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  • Tuesday, 11 September 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 11th September 2018 "Kaira Moments Kartik-Naira Decide to Tell Family About Them"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 11th September 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 11th September 2018 "Kaira Moments Kartik-Naira Decide to Tell Family About Them".

    Kartik is locked in Naira's cupboard. Devyani tries to open the cupboard but it doesn't open. Devyani says this is the problem with this cupboard. Its door locks itself and doesn't open them. Naira and Kartik get worried. Naira asks Devyani how it will open then? Devyani says I'll open it later with the spare key and leaves. Naira closes the door of her room and asks Kartik Are you alright? Kartik replies no I am feeling suffocated here.  Naira please do something..I can't breathe inside here. Naira asks Kartik to take care until she brings the spare key. Naira leaves to get the spare key.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 11th September 2018

    Naira goes to Devyani and asks her about the cupboard's key. Devyani is busy with her patient and says I have to search for it. Naira requests her to look for it as she wants to get something from it urgently. Devyani asks what's such an urgent in that cupboard? Let me explain the medicines to the patient first. Naira somehow convinces Devyani to look for the keys urgently.
    Manish gets shocked to find Kartik missing from his room. He gets to know from the CCTV footage that Kartik is out since last night. Naira manages to get the key and unlock the cupboard. Kartik is finally out of the cupboard. Naitik is moving towards Naira's room. He passes by the room but doesn't notice what's inside. Naira asks Kartik to leave otherwise somebody may see him. Kartik has to leave but his mind and heart are still left there. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Written Update 

    Naira talks to herself and says Naani is right at her place .. but we are also at ours. We can't cheat our love because of our families. We'll have to convince them as soon as possible and I hope they will agree.
    Kartik enters his room with a confidence that nobody saw him but gets shocked to see Manish in his room. Manish asks Kartik where are you coming from? Kartik replies with trembling words from downstairs. Manish says maybe you didn't understand my question. And asks where you were the whole night? Kartik is about to reply but Manish cuts him and says I understood whatever you'll say will be a lie. And himself tries to guess. Manish makes the first guess as alcohol but says but you don't seem to be drunk. So my second guess is Naira. He continues and says I want it to be wrong so Kartik please say it's wrong. Kartik thinks if my father isn't prepared how I'll convince my mother.

    Watching everyone preparing for Teej Naira also decides to celebrate this time. But it's hard to fast in front of the whole family. She thinks to find a way to convince Suwarna first to convince others.
    Kartik is outside the temple. He's thinking about Suwarna's opinion about his relation with Naira. Naira comes there and holds his hand. She asks Kartik we are trying with our courage..but will she agree? Kartik says we are trying. Yesterday Papa asked but his behavior expresses that he'll not support our reunion. When I got the information that Maa is alone here so I called you. As it will be easier if we both will talk together. Naira tells Kartik that she feels frightened. Kartik tries to calm her down. Both of them prepare to convince Suwarna.

    Suwarna prays and says I lost Shubham but please don't take Kartik away from me. I can't live without him. She vows wholeheartedly to get Kartik back. Kaira moves ahead to talk to Suwarna.


    Kartik goes to support a blind man. Naira is left alone. Suwarna completes her prayer and starts going back. She slips and the thaali of Puja bounces off her hand. Naira catches the coconut Suwarna kept as a vow to get Kartik back. Suwarna gets shocked to see Naira holding the coconut. She snatches the coconut from Naira's hand. And Naira her to leave them alone. You interfered forcefully in my prayers for Kartik. Kartik stood aside watching Suwarna talking to Naira to leave him alone. Suwarna leaves. Naira asks Kartik how we'll tell her? She even... Kartik cuts Naira and holds her hand and they both move ahead to pray. Kartik says don't worry Naira. We'll get away but will not hide it anymore. And they decide to tell the truth the next day on the occasion of Teej to prevent any surplus trouble. 
    Suhasini and Surekha prepare for Teej's Shagun for Kirti. Suhasini asks Surekha to add some more jewelry otherwise Kirti may feel that Kartik's divorce spoiled her relations too. On the other side, Devyani offers Shagun to Kirti by saying keep it Kirti as we don't know Goenkas will send the shagun or not. Kirti accepts the Shagun. 
    Surekha asks Suhasini but who will deliver Shagun this time? And they decide to send Shagun by a driver with Luv Kush to avoid further arguments. 
    Kartik reaches to celebrate Teej with Naira. He manages to escape from Manish's doubts with help ok Luv and Kush. Kartik says to Naira that this time I will also fast on Teej to share the responsibilities of our relation. Naira says Kartik give up as I know you can't stay hungry.  Kartik says what's bad in trying? Kartik gives a jewelry set and a dress to Naira as Shagun and writes 'K' on her hand with Mehandi. In response, Naira writes 'N' on Kartik's hand. Kartik and Naira enjoy the Bread pakoda and tea brought by Kartik as Sargi for Naira. 
    Naitik expresses his concern about Naira in front of Naksh. He says what Naira may feel after watching all the ladies preparing for Teej. Naksh says it will be tough for her but she'll have to be habitual. Naksh feels some smell of Pakoda. Naitik also got it and asks who shall be making Pakoda this time? But Naira and Kartik carefree... Enjoy their tea. Suddenly the door of the room opens. They got frightened.

    PRECAP For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 12th September 2018
    Kirti faints and rolls down the stairs.

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