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  • Thursday, 2 August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Update "Aashi' Entry Dadi Scolds Naira"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Update 

    "Aashi' Entry Dadi Scolds Naira.

    Their guests see Naira and Kartik arguing. They surmise that there is surely something wrong between them.

    Anmol puts on the finger in Mansi's hand. And then Mansi puts on the ring in his hand. Everyone clapped for them. Kartik and Naira both received a message from their respective lawyers that the date of the next day is fixed to meet the counselor. Kartik and Naira look at each other.

    YRKKH Written Updates : Aashi's Entry in Kartik's Life

    The song badhai ho badhai plays.....Dancers brought Devyani and Rukmani together. And they started dancing. Mansi and Anmol too got up to join them but Naira gestured Mansi to sit...
    Their guests go to Suhasini and try to listen to the real matter from her lips? They asked her why she is looking so tired? Is that may be because the matter she wanted to hide is revealed?  Suhasini gets a little worried and asks them what they mean? They indirectly point towards Kartik and Naira. 

    They said that they know that Kartik and Naira are going to be separated. Suhasini tried to convince them that there's nothing like this but failed to do so. And the ladies started teasing her. Wrinkle in Suhasini's forehead expressed her stress clearly. Naira saw this scene and interrupted their talk. She said sorry for interrupting between elders but she doesn't have any other option.
     She asks them if they are divorcing. Then what??? Is it first divorce in the world. She tells them that it's their decision and they are responsible for it. And asked them to not to disturb Suhasini again and enjoy Mansi's engagement.

    Suhasini feels disgraced. Naira says sorry to Suhasini as she is facing this situation because of them.., Suhasini asks her them??? What's Kartik's fault in it? And blamed Naira for all what happened.
    On the other hand the whole family is enjoying the engagement function. Suwarna is worried about Aashi being late.
    Suhasini says to Naira that she is the one who needed a divorce and she knew one day this talk will surely be revealed. That's why she came to request her to join the wedding from their side and act as their daughter in law until Mansi's wedding. And she didn't agree to that... That was alright... But now when she was tolerating the taunts then we her interruption important?? Naira replies that she did all this only for her. And that was the truth which definitely comes out. Suhasini says that she could at least stretch it for some days. If she really cared she should come and live with them and if she didn't do she should stay silent at this time.

    Naira replies that she did what she considered right. Suhasini joins her hands and requests her to stop doing everything according to her own will. And let them live peacefully. Kartik saw this scene. And felt astonished. Kartik goes there and asks Naira what is this happening? Suhasini tells Kartik that Naira told the reality of their divorce to those ladies. Kartik asks Suhasini to go and let him talk to Naira.

    Kartik says to Naira that she will never improve. Once more she told everyone the matter that shouldn't be told to anyone and what must be told ..... Naira cuts him and says she doesn't tells. That's it? Naira asks him to keep thinking whatever he wants as she can't change his thoughts about herself. She is tired of listening the same.. at least he should search for a new reason to be angry at her. Nothing changed in last two years. That time too he blamed her and present day too. But it doesn't matter to her anymore. She asked him to meet with the lawyer tomorrow. Kartik replies angrily... hopefully for the last time. And went back to join the celebration.
    As Naira goes out a lady enters in and hugs Kartik. Kartik gets surprise to see Aashi. Kartik asks her how she suddenly came there. Aashi replies that nothing happens suddenly, everything is planned and may be their meeting at this time is too planned by some super natural powers. Singhanias felt a little disturbed to see Aashi. Aashi's words signs that she came to increase differences between Kartik and Naira. Suwarna diverts her statement by saying that she forgot to meet Daadi. Aashi rushes to Suhasini and meet her and then everyone else in the family. Aashi asks kartik about Naira. But as Naira was not there the meeting was postponed. 
    Suhasini tells Singhanias that she is Kartik's childhood friend who went US for study. Kartik and Aashi were having good time together and Aashi again asks Kartik about Naira. Kartik remain silent so Aashi asks him if something is wrong between them. Kartik tells her that they are getting divorced. Aashi asks Kartik to consider his decision once more and if he is sure about it he can move on freely.

    Precap: Suhasini gains a false hope that she is going to be a grandmother.

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