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  • Tuesday, 26 February 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 26th February 2019 Written Update " Naira Desperate to Meet Kartik "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 26th February 2019 Written Update " Naira Desperate to Meet Kartik ".

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 26th February 2019 Written Update " Naira Desperate to Meet Kartik ".

    Naira calls on Sid's mobile number. Kartik gets confused to receive a call from an unknown number, but couldn't answer the call as he's busy in some work with Manish and Akhilesh. Naira is excited to meet Sid in class, the next day.
    She tells Krish how known Sid seems to her but she doesn't know why she feels so. Kartik is free now and he notices the missed call from an unknown number. But as it's late now, he thinks he should call this time.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 26th February 2019

    He also thinks that if the caller needed to talk urgently, he might call again, so he decides to call back the next day.
    Naksh and Kirti see Naira sleeping with Krish. Naksh likes them together. Kirti says that Krish might not be comfortable with her so she moves ahead to pick him up. But Naksh stops her. Kirti tells Naksh that Naira isn't used to sleep with the baby, Krish can even fall.
    Naksh assures Kirti that Krish will be safe with Naira and asks her to let him be with Naira. With some residual worries in her mind, Kirti has to leave Krish with Naira. Naksh goes near Naira and captures her and Krish. Later, Naksh checks Naira's mobile and gets worried to see an outgoing call to two unknown numbers in her call history.

    He matches the mobile number to Kartik's saved number but couldn't know that this is Kartik's new number. He calls on the landline number but nobody answers the call. He thinks that these numbers can be of any of her friend from dance class and leaves.

    The next morning, Kartik and Naira wake up with great excitement and each other's thoughts in mind. Kartik gets ready and in front of Lord Krishna's idol, he remembers the importance of the day. This is the day they promised to stay together but this day they are apart.
     Kartik accepts his mistake. He requests Lord Krishna to take care of his Naira always. He knows that only God knows he stays near her in the dance class just to protect her as he doesn't want anyone to take advantage of her blank memory.

    He wants to be with her until Naira remembers everything. He thinks that Naira will hate him after she regains her memory. Singhanias listen Kartik praying. They feel bad for Kartik who can't be happy even on such a great day.
     Manish wants to take Kartik to the office to keep him busy. Kartik admits that he went there so that anybody may not get close to her or hurt her, but he himself got closer to her. He's confused how will he stop Naira from getting closer to him.
    Kartik completes his prayer and asks Manish about the office. Manish asks Kartik about his new SIM card. Kartik replies when everything changed what if number to changes. While Kartik gets busy at the office, Naira reaches dance academy.

    Everyone appreciate her for the pretty dress and look. She likes the lovely decorations there but misses Sid. She decides to call him and calls with the Academy's landline. Kartik receives a call from the academy but ignores the call. Naira can't even enjoy the party in Sid's absence.

    Naksh and Kirti leave for a party. Kirti doesn't want to leave Krish. Naksh plans to pickup Naira from dance academy after the party. Nairas for Sid but he doesn't turn up. She can't enjoy the party so she tries to get a way to contact him.
     She turns to reception and asks about any other contact number of Sid? But the receptionist has no other number in the record. Naira asks her about Sid's address but she refuses to share the information. Naira gets a plan to send the receptionist away and gets Sid's address. Kartik returns home and sees tears in Suhasini's eyes.

    Suhasini requests Manish to book a ticket for her to ashram as she can't bear to see Kartik in such condition. Naira reaches Goenka villa with kachori. Kartik calls up dance academy and gets worried to know that Naira left so soon even before rehearsal.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 27th February 2019 Written Update :

     As Naira enters Goenka villa, a short circuit occurs. Through the dark smoke, Kartik notices Naira standing at the entrance gate.

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