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  • Tuesday, 11 September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 11th September 2018 "Masquerade party Anika Cries Shivaay Asks Her Questions"

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 11th September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 11th September 2018 "Masquerade party Anika Cries Shivaay Asks Her Questions".

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 11th September 2018 "Masquerade party Anika Cries Shivaay Asks Her Questions".
    Rudra prepares for his special punch. But Shivaay and Om stop him. Shivaay says No Rudy special punch and leaves. Rudra get s shocked to see Bhavya in their party. He goes to Bhavya and asks You became the commissioner? Maybe you forgot what I told you. I asked you to come to this house after becoming commissioner. And I don't think you are a commissioner as if you would be I have read this in the newspaper. 

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 11th September 2018

    Bhavya says in reply to Rudra Oh wow You know how to read? Congrats...I am impressed. Rudra says I know reading and writing too. Bhavya replies Good for you. Rudra says Don't show me this attitude in my house. And he asks Bhavya to maintain her attitude in front of his brother. He calls Shivaay.
    Shivaay comes there and says Good evening officer. Rudra gets astonished to see Shivaay talking to Bhavya. Annika comes there and thanks Bhavya for helping Shivaay to search her and arresting Daksh. Bhavya says please don't say thank-you it was my duty.  But after that day I feel a connection with you guys. Shivaay suspects Rudra's expressions and asks what happened?

    Ishqbaaz  Daily Written Update 

     Rudra whispers in Shivaay's ears and says Maybe you are forgetting she arrested you. Shivaay replies I am not forgetting I have forgotten. And it's better for you to forget. Shivaay takes Bhavya to introduce her to his family. Rudra left alone..became a joke... And says no time for goodness left... I fought with lady Singham for Shivaay and he changed his side. And starts acting as crying. Om comes there and asks Rudra why you are crying now? Rudra replies Bhavya. Om scolds him and sends him to manage the bar.
    Om sees Gauri passing by in a gown. He stops Gauri and says Hi! Gauri replies Hi. Om says you are looking very... Gauri cuts him and says I know am looking very nice today. Rudra says nice...but I wanted to say something else. You are looking very strange today. Gauri says Maybe I heard strange? 

    Om says yes I said strangely. Maybe because I never saw you in such clothes. Gauri replies it's ok. It's not the mistake of your eyes it's about your mind. As you don't have any habit of appreciating. But I know I am looking very good. Om says you know you are a fighter? Gauri says I know am not a fighter but a goon. Priyanka comes there..offers a mask to Gauri and takes Gauri with her.
    Annika comes there and asks Om what you are watching? Om replies to your sister. But soon he changes his statement and says don't you think your sister is very strange? Annika says she's strange..but also very sweet. Om gives a surprised look to Annika and leaves. Shivaay comes there. Annika asks him what happened to Om why he's behaving so strange today. Shivaay replies Om is just the same. little strange but very sweet. Annika stares at Shivaay and says I want to ask something but Shivaay says I remember I have to introduce Mohit and leaves. Annika says Shivaay is the strangest.. he brought the gift but didn't give that to me.

    Shivaay introduces his best friend Mohit as magician Taaj and his wife. Taaj presents himself in a magical way that left everyone amazed. He is welcomed with a huge round of applause. Mohit raises a red cloth.. and when he removes it... everyone gets shocked to find his wife behind it.

    Everyone Clap for Mohit But Anika turns upset seeing Nancy wearing the gown brought by Shivaay.
    She Remembers The Note and She Gets Shocked to See Nancy is Wearing that Gown She Feels Bad That Shivaay Brought This Gown for Nancy.
    Light Goes Off and Nancy Starts Dancing on Dilbar Song.

    Omkara and Rudra Enjoy her Performance. After the Performance, Anika About to Go and Shivaay Notices and About to Follow her But Nancy Stops Shivaay and Tries to Charm Him. Nancy Holds Him hand and thanks him for being a friend and forgiving her. 
    Shivaay leaves By Saying its Okay and Enjoy the Party.

    Ishqbaaz redux Written Updates 
    Omkara and Rudra are confused After they hear the Conversation They Decide to talk to Shivaay After Party.
    Nancy comes to Anika and Asks Her About Her Entry and Her Dress She Shows Her Dress to Her Seeing Anika’s Expression She tells her that She Knows The Problem between them.
    She Tells Anika That She Knows That You both share the Room But Not the Bed Anika gets Shocked to hear this From her. She Asks Who Told You this She Tells That I heard Shivaay was Talking about this,
    She Tells Anika That I Know This is Your Personal Problem But don’t Feel Alone I am There with You.
    Song Start Janam Janam and Shivaay Hold Anika’s Hand and Rudra Stops Bhavya, Omkara Takes Gauri and Mohit Dances with Nancy.
    While Dancing and Changing Partners Shivaay and Nancy come Face to face again Anika Bursts Into Tears and Leaves the Party.
    Shivaay follows her and asks her What happened to Her why is She Crying Did he do Something Wrong.
    Anika Turns Around and Shares Her insecurity That She Knows that You told her not to expect anything from me But I am Feeling So Bad When You gave Gift To Nancy. I am feeling So Hurt.
    Shivaay asks Why are You Feeling This?
    She Tells That She is Affected from this.
    Shivaay comes Close and Asks Her Do You Think I can do this?
    She Cries and Tells Him You did this.
    PRECAP For Ishqbaaz Written Update 12th September 2018:

    Drunk Shivaay Tells Rudra and Omkara About Anika They Encourage Him to Say. Shivaay Stops Anika and About to Say Something to her.

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