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  • Monday, 4 March 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 4th March 2019 Written Update " Naira-Kartik's Special Time Romance "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 4th March 2019 Written Update " Naira-Kartik's Special Time Romance."

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 4th March 2019 Written Update " Naira-Kartik's Special Time Romance."

    As Sid moves ahead and pulls a grill, KaiRa gets trapped in a net of hearts. They have an eye lock. Kartik wants to wish Naira their anniversary but can't wish her even when they are together.
     He wishes her to listen to his heart and says to himself- I love you Naira, Happy anniversary. Naira feels that Sid said something. She tells him that since morning strange things are happening to her? Kartik asks what kind of strange things?

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Spoiler Naira-Kartik's Parvati-Shiv Avatar Kartik Locked Rishab In the Room 

     She tells him that since the morning she's having a special feeling about the day, but can't remember what's special in this day. She can't remember the reason and also can't get rid of the feeling. Kartik knows that the feeling will go nowhere. The mind forgot days and dates but the heart remembers the feelings.
    Suhasini reaches Goenka villa with a determination to earn a second chance for Kartik and Naira's relation. Singhanias get surprised to see her there. 

    Naksh thinks that Suhasini has come to meet Krish. He goes to Suhasini and hands over the baby to her.

    He reminds her that he said she has the first right over him. Kirti feels good to see Naksh's calm behavior with Suhasini. Suhasini says that she has right over Krish but what about Naira? She's too her daughter in law. 

    Naksh doesn't want to talk about Kartik-Naira matter. He tells that Suhasini has a relation with Kirti and Krish and she came here for that.

    He requests Suhasini not to talk about Naira's matter and spoil their mood. To avoid the argument, Naksh turns to his room but Suhasini stops him. At Goenka villa, Manish and others get worried to learn that Suhasini went to Singhania Sadan.

    While Naira and Kartik are getting closer at the dance institute, Suhasini tells Naksh that she'll not leave without talking to him and asks Naksh to confront her.

     Naksh stops to listen to her. Suhasini hands over the baby to Kirti. Naira frees herself from the heart net and as she moves ahead she starts trembling. Kartik gets worried to see her condition getting critical. Naksh tells Suhasini that Naira has no relation with Goenkas.
     Suhasini says that his words can't break the relations, Naira is her daughter-in-law and Kartik's wife. And anybody can't deny this, not even he.
     Naksh joins hands and requests Suhasini to stop the discussion. Suhasini says she'll also join hands if he'll agree, as nothing is bigger than her child's happiness.
    She tells Naksh that if he's upset from Kartik, he may do whatever he wants, punish him as he wants but he can't break their relation. She tells Naksh that Naira can't be happy away from Kartik.
     She requests Naksh to help them to unite Kaira instead of separating them. Suhasini tells Naksh that they've to choose what's important, their resentment or Kaira's love.

    Elsewhere, as Naira's condition is getting critical, Kartik is driving her to hospital. Naira holds his hand and says- Kartik, am feeling so low as I have no energy.
     She tells Kartik that she needs something sweet. Kartik can spot no sweet shop. He stops the car and picks up the "Happy Anniversary" cake lying on the back seat.
    On the other hand, Suhasini is trying to convince Naksh to give another chance to Kartik. But Naksh keeps refusing to her request. Manish, Akhilesh, and Surekha also reach the Singhania house.

    Manish also tries to explain to Naksh that Naira and Kartik need each other. But Naksh isn't ready to listen to anyone. He breaks all ties with the Goenkas. Suhasini bursts into tears to listen to him.

    Manish realizes that talking to Naksh is futile, so he decides to take Suhasini home. Kartik drops Naira home. After cutting the anniversary cake, Naira puts the chocolates he brought in her bag.
     As Suhasini and Manish are about to leave, Naira enters the house. Suhasini and Manish feel relieved to see her. Naira greets them with joined hands.

     Naksh stops Naira from talking to the Goenkas and sends her in her room. Writing her diary, Naira checks her bag and gets present that she put in her bag with the chocolates.
    She wears a beautiful bracelet. Kartik climbs up the wall to see her through the window and gets pleased to see Naira wearing the bracelet.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 5th March 2019 Written Update :

     Kartik gets astonished to see Naira in the market with Rishabh.

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