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  • Tuesday, 26 February 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 26th February 2019 Written Update " Ishita fails to Convince Bhalla Family "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 26th February 2019 Written Update " Ishita fails to Convince Bhalla Family ".

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 26th February 2019 Written Update " Ishita fails to Convince Bhalla Family ".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house. Karan and Sudha talk in the corridor. She asks Karan if he has brought Yug from the jail.
     He thinks that Yug is someone who can ruin Rohan and Aliya's relationship. He tells Sudha about how he met Yug and was completely shocked.
     He thinks that Ishita helped him to change Yug's mind and Yug agreed to act as Adi. Karan used the emotion of the Bhallas for Adi. Sudha thinks that Karan did a great job. She wants to be careful of Ishita.

    Karan tells Sudha to enjoy the mess created in the Bhalla family. Karan knows that Aliya will forget Rohan in the happiness of getting Adi back and Rohan will come back home. Now Sudha will play the next move. She goes to Ishita and teases her saying that they both know Yug isn't Adi. Sudha is ready to take Aliya home.
     Ishita also wants this. Sudha waits for Aliya outside. Shagun goes to bring the identity of Yug from jail. Sudha goes to Rohan and tries to console him. Rohan thinks that Aliya is confused. He doesn't want to disturb Aliya and wants her to take some time.

    Ishita calls every family member to her room and tries to convince them that Yug isn't their Adi. She requests everyone to trust her. Mrs. Bhalla isn't ready to agree with her. Raman asks Ishita to let it be as everyone is happy to think Yug to be Adi. Ishita calls their happiness and Yug to be a lie. She is ready to show them proof.
     Sudha comes to the room and everyone goes out. She asks Ishita why her face is so low. She feels that Ishita is hiding something. Rohan comes to Aliya's room as he wants to talk to her. Aliya wants to be with Yug but Rohan insists her.
     Rohan wants Aliya to come home with him. Aliya reacts as she can't leave her husband Adi. Rohan calls Yug an imposter and he is her husband now. Aliya asks him to shut up and doesn't want to go anywhere leaving Adi.

    Aliya asks Rohan to go. Sudha and Karan suggest Rohan to come home with them. Ishita tries to make Aliya understand that Yug isn't their Adi and she understands the turmoil the family is facing after seeing Yug.
    Aliya asks Raman to make Ishita understand. Ishita asks everyone to wait till Shagun brings the proof. Aliya tells her that when she herself can feel that Adi is real why she can't feel it as a mother. Ishita tells them that Yug was in jail. Shagun didn't find in proof of Yug's arrest. Aliya asks them to stop as Adi is their son only.
     Ishita tries to explain her but Aliya doesn't want to understand anything as she failed to bring any proof. 

    She tells Ishita that God has given her a second chance to rectify whatever she did with Adi. Shagun asks Aliya to believe them as they aren't lying about Yug. Aliya thinks that God has given her a second chance too by sending her husband Adi in her life and she can't lose him again. Rohan feels helpless.
     Everyone goes with Aliya and Raman feels disgusted with Ishita. Karan bribed the sub inspector by money and vanished the FIR record of Yug's arrest. Sudha is proud of Karan. She is now going to hurt the emotions of the Bhallas now. She calls someone and instructs about something. Vishal and Ranbir come home and find it odd that how someone bailed Yug.

    They wonder where Yug has gone. Vishal knows that Yug hasn't gone to his uncle's house. They feel bad for Yug. Pihu stands in front of Yug and cries. She hugs Yug and tells him that she missed him. Ruhi asks Pihu to allow him to rest.
    Yug asks to let it be as he also missed everyone. Ruhi also tells him that they all missed him and without him, the house felt blank. Yug feels good to receive so much love and was finding the family's love for so long.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 27th February 2019 Written Update

     Sudha asks Rohan to come home with her as she can't see him broken. Rohan won't go home without Aliya. Raman tells Ishita that though he knows that Yug isn't Adi but his face resembles like his son and he always prayed to God to send Adi back.

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