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  • Friday, 15 March 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th March 2019 Written Update " Prerna ruined Komolika-Anurag's Honeymoon "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th March 2019 Written Update

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th March 2019 Written Update " Prerna ruined Komolika-Anurag's Honeymoon ."

    The episode starts as Sharma house, Veena and Shivani are preparing to go to bed. Suddenly, their phone rings.

    Shivani answers the call but the caller remains quiet. Veena hands over Shivani the list of things to buy the next day and goes to sleep. At Basu House, Anurag remembers how hesitant Prerna was when she entered his room for the first time. And today she has taken over his room and heart.
    He is upset from Prerna for her stupidity of putting herself in danger. But he couldn't imagine a girl looking so delicate facing everyone so strongly. He loves the way she shut everyone up, especially Komolika. While Anurag is thinking about Prerna, Komolika enters his room, annoyed by Prerna's challenge.

     Komolika picks her phone to call her Dad to get rid of Prerna. Anurag realizes that Prerna can be in danger and he immediately snatches her phone. Anurag asks Komolika to call her father when she feels she totally lost.

    He tells Komolika that he wants her to share her problems with him, not his father. He encourages Komolika to get his support instead of her father. Komolika agrees and goes to pack their bags for their honeymoon.

    The next morning, Shivani goes to market. She doubts that someone on chasing her. She tries to run away. Suddenly, the man pulls her aside. Shivani gets shocked to see Ronit. Ronit reminds Shivani how much he loves her and tells her that he wants only her love in return.

    He asks Shivani how could she send the person he loved to prison. Shivani doesn't want to listen Ronit especially after knowing who his sister is. She warns Ronit to stay away from her. Ronit tries to stop her. A shopkeeper sees them fighting and asks Shivani if he is bothering her.

    Ronit handles the shopkeeper and replies it's their personal matter. The shopkeeper asks them to stop fighting. Shivani gets an opportunity and escapes. Ronit believes that Shivani will have to come back to him eventually.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 15th March 2019 

    Mohini blesses Anurag and Komolika for their honeymoon. Anupam asks them why are they in so much hurry. They could've researched and plan a foreign trip, after all it's their honeymoon. Komolika replies that the place doesn't matter to her. What does in Anurag's company. Mohini tells Komolika that Kalindi is a nice resort and owner is Molaye's friend.

     She has talked to the manager, they may call him or tell her if they need anything. Nivedita suggests them to enjoy to the fullest and visit the beach there. Anupam interrupts and asks them to stay away from water as they might drown each other. Komolika is looking for Prerna. She makes an excuse that she forgot something upstairs and goes to look for Prerna. Anurag knows that Komolika didn't forget anything but still she went upstairs.

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th March 2019 Written Update " Prerna ruined Komolika-Anurag's Honeymoon ."

    Komolika goes to Prerna's room to annoy her but she doesn't find her there. She returns downstairs and then finds Prerna standing near their car. She asks Prerna if she is planning to come with her and Anurag. Prerna tells her that she's there to bid her goodbye. Mohini notices that this is not the car she booked. Prerna tells them that the driver called that he's sick so he can't come, so she booked another car for Anurag and Komolika.

     She didn't want to let their honeymoon being canceled. Nivedita asks Mohini to check. Mohini calls the driver and comes to know that the driver is actually sick. Komolika can't understand why Prerna helped her. Prerna assures Komolika that she'll spoil their honeymoon piece by piece. Anurag and Komolika leave for their honeymoon.

    Nivedita starts planning to get rid of Prerna. Prerna remembers when she planned to visit the same resort with Anurag for their honeymoon. She thanks Komolika for challenging her to spoil their honeymoon. Anurag and Komolika are on their way to their honeymoon destination when their car breaks down.

    As the driver's hand is injured and they can't get any other car Anurag starts pushing the car. The car doesn't move. Komolika has to help Anurag to push the car. The driver makes a video call to Prerna to show her that her plan is going well. Prerna enjoys seeing Komolika pushing the car.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th March 2019 Written Update :

     Komolika gets irritated to know that breaking down of the car was the part Prerna's plan. Anurag replies to Prerna that she can't stop them from having their honeymoon.

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