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  • Thursday, 2 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2018 Written Updates"Raman-Ishita's Spying on Param "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2018 Written Updates"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2018 Written Updates

    "Raman-Ishita's Spying on Param "

    Mihka pampers the baby and dresses him. Ishita comes there and feels happy see her with the baby.

    Ishita asks her if he allowed her to sleep at night or not. Mihka replies that he was sleeping very easily and didn't disturb her. Mihka tells her that he slept much comfortably because of Roshni's shawl. It's a kind of magic. Neelu tells Ishita that Raman is calling her.


    Ishita asks Raman when happened. Raman closes the door and tells her that he went to Raghav's home to get any clue against Param. His wife is ready to help but she is much frightened. Ishita says that she must get frightened of him as he met her for the first time and is a stranger to her. Above it. He is a man. Nowadays people don't trust women how could she trust him? Ishita says that he must take her with him. Raman tells her it not late yet. She was sending her daughter school that's why they decided to talk later. 

    So this time Ishita can go with him to talk to Raghav's wife. Raman says that he must expose Param and if Simmi is anyhow guilty for this... She too deserves punishment. Ishita asks Raman to keep the matter hidden from their family until they get any useful proof against them.

    Santoshi calls a lady Ramvari for little Adi's massage. On the other hand... Madhvi brings another lady Vasanta with her for the same. Both of them starts overstating their candidates... And they both start arguing. Ishita heard the noise and came there. She asks them what's the matter of fighting in it. Both of them might be good.

     Ishita asks them to let the ladies meet the baby once and get comfortable with him. The one who will massage better will be hired.
    Ramvati starts massaging the baby. But she does it a little harshly. Santoshi asks her to do it slowly as the baby is too small. Ramvati replies that its good.. the baby will grow up to be Hercules. They didn't get satisfied with her method and asked her to stop. Madhvi sends Vasantha for her turn. But she was too over... And said that the baby will meditate now... Mihka and Ishita find it strange and asked her to leave as their baby's meditation time are over. Both massagers failed to impress them. Mihka said that she may check on the internet and massage the baby herself. Madhvi and Santoshi send their massagers back.
    Manjari asks Simmi why is she packing all these chocolate, biscuits and fruits.??

     Simmi tells her that today is her Ananya's birthday. And every year she donates these things to an orphanage. Manjari exclaimed that is a kind deed and she is lucky to help her in this work. Simmi receives a call from an unknown number. She asks Manjari to go out once and picks up the call and discovered it to be Param. She asks him why he called from an unknown number. Simmi asks him where he is and if he remembers that they shall go to orphanage today. Param says that he took this number for their safety so that police may not trace their call record. Simmi asks him why will police trace them? Param asks him to do questioning and take 50,000 from his almirah and deliver it to the address he is giving.

    Simmi asks Param why he needs the money. Param asks her to follow the instructions inserted of questioning. He warns her that anybody must not follow her. Simmi is worried about the matter.
    Raman calls Ishita and asks her to come with him. They go to meet Raghav's wife but she acts as she met them for the first time and don't even know Raman. Raman remembered her that he is Raman Bhalla who came to meet her in the morning to get any clue about the real culprit behind Tanya's death. But Raghav's wife again denied to know him and asks him to go. Raman feels it strange and continuously tries to remember her that he met her earlier... But all his efforts were futile. Ishita too felt surprised and tried to convince the lady that they will not harm her. They just need their help. But she is still behaving as she doesn't know anything about them. Ishita requests Raman to leave from there. But as they were going they saw Raghav's wife wiping her tears.
    Simmi arrives to meet Param and asks him what is happening there? Simmi discovered a little girl there. And asks Param why he had trapped this little girl there. Param tells her that she is Raghav's daughter. He kidnapped so that Raghav's wife can't help Raman to get any clue against them. Simmi tries to stop him. But Param gave an excuse that he is doing all this for their daughter Ananya. Simmi felt pity for the little girl.
    Param leaves Simmi alone with the girl and asked her not to move. The girl requests Simmi to help her. Simmi tries to calm her and asks her name. The girl told that her name is Ananya. Simmi remembered her daughter Ananya and tears slipped from her eyes.

    PRECAP : 
    Simmi requests Param to leave Ananya and get another way to crack out the problems. But Param is not ready to take the risk. Ishita and Param sneakily listen their conversation

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