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  • Monday, 14 January 2019

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 14th January 2019 Written Update " Rohan's Friends Save Ishita "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 14th January 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 14th January 2019 Written Update " Rohan's Friends Save Ishita ".

    The episode begins in the place where Ishita is tied and kept by the kidnappers. She imagines Raman has found her and saved her from the gas leakage. But soon she realizes the harsh reality. She shouts for Raman. The Police also try to find out where Ishita is. Ishita tries to open up the ropes but fails. On the other hand, the man who leaked the gas informs Param that no one can save Ishita from dying.

     Param regrets as he could not teach Simmi a lesson but he wants Raman and Ishita's life to ruin completely. Rohan doesn't find Simmi anywhere in the house. He asks Aliya about her but gets to know that Simmi has left the house. Aliya tells him about the drama of Simmi and Raman to bring Ishita back. She blames Sudha and him for hurting Simmi's feelings. He asks Aliya what he can do to make everything alright. 

    Aliya asks him to save Ishita from Sudha's trap. Rohan asks for Aliya's phone as he wants to talk to Sudha. He asks Sudha where Ishita is otherwise he will complain against her to the police. Rohan tells his mother that he is serious this time as he's going to complain police against her and Param. Sudha tells Rohan to do whatever he wants as she doesn't know anything about Ishita. Rohan gets angry at Sudha and Aliya interprets this to be Rohan's drama. Three men get down from a car wearing masks and move towards the factory where Ishita is there. Raman somehow overcomes the traffic. He along with the police reach the place where gas has been leaked. They all start searching Ishita. On the other hand, the men with masks take Ishita from there to some other place from the back gate of the factory. The police find the kidnappers lying on the ground. Raman shouts for Ishita. The masks wearing people take Ishita away with a car. The inspector takes Raman outside as he was falling ill due to the leakage gas in the factory. The masks wearing people find Ishita to be alive. 

    They inform Rohan that she is safe as he has sent them to save Ishita. Rohan has made this plan when he heard Aliya saying Ruhi about Ishita's whereabouts. He wanted to save Ishita from Sudha and Param so that they don't bother her again with their new trap. So he called his friends to save Ishita and keep her in a safe place till Param is out of the jail.

    Rohan wants Sudha to stop doing the crime. Aliya sees him with a phone and he makes excuses to avoid her queries. Ruhi takes Aliya to the room. Raman is worried about Ishita. The inspector makes him calm down and tells him that the kidnappers have taken Ishita along. Raman gets angry at Param but the inspector asks him to relax. He fails again to save Ishita and won't leave Param if something happens to Ishita. The friends of Rohan are excited to save Ishita. 

    They dance and feel good for doing kidnapping Ishita successfully. They take Ishita to a room and make her lay on a bed. Param calls the goon who leaked the gas. He gets angry as Ishita is not found anywhere. 

    The friends drink water and one of them wants to go to gym. Ranbir asks the other boys to help him for tonight. He asks whether the doctor is coming to check up Ishita. The other one doesn't want to remove his mask as he doesn't want to reveal his identity. Ranbir did this kidnapping as Rohan has helped in his father's treatment. He thanks the other two for helping him to save Ishita's life. He trusts them more than anyone else. Param wants Ishita to be under his control and orders the goon to find her anyhow. Sudha asks him not to show his anger over the phone. 

    She blames Param for not killing Ishita earlier rather than shifting her to the chemical factory. Sudha tells him that if Ishita goes out of their control and survives then no can save him from going to jail again.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial 15th January 2019 Written Update :

     Ishita fights with Ranbir's friend who was not willing to remove his mask. She somehow manages to remove his mask and gets shocked. She loses her consciousness as the boy looked like her son, Aditya.

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