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  • Monday, 14 January 2019

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th January 2019 Written Update Maha Episode "Anurag Saves Komolika She Comes Between Anurag-Prerna"

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th January 2019 Written Update Maha Episode

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th January 2019 Written Update Maha Episode "Anurag Saves Komolika She Comes Between Anurag-Prerna".

    Anurag and Prerna are still stuck in the dangerous riot. Meanwhile, Nivedita informs Mohini about Mishka's doubt regarding Anurag and Prerna's relation. But Mohini still believes that her son can't fall in love with Prerna.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 14th January 2019

     Nivedita warns Mohini that Anurag has feelings for Prerna and he can do anything for the person whom he loves. He can even go against her. But Mohini has blind trust in Anurag so, she pays no attention to Nivedita's point.
    Anurag and Prerna are still trying to sneak out of the chaos. Anurag hides himself and Prerna under a red cover. But, one of the dangerous thugs finds them. Prerna and Anurag start running for their lives. The thugs start chasing them. Anurag asks Prerna to leave until he handles the matter. But Prerna strictly refuses to leave him alone.

     Meanwhile, a man strikes a stick hard on Anurag's head. Some more goons arrive and capture him. Anurag fights against them to reveal himself from their grip. 
    Prerna and Anurag start beating them together. Anurag again requests Prerna to return home. Prerna sticks to help him in the danger. Expressing her concern the words "If something happens to you. I die." Anurag gets surprised for a moment to listen to the words. Before he may ask her to explain the sentence, some more thugs arrive there, and they have to leave to discuss incomplete and continue their run. Luckily, they again get a small corner to hide. As they come closer to each other, their heartbeat gets faster. Anurag wants to know if his heart is beating so fast because of the run or because he's so close to Prerna. They continue their search for a safe place in the riot. Komolika also comes sight of the thugs and they start following her car.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2 Written Update 14th January 2019

    Escaping from the anarchy, Anurag, Prerna takes shelter in a temple. Prerna notice Anurag's hand that got hurt during the fracas. She gets an idea for his remedy. 

    She gets some turmeric powder and water from the priest for Anurag's injury. She starts Anurag's treatment by washing his bunt with water. 

    Anurag gets the immense pleasure to see the concern for him in Prerna's eyes. He loses himself in memories of the moment he spent with her earlier. Prerna cleans the injury and applies turmeric paste over it. She was about to tear her Dupatta to dress the wound, but Anurag stops her and offers his hanky to dress the wound. After a short conversation, Anurag gets up to go and look for a safe way for them to get out. Prerna doesn't want to let him go alone and requests him to let her accompany him. Anurag assures Prerna that he'll cause no harm to himself as he knows she won't live without him.
     Prerna gets upset for a moment to let him go alone but later she gets convinced.

    Anurag helps Komolika to hide from the dangerous thugs. Komolika misinterprets Anurag's intentions behind saving her and asks if he was genuinely saving her or trying to get closer to her. While beating the goons arriving further, Anurag clears to Komolika that he had no intention to get closer to her but he could just save her. Even after Anurag's clear explanation, Komolika still believes that Anurag made the excuse of saving her to get closer to her. Anurag returns to the temple and tells Prerna that he got the same way to escape. As to are about to leave, Aarti starts. They decide to leave after Aarti. Anurag and Prerna bring separate incomplete thaali for Aarti. Priest guides them to join their thaali to get them complete and pray together. While Anurag-Prerna does Aarti together, Komolika is heading towards the temple.

    Komolika comes Between Anurag and Prerna and Asks Panditji to give her Blessings too.
    Panditji Blesses her and Komolika tells Anurag that She Accepts his Word and came here to take Blessing and Asks Prerna How are You?
    Anurag asks How do you know Each Other Prerna Chooses to Ignore Komolika and There Anurag gets Mohini’s call Whom on Nivedita’s insistence asks is Prerna with him and she asks Same and Tells her that Yes She is with Him.

    Nivedita About to taunt But Mishka comes and asks Where is Anurag Why not he is taking My Call.
    Mohini thinks about Nivedita’s words and Lies to Mishika She is worried Why Anurag and Prerna are Together At this Time.
    There Prerna calls her at home But Komolika comes and Tells her that she Knows He is the Same Boy Who Broke Your Heart.
    Prerna Still Tries to Ignore her but She continues that I have Noticed Your expression when Panditji gave You wrong Blessing and She continues that Leave Anurag that He is not your Leauge He Belongs to My Leauge.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 14th January 2019

    That’s It for Prerna and She Defiance that He Cares For People and You are Pain to People So he is Definitely not in your league.
    Komolika Asks Who is The Pretty Girl for that he Left You, Prerna Leaves and Stands On Other place and Komolika comes and tells That You Accepted and Told me Her History.
    She Accuses Her that You Both Girl Stay in Limit and Tells Your Sister She Came to Police Station and Next time I won’t leave You and Your Sister Because After My Brother will release from Jail he won’t even See Your Sister.
    Both Argue More and Prerna Decides to leave But Komolika doesn’t Leave her and Insults More that Your Sister just want my brother’s Money.
    She Gets Call and Leaves and Prerna Just Think that How Rude She is.
    Mohini gets Anurag’s call and He tells her that he is In temple with Prerna She gets Panic When Anurag tells her About Roit and Goons.
    She tells Him That She is sending Car Came in that Car.
    Anurag is coming Back inside the Temple and Komolika As Thank You offer him Dropping But He tells her that His Famly is coming and She Says Okay and Slips But Anurag Saves her and She Looks at Him and Ask Him How Many Chance You want to get close to me.

    PRECAP For Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th January 2019 Written Update Maha Episode :

     Anurag comes to Mohini with hand in hand and there Komokila is cursing Someone.Mohini Slaps Nivedita.

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