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  • Monday, 1 October 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update "Mohit Kidnapped Anika for His Magic Trick "

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update "Mohit Kidnapped Anika for His Magic Trick ".

    Annika gets shocked to see Mohit in front of her eyes. Majnu Singh hides. Shocked Annika asks... You..? Here? This time? Mohit replies I can ask the same question... You? Here? This time? With that Majnu. Annika tries to clear his doubts and says what are you saying? What I'll do with Majnu?? Mohit says Come on Annika. You don't need to lie at least in front of me. I myself saw you having a romance with that Majnu Singh. However, Shivaay was. He was my friend. And in his absence, you are with such a Baba ji? He tags Annika as disgusting and leaves.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update :Mohit's Evil Plan

     Annika looks towards Majnu Singh. He gestures Annika to stay silent and leave.
    Next morning... Mohit asks Bhavya to allow him to go out for his magic show. Bhavya says you can go, Mr. Malhotra. Rudra asks so it's your magic show today? Mohit says yes. Tej wishes him all the best for the show. Mohit says I don't know how I'll do this show without my wife. Tej says earlier you did show with Nancy now you'll do this for Nancy. All of us will surely come to see your show. Mohit says please show is incomplete without you. Annika says may Shivaay be here. Mohit says I Shivaay was here. Title would also be here. Khanna enters and tells Mohit that a lawyer came to meet him. Mohit gets nervous. Annika asks lawyer?? Mohit says to ask him to wait until I come. Annika asks but why lawyer? Mohit says why are you shocked? My wife is murdered lawyer will obviously come.

    Mohit chides his lawyer for coming to Oberoi mansion. Lawyer says that matter was such that I couldn't wait to tell you. Mohit asks what's the matter. The lawyer says all the property papers are transferred under your name. And all the money will be transferred into your account this night. Mohit gets excited and thanks to the lawyer. The lawyer suggests him to keep the news safe with himself only and leaves. Mohit thinks now I'll complete my magic show this night and all the money will be transferred into my account. I'll do such a magic that Shivaay and his family wouldn't even know what happened with them. I'll enjoy my new life and Shivaay will be prisoned in Nancy's murder case.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update 

    Annika gets suspicious at the arrival of Mohit's lawyer. Shivaay is trying hard to find Nancy. A servant is taking tea for Mohit. Annika takes the tray from her and goes to Mohit's room. She enters the room but the room is empty. She keeps the tray in the table and sees some packed bags lying aside. She thinks he's planning to run away. She finds a photo frame in the bag in which Mohit is standing with another girl in a wedding dress. Annika understands that Mohit wasn't married to Nancy. Mohit comes there. Annika asks him about the girl in the photo. Mohit tells her that she's Priya, my wife. Annika asks then Nancy? Mohit says Nancy was my Title whom Shivaay murdered. Annika says Shivaay didn't murder anyone. Mohit says yes you know this.I know this but not the world. Annika warns Mohit that she'll tell his reality to Bhavya. Mohit challenges Annika. Annika tries to run away. Mohit holds her hand to stop her. Meanwhile, Annika's bracelet falls down. Mohit takes out burning cards and disappears with Annika.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update 

    Majnu Singh goes to Mohit's room to talk to him. But he's not in the room. Mohit's phone is lying on the bed. The phone rings. It's a call from his 'Boss'. Shivaay keeps the phone back on the bed but it falls down. He picks the mobile and keeps it on the bed. He doesn't notice the photo frame or Annika's bracelet. Annika gets to know that Mohit is planning to run away after trapping Shivaay.

    Khanna gets Nancy's location. I'm and Khanna follows her. Nancy sees Omkara following her and asks the driver to drive fast. Nancy's car stops in the red signal. Om comes out from his car and as he opens the door of Nancy's's empty. She isn't inside. Majnu Singh is searching for Annika. Majnu Singh calls Annika but she doesn't answer the call. He drops a voice message saying Annika meet me in Mohit's magic show as soon as you receive this message. Mohit takes Annika in a desolate building. He hits her hard with a pillar and she faints.
    Nancy gets into a car. Mohit calls her and says her that Annika knows everything so you should run away as soon as possible. Nancy agrees. Nancy asks the driver to take a right turn but he takes left. And stops the car ahead. As the driver turns his face Nancy gets sucked to see that's Shivaay. Mohit starts his magic show. Whole Oberoi family reaches to see the magic show. Mohit announces that this is his last magic show and this time he'll try a magic trick that he never tried in his whole life because am going to vanish me today forever. 

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 2nd October 2018 Written Update  :

     Annika's life in danger. Shivaay searches for Annika. He finds Annika but will he able to save her?

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