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  • Friday, 21 December 2018

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 21st December 2018 "Prerna-Anurag's Cute Fight "

    Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 21st December 2018 "Prerna-Anurag's Cute-Fight "

    Today is Prerna's first day at her office. Rajesh instructs Prerna to work hard as it's her first day at work and teaches her the moral "Work is worship". Veena sweetens Prerna's mouth and wishes her all the best. Before Prerna may leave, Rajesh talks to her and explains that the way she talked to Mohini wasn't well. Molaye is his friend but also the good boss. And Mohini is Boss's wife and she should keep this in mind. Prerna tries to explain that she didn't misbehave but pointed the reality. 

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 21st December 2018

    Rajesh again guides her to be polite with elders. Prerna agrees to him, touches feet of her parents and leaves before she may get late. Does she leave for her work with confusion in her mind that was Shivani right? Does Anurag have feelings for her? Does he love her?

    She reaches to Basu House, greets Molaye and begins her work. Even there, her eyes are searching for Anurag. She enjoys Anurag's glimpses with her work. Anurag is busy with some work and doesn't notice Prerna downstairs. All their memories together keep flashing in her mind. Sid notices Prerna's eyes stuck over Anurag and pulls her out of her deep thoughts. He goes to Anurag and tells him about Prerna sitting downstairs. Just as Anurag turns to look at her, Prerna takes off her eyes from him and gets back to work. The song "Meri Bechainiyon Ko Chain Mil Jaaye....." Plays. Anurag sets his eyes over Prerna. Then he comes back to his senses and gets back to his revision. Molaye asks Prerna to bring a black for kept in his room.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2 Written Update 20th December 2018 

    Anurag is still busy with his revisions with Sid in his room. Sid notices Anurag's red eyes and suspects that he didn't sleep well last night. 

    He asks him if he was just thinking about Prerna. Anurag tries to avoid the discussion and get back to study. But Sid continues to upbeat him. He points that Naveen Babu's chapter has closed, and Prerna isn't bound to anyone now. He encourages him to express his feelings to her and questions how will you express your feelings to her? Anurag again tries to avoid Prerna's topic but Sid continues pointing that he kept his feelings hidden because of Naveen Babu but now he should express his feelings. Anurag hesitates to accept the truth and tries to explain Sid that anything didn't change for him. He keeps avoiding the fact that he's in love. 

    While passing by Prerna stops to listen to their discussion. Sid continues to disagree with his excuses but Anurag continues to keep his real feelings untold. Sid tries to point that Anurag prevented Prerna from marrying because he loves her and his concern exactly expresses that. But Anurag keeps trying to defend himself of the fact that he loves Prerna and convinces Sid that Prerna is just his friend. He counts his and Prerna's differences to Sid to convince him. Suddenly, Sid notices Prerna at the door. But just as he calls her, she runs away. Anurag follows her to wish her All the Best for her first day at work.

    Prerna gets upset as Anurag calls him insensible. Anurag comes to congratulate Prerna for her first day at the job. Upset Prerna behaves weird with Anurag that leads to a heated argument between them. But later she feels guilty for misbehaving with Anurag. Before she may say sorry to him, she has to go home. Anurag gets irritated to see no regret over Prerna's face for being rude to him. When Prerna returns home, Shivani comes to know about Anurag and Prerna's quarrel. Shivani clears Anurag's aspect to Prerna and also encourages her to express her feelings for Anurag to him.
    Later, Anurag bursts out his anger over a worker. Anupam noticed his sudden impatience and asks if he had any fight with Prerna? Anurag gets astonished at the question.

    Precap For Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 24th December 2018 :

     Prerna gives up on her decision to express her feelings to Anurag when she sees another girl proposing him.

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