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  • Wednesday, 23 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 23rd January 2019 Written Update "Raman Gets His Company Back "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 23rd January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 23rd January 2019 Written Update "Raman Gets His Company Back.”

    The episode begins in the Bhalla house where Rohan doesn't agree to give divorce to Aliya. Sudha takes him aside and asks him not to be a fool. Rohan wants to give a second chance to their marriage as he knows that Bhallas aren't bad.

    He loves Aliya. Sudha tells him that Aliya has signed in the divorce papers. Karan shows him the papers. Rohan and everyone in the Bhalla family are shocked to hear that. Ishita doesn't understand how Aliya could sign before asking anyone.
     Yug meets Ranbir and Vishal at a coffee shop and seems very happy. They ask him what the matter is. He tells them that due to Ishita he has got this huge deal of sim cards. He confirms them that Ishita just wants to help them and she is grateful to them for saving her life.

    Yug thinks that Ishita's family is quite weird as Shagun was observing him in a different way calling him Adi. The other boys agree with Yug that there's something in this name Adi. But without caring much Vishal asks them to celebrate. Yug wonders who Adi is. Ishita doesn't believe that Aliya can do something unusual without asking anyone in the house.
    Sudha tells them that Aliya must be wanting not to stress anyone. She makes it clear that she has removed the compensation clause from the papers. Meanwhile, Aliya comes home. Rohan asks her if she has signed in the divorce papers. Aliya makes it confirm that she hasn't signed in any papers. Ruhi and Pihu arrive from the school. Shagun and Ruhi go to check where Aliya is. Ishita asks Sudha that from where she got Aliya's signature.

    Aliya doesn't understand how this signature has been done by her. Ruhi understands that it must be Karan's trick of making Aliya sign. Aliya asks Ruhi about Pihu's circular and then realizes that Karan has deceived her while taking her sign in the circular paper.
     Rohan slaps Karan for playing this dirty game. Sudha gets angry at Rohan for slapping Karan. Raman thinks it to be Sudha's new drama with her sons. Karan calls Rohan to be a fool for staying in the Bhalla house and doing all works.
    He doesn't want to stay with Ruhi. Sudha requests the Bhallas to make peace by signing letting Aliya and Ruhi sign in the divorce papers. She doesn't want to ruin any more lives. 

    Shagun also thinks it to be the best to relieve their daughters from such a mess. Raman puts a condition before Sudha that if she gives back his company to him then only Rohan and Karan can go with her.

    Sudha signs in the company papers which states that Raman is the sole owner of the Bhalla industry. Sudha asks her sons to get ready to come with her to their own house.

    Rohan makes his mother clear that he doesn't want to go back home with her. Everyone is surprised by Rohan's statement. Rohan leaves. Raman asks Bala to keep an eye on Rohan as he doesn't trust Sudha and her sons.

     Bala stops Rohan at the parking area. Rohan knows that no one is going trust him. Bala asks him to share his problems. He makes him sit. Rohan tells him that he doesn't want to go back with Sudha. He knows that he has done wrong with the Bhallas just for his mother. He did everything as per Sudha's instruction as she wanted to take revenge on Rajat's death.
    Rohan wants to stay away from Sudha as she's a bad influence. He misses Simmi's care and feels sorry for cheating Aliya. He is thankful to the Bhallas for making him a good person. He doesn't consider Sudha to be a good mother and agrees that he loves Aliya. Rohan wants to spend his life with Aliya. He wants to stay in this house.

     Ruhi signs in the divorce papers and gets relieved. Rohan comes and Sudha asks him to sign in the divorce papers. But Rohan doesn't want to sign in the papers. He tells Sudha that he's leaving this house. He apologizes to Raman for hurting him and his family. Raman thinks it to be a drama. Ishita wants Rohan to speak.
    He tells Aliya that he loves her and wants to give a second chance to their marriage. He wants her to understand him for the last time. Aliya thinks that it's not possible and asks Rohan to sign the papers. Shagun also doesn't want to waste much time of both Aliya and his. Sudha asks Rohan to sign in the papers. Rohan tells her to stay away from him.
    Raman insists Rohan sign in the divorce papers and leave. Karan takes Sudha with him. Sudha thinks that Rohan will stay with this family to win Aliya's heart. Karan asks her not to worry as Bhallas will throw Rohan out. Sudha doesn't understand Rohan's plan.
    Mrs. Bhalla is happy and wants to prepare everyone's favorite dish. Shagun also thinks that there's so much positivity in the house. Aliya receives a call.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 24th January 2019 Written Update

     Bala trusts Rohan as he has saved Ishita's life and also went against his mother. Ishita feels bad for Sudha as her own son doesn't want to stay with her.

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