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  • Friday, 1 February 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 1st February Written Update "Rohan Surrenders Raman is Back To House "

     Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 1st February Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 1st February Written Update "Rohan Surrenders Raman is Back To House ".

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house where Rohan serves food to Mrs. Bhalla.  In the news channel, it is announced that Police is doing a great job and has arrested Raman Bhalla.
     Sudha apologizes to the Bhallas as she didn't want to do anything bad. Rohan asks Sudha to stop her drama. He gets angry and tries to attack her. But Aliya stops him as she doesn't want any more drama. They leave the hall.

    Sudha comes out of the house and Karan follows her. He asks her why she didn't wait for the drama to continue. Sudha is irritated to see Aliya and how she holds Rohan's hand in front of her. She wants to separate Aliya and Rohan.
     Karan asks her to wait for sometime. Sudha knows that when Ishita will come to know that Rohan has given the sweets to Raman then she will throw him out of the house. She doesn't understand how Ishita isn't aware of the sweets given by Rohan to Raman.
     Ishita comes back with Bala and wonders how drugs can be mixed with the foods taken by Raman. Yug calls Ishita to know if everything is fine. He feels sorry as he couldn't help her. He thanks Ishita for the huge purchase of Sim cards and due that he got a commission. Ishita advises him not to do something that is going to harm his image.

    Yug says that he will always be there for her. Mr. Bhalla doesn't understand who has put drugs into Raman's food. Everyone tries to recapitulate the foods consumed by Raman starting from the morning but doesn't get any trace of the drug. Ishita tries to find out something that is only eaten by Raman.
     Rohan immediately thinks of Raman's favorite sweet that was given by him. He goes to the downstairs to find the sweets. He finds the sweet box and remembers that Sudha has offered him the sweets. Rohan is worried as he will be doubted by everyone if this news gets a leak. He calls Sudha and asks her to come fast.
    Sudha arrives. Rohan tells her that he is going to be trapped badly. She asks him what happened. Rohan tells her that Raman has been given drugs through food and Police is going to investigate the matter. He tells her that he has given the sweets to Raman and no one is going to trust him that he wasn't aware of the drugs.

    Sudha pretends to be thoughtful and asks him not to tell anything about this to Police. Rohan is worried about himself and for Raman as he's suffering in jail for no reason. Sudha thinks Rohan to be a fool and asks him to not get involved in this matter.
    Rohan doesn't agree to go home with Sudha. Sudha tells him that Raman can't prove that he has given the sweets to him. Sudha asks Rohan to come home with her. She tries to convince him. But meanwhile, Police arrives.

    Sudha panics and Rohan asks her to relax as he only called the police. Sudha gets shocked. Rohan takes the sweet box and surrenders himself to the Police. Sudha tries to stop him.

    The Bhallas come downstairs and are shocked too. Rohan tells Ishita that as this sweet is Raman's favorite so he has offered them to Raman but didn't know that they contained drugs. Rohan surrenders himself.
    Sudha asks him if he's alright. He walks towards Sudha and tells her that he isn't a big fool and thanks her for everything. Rohan is taken by the Police. Raman doesn't understand who played this dirty game with him.
     He sees Rohan in jail. Raman gets relieved but asks Rohan what is the matter. Ishita tells him the details. Raman gets angry at them from trusting Rohan. Bala doubts Sudha. Sudha comes to the police station and shouts at the inspector.
     She wants to meet Rohan. The inspector tells her to hire a good lawyer as this is a serious case. Rohan sent a message to Sudha that he doesn't want to have a lawyer as he will stay in jail only. The inspector asks Sudha to leave.

    Yug tells Ranbir and Vishal that he knew Raman isn't a bad person as he belongs to a good family. Yug shoes them Ishita's photo frame and keeps it beside the idols of God as she is no less than a God to him. He tells them that how Ishita helped them and he really respects her. Yug appreciates Ishita's bravery.
     He leaves for the Bhalla house to thank Ishita as it is important. Vishal is scared but Yug asks him to calm down as he will not go in front of her family. Yug knows that Ishita will not create any problem in their life. He gets an order of Sim cards and leaves.
    Ruhi tells that she has always doubted Sudha and blames Rohan for acting in front of them to be good. Bala also didn't expect that Rohan could do such bad to them.
     Ruhi tells him that as they are good people, they believe the evil ones easily. Mihika also doesn't understand anything. Ruhi curses Rohan. Aliya stops her and speaks in favor of Rohan. She believes that he has changed.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 2nd February Written Update :

     Sudha pleads in front of Ishita so that she can take Rohan out. Ishita asks her to bring the real criminal as she cannot do anything until Rohan is proved innocent by the court. Later, Yug saves Aliya from an accident.

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