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  • Monday, 13 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates 13th August 2018 "Will Ishita Die ?"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates 13th August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates 13th August 2018 "Will Ishita Die ?

    Santoshi thanks God that Adi didn't get any injury when Ishita slipped with him in her arms. She again remembers the moment Swati Shukla asked her to choose one from Ishita and Adi.

    She sees the baby Adi in her arms and the picture of older Adi. And starts crying. It's a situation of a tough dilemma for her.
    At night... Santoshi goes to the kitchen with the packet that Swati Shukla have her. She takes out the medicine and remembers that Swati Shukla asked her to mix it in milk and give to the evil spirit (Ishita). Santoshi talks to herself and says that she must do it for Adi.  She hesitated a little while adding the medicine in the glass of milk. She goes upstairs toward Ishita's room. Simmi saw her going there with a glass of milk in her hand.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates Latest News

    Santoshi knocks the door of Ishita's room. Raman opens the door. Santoshi enters in. Raman and Ishita get surprised to see her as they thought that she must be upset with Ishita. Santoshi offers the milk to Ishita. She thanks her.
    Simmi tells Param that Santoshi took the poisoned milk for Ishita. But she seemed very nervous.
    Santoshi comes out of the room with empty glass. Wrinkles of stress spread over her face. Param and Simmi saw her with the empty glass. Simmi couldn't believe that Santoshi did it. Param tells Simmi that Adi is not only her blood but the only heir of their family.

    YHM Written Updates 13th August 2018 

    He believed that she can do anything to save Adi.  Santoshi was crying. She got surprised as she heard her name from behind. Simmi asks her why she's crying??  What happened to her? Santoshi didn't answer her any question and left. Param felt happy that his plan was successful.
    Next morning... Santoshi was sitting in her room. Mr. Bhalla came there talking about the vegetable seller. He saw Santoshi lost in herself and felt a little strange. Santoshi arrives at the dining table. Mihka and Alia were sitting there. Ruhi comes there and asks them about Ishita. They felt it strange that Ishita didn't wake up as she wakes up the earliest in their family. Santoshi felt dizzy. Raman asks her if she's alright as she behaved strange previous night also when she came into their room. Raman asks to call the doctor. Santoshi replies that she's fine and don't need any doctor. Pihu also came there and wishes good morning to everyone.  Ruhi asks Pihu about her Indian rural camp but Pihu replies that she is not going to the camp because she will stay at home and play with Adi whole day. Ruhi asks Pihu to get ready for the camp as it's only a 1-day camp.

     Pihu puts forward a condition that anyone should drop her to the camp as she is not going by the school bus. Raman agreed to drop her and asked to take Ishita with them. Santoshi got worried to listen to Ishita's name. Raman again asks her if she's alright? Santoshi replies that she's fine. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th August 2018  Written Updates

    Mihka takes Adi to the hall. Everyone felt good to see him happy. Raman asks Pihu to awake Ishita. Santoshi stops her and asks her to let Ishita sleep. Neelu goes to awake Ishita. Santoshi gets more nervous.

    Simmi and Param waited for the upcoming news. Neelu returns and tells Raman that Ishita is not waking up. She tried a lot. Raman rushes to the room... Ruhi follows him. Raman saw Ishita lying on the bed. Ruhi went near Ishita yelled at her to wake up. As Ruhi's efforts went into vain... She starts crying. Raman went speechless. Everyone heard Ruhi shouting.."Ishi Maa what happened??? Ishi Maa wake up." Ruhi calls everyone. Mihka.. Mr Bhalla and Alia entered into the room. Mihka asks Ruhi what happened? Ruhi tells them that she's not waking up. Raman stood there motionless. Some kind of fear spread into the air. Mr Bhalla calls doctor. Ruhi can't stop crying.  Santoshi enters the room. She saw everyone stressed. Santoshi went near Ishita and stood there silently. Madhvi and Bahla also reached there. Madhavi asks Raman what happened to Ishita?? Raman can't answer her. Madhavi tries to awake Ishita. Bahla asks her to calm down.
    Simmi gets worried to see the scene. Param asks her what happened to her? Is she acting? Simmi tells him that she is concerned about Santoshi. She's much stressed and it can effect her health. She says that if police will know about it... They will take her into prison. Param asks Simmi not to talk stupid. They just used Santoshi to remove Ishita from their ways. And her emotions can spoil their whole plan. Simmi tells him that she's her mother. What If something will happen to her?? Param asked Simmi not to worry about her mother as they just took revenge of Ananya's death. And asks her to act as being sad about Ishita.
    Raman wents into panic. He asks everyone why they're crying. He tries to awake Ishita. Raman takes her into his arms and rushes to doctor.  Santoshi stops him and shouting "she's dead... I killed her." Everyone felt shocked to listen above statement.

    Precap for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates 14th August 2018

     Santoshi accepts in front of police that killed Ishita as she's an evil spirit. Swati Shukla reveals the reality that she did all that on Param's order.

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