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  • Monday, 4 March 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th March 2019 Written Update "Anurag-Komolika Get Married Anurag takes Prerna to Hospital "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th March 2019 Written Update "Anurag-Komolika Get Married Anurag takes Prerna to Hospital "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th March 2019 Written Update "Anurag-Komolika Get Married Anurag takes Prerna to Hospital "

    The episode starts with Komolika making an announcement that Anurag will not follow the Sindoor ritual. Sidhant and others get shocked.
    Komolika asks Anurag to tell everyone the reason behind his decision. Mohini says that Komolika you know why he doesn't want to do so. Komolika says you know, I know but our relatives and guests don't know this.

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     They'll think that Anurag Basu doesn't want to marry Sidhant Chaubey's daughter, even when he wants to marry her and loves her a lot. Komolika's aunt objects that a marriage can't be done without Sindoor.
    Komolika says that marriage needs people to be one, it needs love between them and Anurag loves me a lot that's why he insisted me to marry him. In return, I should also do something for him. So, Komolika announces that she's ready for the marriage without Sindoor.
    She misleads everyone that Anurag is allergic to Sindoor and promises to him that she'll never use Sindoor. She says that it's her responsibility to look after him as they are married now. The marriage will be called a legal marriage, without Sindoor.

    At the place of Sindoor, Komolika asks Anurag for the Mangalsutra ritual. She says that she has no problem if Anurag does the Sindoor ritual or the Mangalsutra ritual as she just wants to complete this wedding and fulfill Molaye's wish.

     Komolika returns to the mandap with Anurag to complete rest of the rituals. The priest asks Anurag to wear Komolika mangalsutra. Watching his trembling hands, Mohini comes near Anurag and whispers- 'Now don't say that anybody else has right on the Mangalsutra, I can't tolerate more shock'.

    Doctor asks Prerna for her husband's number so that she may call her to take her. But Prerna replies- 'He'll not come.' Does Doctor ask what she means? Further, Prerna says he's going to marry someone else today.

    Prerna rushes out of the hospital. On the way, her dupatta catches fire but she pays no attention to it. Fortunately, a man pours some water on the burning duppata and extinguishes the fire. Without a break, Prerna keeps running. She feels dizziness on her way, but still, she manages to handle herself and move ahead.
    At Basu House, Anurag completes the Mangalsutra ritual and gets married to Komolika. Anurag and Komolika's families rejoice as finally the two got married. Komolika and Anurag take blessings from everyone. Komolika's aunt asks if they should go home? Sidhant tells her that they have no time to go home as they have to prepare for the reception.
    Mohini asks Anurag to leave with Komolika as they'll follow them. Komolika notices the distress over Anurag's face and asks him to pretend as he didn't marry her forcefully. The family members are preparing to leave for the hotel for the reception.

     Nivedita stops to talk to Anupam and asks him to pretend to be happy with the marriage. She tells him that everyone is happy with the marriage except for him. Anupam asks Nivedita if she has a bit of humanity left or if she loved anyone truly ever. He asks her how can she be so cold-hearted even when she knows that Anurag loves Prerna.
     He tells Nivedita that Anurag can't be happy because he doesn't love Komolika. But Nivedita still thinks that Anurag loves Komolika and that's why he married her not Prerna. Nivedita gets upset when Anupam continues to support Anurag's love for Prerna and leaves.

    Nivedita collides with Anupam and Taunts Him To Smile.
    She Continues that Why he has Expression That Someone has Died Anupam Retorts back that Anurag Loves Prerna Not Komolika But Nivedita is Stubborn in her own World She Taunts Back That he is talking About Love who Marries to me only for Money.
    She about to leave But Anupam Holds her back and tells her that Now New Journey of Anurag and Prerna Starts and You will see Soon.
    There Anurag and Prerna Sit in the Car Leaving for Reception Area.

    Komolika Holds his arms by Saying that Finally They are Married Anurag Jerks her Hand and Tells her No Need to Show This. Komolika controls herself.
    Shivani is Calling Prerna But Nt Connected She calls Anupam and Asks About Prerna and He informs her that Prerna is Not Here Both Gets Shocked.
    Shivani Receives Rohit’s call and She Receives His Call and Thanks Her and In their talk, He gives her Shock That Anurag married to Komolika.
    She Tells Him Not to Call me Again and Cuts the Call.
    Prerna who is Fallen on the Road is unconscious and Here In the Car Anurag Sees Raining Outside and He is Missing Prerna He is Missing All the Moments he Spent with her.
    He Thinks From Now No Anurag and Prerna and No Rain No Romance in the Rain Now this Rain will Give me only Pain.
    Komolika Fumes that He is Still thinking about Prerna But She will Throw her Soon out of his Thoughts too.
    Driver Stopped the Car and Anurag comes Out to See Who is On the Road. Komolika is Stopping Him But He Says He will See Once.
    When he Turns Around the Lady Its None Other Prerna.
    He Gets Shocked To See He Taps On her Cheeks Komolika too comes Out and Shows Fake Concern what Happened to her.
    She Asks for Water and Gives to Anurag he Sprinkle Some Water But She doesn’t Open her Eyes.
    Komolika Says That Maybe She is Died Anurag Looks at her.
    He tells her that We Should take her to Hospital and Komolika Shows fake Again that yes we should.
    There Choubay Asks Mohini and She tell She is Calling Anurag they will be here soon.
    In The Car Anurag is Sitting and Prerna’s Face in his Arms He is Trying to talk to her But She is Not Opening her Eyes.
    Komolika Shows her Fake concern again.

    PRECAP  For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th March 2019 Written Update :

     Komolika Talks to herself that She Needs to Show This Fake concern for Prerna.Doctor Talk to Each Other that they Should tell Anurag about Prerna’s Pregnancy.

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