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  • Wednesday, 23 January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23rd January 2019 " Anurag Realises His Love for Prerna "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23rd January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23rd January 2019 " Anurag Realises His Love for Prerna."

    The episode starts with Prerna in Anurag's arms. Komolika gets Prerna out of Anurag's arms and asks Anurag to continue the engagement ceremony.
     Nivedita criticizes Prerna for interrupting in the ceremony. Molaye asks Nivedita to leave the incident and get back to the ceremony.
     Nivedita asks Prerna to pick up the ring. She picks the ring and takes it to Anurag.

    Prerna's face clearly reflects the dejection as she hands over the ring to Anurag. His eyes stick to Prerna's disappointed eyes.
    Mohini and others encourage him to continue the ceremony. Anurag can't understand the reason behind his skeptic's heart. He wants to talk to Prerna but has to move his mind from Prerna to Mishka and get back into the ceremony.
     It's painful for Prerna to see Anurag exchanging ring with Mishka. As Anurag gets engaged to Mishka, Prerna moves aside to hide the tears in her eyes.
    Anurag wants to talk to Prerna but the guests block his way to her. He gets busy in replying the guests congratulating him for the engagement.
    It gets harder for a dejected Prerna to stay there so, she leaves the party. Anurag wanted to talk to her but he notices that Prerna suddenly disappeared from the party. The weather gets stormy. Prerna runs out to cry out her heartbreak. She cries out her deep sorrow.

    As Anurag manage to get out of the crowd of the guests, he starts looking for Prerna. He wants to talk to her urgently but can't find her anywhere. Anurag can't understand why Prerna left the party suddenly.

    Searching for Prerna, Anurag's eyes move to the ring in his finger. He realizes that he's engaged. While Prerna is crying with the pain of her heartbreak, Anurag thinks why he's thinking about Prerna even after being engaged. He reminds what Anupam told him.
     He gets confused why he came there looking for Prerna while all are waiting for him downstairs. He's thinking about Prerna, needs to talk to Prerna, wants to meet Prerna. But can't understand why? Why is he thinking of Prerna?

     He reminds the questions Molaye suggested to him. He thinks about those questions when his heart answers yes to all those questions, he understands that he loves Prerna. Anurag gets elated as his confusion ends and he finally got the conclusion that he is in love with Prerna.
    He looks at Prerna's picture lying in his room, that reminds him of all the beautiful memories with her. He enjoys the feeling of being in love with Prerna and decides to confess his feelings to her. He speaks out his feelings to Prerna's picture.
    He remembers the thorn bird tale Prerna told her. Prerna told him that a Thorn bird's love is much more than its life. It lives in the wait to end it's life for its love. Anurag doesn't want his love to end like the thorn bird's love.

    He can't let his love die like that of the thorn bird. Anurag enjoys the feeling of being in love and sets out to confess his feelings to Prerna.

    Anurag realizes that his feelings for Mishka weren't love, he's actually in love with Prerna. He understands getting engaged with Mishka was his mistake and decides to talk to Mohini regarding that later and he moves downstairs to search for Prerna.

     Mishka is still worried about Prerna and Anurag's relation. Komolika assures her that the engagement ring Anurag put in her finger is his promise mark. Now even if he wants to go to Prerna the society won't let him do so.

     Molaye tells Veena and Shivani about his desire to get Prerna married to Anurag but Rajesh instantly refused this. Mohini comes there and asks Molaye to leave his friend once and accompany Sidhant Chaubey, Anurag's father-in-law. Anurag finally finds Prerna. Will he confess his feelings to her?

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 24th January 2019 :

    Basu House on fire. Will Anurag confess his feelings to Prerna?

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