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  • Monday, 1 October 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update"Raman-ishita's Office Romance Ishita convinces Ruhi"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update"Raman-ishita's Office Romance Ishita convinces Ruhi".

    The episode starts with Alia coming to the office hurriedly after meeting Rohan. Ruhi pulls her hand to her cabin and asks whether she went to meet Sagun. Alia nods her head in confusion. Ruhi informs her that Sagun is in Soorajkunj which is 40kms away from there. Alia gets into trouble. Ruhi tells her that she must be out for meeting with the bracelet guy. Alia feels sorry for lying to them. She confesses about her meeting with Rohan and also says to her that she wanted to thank him for his help. Alia says that they are just friends. Ruhi laughs and hugs Alia.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update

    Raman shouts at the manager of the company for his negligence. The manager apologies to him and promise him that he wouldn't repeat such mistakes. Raman asks him to get out. Ishita smiles at Raman and says that it looks nice to see the grumpy Raman back. She gives him a naughty smile. Raman sweetly asks her to go home as she's being a distraction to his work. Ishita gets irritated and leaves.
    Ishita, while driving back home, hits in Rohan's car by mistake. She apologies to him. Rohan recognizes Ishita as Alia's mother. He tells her that it's not a big deal and tries to calm her down. Ishita's car broke down and she decides to take an auto. But Rohan insists her to give a lift to their home.

    While going home, Ishita introduces herself to Rohan. She feels grateful to him for his help. She receives a call from Monica and hands it over to her mother-in-law to talk. Raman's mother asks her whether she got any news of marriage for her granddaughter. Monica asks her to keep patience and tells her that she'll find a nice family for their daughter's marriage. Mrs Bhalla disconnects the call.
    Rohan drops both the ladies in their home. Ishita thanks him again and both of them insists him to have a cup of coffee in their home. Rohan asks for leave as he has a busy schedule today and promises to come on some other day. Mihika comes and asks them about the Rohan. Raman's mother narrates her the whole incident. Ishita says that he was a sweet boy. Mihika warns Ishita not to trust any stranger so easily. Ishita too finds it strange as she do not remember him saying their address.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update

    The Bhalla family sits together for dinner. Ruhi says that the office feels like itself with Raman's comeback. Romi agrees with her and says that they should chill now as Raman will do all the work now. Everyone laughs. Ishita receives a call from Monica and gets to know that a nice family has approached to see her daughter by going through their profile. Ishita asks her to send the photo of the boy. Monica says that she cannot send the photo before both the boy and the girl don't meet each other. Ishita asks her to be sure about the boy and his family. Monica assures her.

    Monica tells Ishita that the boy wants to meet her daughter tomorrow. Ruhi gets tensed hearing the news. Everyone asks her to calm down and just meet the boy. Ishita tells that instead of preparing Ruhi, they should prepare Raman as he promised Ruhi to walk on his feet at her wedding.
    Ishita takes out a dress for Ruhi but also tells her that she can wear anything. Ruhi thinks about her past with Nikhil and gets scared. Ishita asks her what the matter is. Ruhi cries and says that she is afraid of relationship and marriage as she is not ready yet. Ishita tries to make her understand. Ishita tells her about the awkwardness she felt when she had to meet with unknown people for marriage. Ruhi is not ready to understand anything. She tells her about her past experiences with Sohail and Nikhil. Ishita tells her that in spite of the bad experiences they face in life, they should try to stand up again and live their lives. Ishita says that they all are there to support her. She tells her about her story; how people used to call her a curse for not being able to carry a baby. She encourages her. She tells Ruhi to take a step forward. Ruhi says that she is happy in her own space. Ishita asks her to listen to her. She says her that she needs a companion in future to live her whole life. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update

    Ishita also says her that every person needs love and someone to love them and it's a basic need. Ruhi says that she doesn't need all these as she cannot love a stranger and marry him. Ishita asks her to move on with her life rather being like stagnant water. She tells Ruhi about the conflict she had with Raman during their early days of marriage. Ishita feels thankful to her father for the right judgment about their marriage. The faith she had in Raman has to lead to creating love between them and their families. Ishita tells her that love happens automatically without giving any extra efforts. She says Ruhi that her grandparents didn't even meet before marrying each other but still they are happy now. Ishita tells Ruhi to meet with the boy and be friends. If she finds him better to live the whole life with then only she can decide to marry the boy otherwise she can reject him. Ruhi says that the boy she will marry should be like her father. Ishita smiles and hugs her.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 2nd October 2018 Written Update :

     Rohan comes to meet Alia in the Bhalla house for marriage but finds Ruhi in place of her. Alia asks both of them to spend time together. Rohan gets confused and asks why he should spend time with Ruhi. He declares that he is here to meet Alia and marry her. Everyone becomes shocked.

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