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  • Friday, 21 December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 21st December 2018" Ishita-Raman Stand With Appa"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 21st December 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 21st December 2018" Ishita-Raman Stand With Appa".

    The episode begins in the police station where Ishita and Bala show bail papers to the police officer to release Mr Iyer. Mr Iyer hesitates to go home as he can't face Mrs Iyer. The lawyer asks him what's the truth behind the crime that's blamed on him. Ishita loses her temper. Mr Iyer scares of going to court as his reputation will be ruined. He doesn't understand how this happened as Nisha has called him babuji. 

    He cries as Nisha has befooled him and made use of his goodness. Ishita calms him as they know he's innocent. Bala and Ishita request him to go home. Sudha's informer keeps eye on them and calls Sudha to inform. Simmi calls the doctor who declared Ananya to be dead. But she doesn't get any information about her heart transplantation. 

    She blames Param for doing so much wrong to them. Simmi doubts whether Sudha is telling her the truth. She decides to know the truth somehow by talking to Param. She blames Param for not telling the truth being Ananya's mother. Simmi decides to take permission from the magistrate to meet Param. Rohan is happy that Simmi has finally gotten trapped into their plan. Ruhi and Aliya try to calm Ishita down as they also believe that Mr Iyer is innocent. Ishita worries for her father as he is unable to bear such false claim. Bala comes to tell Ishita that the money Nisha has given to Mr Iyer is not being found by him. 

    They go to see what the matter is. Ishita asks her father to relax and find the money somewhere else. Ruhi and Aliya search all the places but don't get the money. Mr Iyer feels restless unable to find the money. Ishita doesn't know how she is going to tell everything to her mother. Raman gets angry at Nisha. Meanwhile Mrs Iyer reaches home. Mrs Iyer asks whether everything is alright. Sudha comes to Iyer house to create a scene. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Telly Update 19th December 2018 

    She discloses in front of Mrs Iyer that Mr Iyer was in jail. She tries to create mess in the family and tells rubbish about Nisha and Mr Iyer. Raman asks Sudha to get out. Mr Iyer feels unwell while sleeping and wakes up in a bad condition. 

    Mrs Iyer doesn't understand anything. Mr Iyer closes the door of his room as he is ashamed. Sudha again tries to brainwash Mrs Iyer. Mrs Iyer asks her to get out as she is unable to hear bad words against her husband. She trusts her husband. As the door opens, Mr Iyer is found falling in the ground. Everyone becomes worried about his health.

    Taking the advantage of the mess in the Iyer house, Sudha goes to meet her sons in the Bhalla house. Rohan goes to give tea to Mrs. Bhalla to keep her engaged. Karan tells his mother that he can't bear the torture anymore. Rohan informs Sudha that Simmi has gone to take permission from the magistrate to meet Param to confirm the heart transplantation. Sudha and her sons are excited to see how the Bhallas' unity breaks down. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sudha to go otherwise she's going to call Ishita and Raman. Sudha asks someone to teach Param what to say in front of Simmi as she doesn't want any problem. The doctor checks up Mr. Iyer and tells the family members not to give stress to Mr. Iyer. Ishita calms her mother and Bala goes to bring medicine. Simmi reaches in the jail to meet Param. Param refuses to talk with Simmi but the police officer asks him to sit and talk. Simmi asks Param whether he has sold Ananya's heart after her death to any patient's family. She considers organ donation as a good work but since Param is a greedy person she blames him for selling her daughter's heart. She wants to know the truth being Ananya's mother. Param tells her that he has sold Ananya's heart. Simmi breaks down and beats Param. Param shouts at her and tells her that it's good that someone is alive with Ananya's heart. He doesn't find anything wrong about it. He tells Simmi that Ananya's heart is still beating today in Rohan's body. Param doesn't consider Simmi to be a good mother as she is staying with her daughter's murderer in the Bhalla house. Simmi wants all these to be a lie. Sudha's plan works of trapping Simmi emotionally. She knows that Simmi is convinced in her fake stories and Rohan is going to take that advantage now.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Plus Serial Written Update 24th December 2018 :

    Simmi gets worried about Rohan's health as he has a fever. Nisha comes to kill Mr. Iyer.

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