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  • Friday, 1 February 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st February 2019 Written Update " Prerna Gives Hint to Anurag He Runs to Save Her "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st February 2019 Written Update

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st February 2019 Written Update " Prerna Gives Hint to Anurag He Runs to Save Her ".

    Naveen Babu's helper warns him against Anurag. He says that the way he was chasing them, the guy can be dangerous for him.
    To the warning, Naveen replies clearly I don't like predictors. He asks the man to forget Anurag and enjoy the wedding of his boss.
    Naveen remembers how Komolika depreciated him. He's determined to prove his guts to Komolika.

    On the other side, Komolika's curiosity for Anurag is rising. The fact that Anurag isn't interested in her keeps disturbing her.
    She can't understand why her magic didn't work over Anurag. She feels that all this happened because before meeting Komolika, Anurag was already in love with Prerna. That's why she provoke Naveen to get Prerna out of her way to Anurag. She didn't want to hurt Anurag but it happened just to get him away from Prerna.
    Komolika wants to see Anurag but she can't visit him in the hospital as she thinks that it will make Anurag feel that she's interested in him. Naveen Babu calls Komolika. He tells Komolika that he has abducted Prerna and this night he's going to marry her.
    Still, Naveen Babu couldn't get any appreciation from Komolika. She asks Naveen Babu to call her and prove himself after he gets married to Prerna.

    Mishka listens Komolika talking to Naveen Babu. Komolika asks Mishka about Anurag. But Mishka understood that Komolika abducted Prerna.

    Komolika makes an excuse that it was important to get the strong contender out of the competition. But Mishka still doubts Komolika's intentions.

    Mishka can clearly see that Komolika has some feelings for Anurag. She worries if Komolika's interest in Anurag would trouble her. Mohini is upset as Anurag broke his promise and went out even after the accident.

    Anurag returns home with Molaye and Rajesh. Veena asks Rajesh if that got any information about Prerna.

    Rajesh tells her that they informed police and hope to get information about Prerna soon. Mohini asks Anurag to go back to his room to rest. Anurag tries to convince Mohini that he's fine now.

    Nivedita criticizes Anurag for jumping through the window in such condition. Anupam requests Nivedita to stop chiding Anurag as he's not fine. Mohini tells Anurag that she kept her promise and they are trying their best.
    She asks Anurag to fulfill his promise and go to his room and rest. Before leaving, Anurag assures worried Veena that they'll find Prerna soon.
     Anupam wants to know if Anurag proposed Prerna or not but the situation doesn't let him ask. Anurag shares his sorrow with Prerna's picture in his mobile.
    He promises to the picture that he'll find her and will never let her go. He speaks his love for Prerna's picture. Nivedita, standing at the door of Anurag's room listens to his confession. Without saying a word, she just leaves silently.

    While Naveen Babu is merely planning for his wedding with Prerna. Prerna is trying to free herself. She sees a candle lighting near her. Prerna crawls near the candle and tries to burn the rope tying her hands. Finally, Prerna successfully unties herself.

    Prerna is trying to get a way out but all the doors of the factory have been locked up. Naveen comes to know that Prerna has freed herself and starts looking for her.
     Prerna tries to keep herself hidden. Fortunately, she gets a mobile phone of one of the goons.
     She calls Anurag but couldn't speak for a while as Naveen was near her. Anurag could understand her silence and realize that it's Prerna.

    She hints Anurag by the temple rings ringing near her. Further, she tells Anurag that Naveen Babu kidnapped her and he wants to marry her.
    Naveen Babu shares his evil intentions with Anurag. Mohini listens Anurag talking to Naveen Babu. She stops Anurag from going out to save Prerna and asks him to inform ACP instead.
    Anurag fools Mohini and rushes to save Prerna.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2nd February 2019 Written Update

     Prerna confesses her love for Anurag in front of Naveen Babu. Naveen hurts Anurag.

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