go anywhere. He asks Rohan to get out or he can slap him. Sudha comes and asks Raman to stop.

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