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  • Monday, 13 August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 13th August 2018 "Kartik's Drama Naira Feels Jealous"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 13th August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 13th August 2018 "Kartik's Drama Naira Feels Jealous".

    Episode Start with Both families enjoy the Mehandi function of Mansi and Anmol. Devyani talks to Suwarna. She tries to explain to her that he attempts to separate Kartik and Naira is futile.

    She says that nobody can come between Kartik and Naira. And asks her not to take the wrong advantage of being a mother. She tells her that a mother's victory is in her child's happiness and defeats in her child's sorrow. What she is going to do is her decision. This is the last time she is saying something to her. 
    Aashi receives a text from her Mom's that bursts her with extreme excitement. Aashi's mother is coming to Udaipur.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update Latest News

    Kartik is busy in wedding arrangements. As he is going ahead... Naira runs into him accidentally. And the stamp of his name gets stamped on her palm. On the other side, Aashi writes "K" on her finger with Mehandi.  Kartik gives a napkin to Naira and asks her to wipe it clean as she wants to end everything. Naira feels a little bar but takes the napkin and tries to erase his name from her palm. But as the name didn't get erased Kartik asks her to try hard because he's sure that it will get erased. As whatever she determines...she accomplishes it. Naira replies that what she can't... He's there to complete that. He'll make sure to end everything. Kartik leaves. Naira continues to erase the stamp and finally, she erases it.

    YRKKH Written Update 13th August 2018

    Aashi shows Kartik the letter 'K' she wrote on her hand. Naira sees the scene. She feels disappointed to see them together.
    Kirti congratulates Naira as she got admission in a college in Udaipur. Naira thanks Kirti. Kirti asks her about her phone. Naira tells her that she gave her phone to Badi Daadi and maybe she didn't listen to the ring. Kirti tells her that Naksh is asking where she will like to go for dinner. Naira denies initially to go anywhere. But later Kirti convinced her to join the celebration of her admission as it's not a small matter because she's getting another chance to accomplish her dream. And she asks Naira to wear the dress she designed for her.
    Naira and Kartik reach the same place for different celebrations. Aashi asks Kartik about his divorce and final hearing. Kartik asks her not to talk about that topic. Kartik asks Aashi if they both are going to sit there alone or anyone is coming to join them. At the same moment... Some friends of Kartik arrive there. They give a present to him as he's giving them a break-up party. Naira too listens to their conversation. She gets upset.

    Kartik also feels astonished to listen to his break-up party. Naksh and Kirti take Naira with them. Just as Naira leaves... Kartik tells his friend that this isn't any break-up party. Monty says that not break-up party... It might be a divorce party. Aashi tells him that she didn't call them for any divorce party. But to meet them with her boyfriend Karan.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2018 Latest News Written Update 

    Naksh tells Kirti that he's happy that Naira for the same subjects and the same stream. Naksh and Kirti notice that Naira didn't seem happy. Naksh asks her if she's happy. Naira tells them that she's only missing her previous college in Mumbai. Kirti convinced her that she'll get more friends here. Naira says that she wants to make study her priority... friend and strength. This is the time when she should leave everything else and focus on her life and career. Kartik listens to her speaking all this.

    The song Lambi judaai...plays.  Naira and Kartik feel isolated in the crowd. Kartik remembers the moments they spent together. He drinks a lot. His friends ask him to control but he replies that nothing will happen. Kartik asks the singer not to sing sad songs and the DJ to play party songs. Naira comes down and sees Kartik dancing with Aashi. Kartik continues with Aashi to make Naira jealous. Naira...Naksh and Kirti stood there staring at Kartik.
    Naira goes aside and starts crying. Kartik's friends start teasing Naira for her divorce. Naira went to them and asked them to shut up. She tells them that she alone is enough to handle herself and asked them to get lost. Naksh and Kirti were taking Kartik home. Kartik listens Naira speaking and says that he knows that she doesn't need him but whom she's telling this by shouting. Naksh rushes to her and asked her what happened?? Naira tells him that they were misbehaving. Naksh got angry. Naira asked him to calm as this is her fight.
    Aashi and Kirti laid Kartik on his bed. Aashi apologized from Kirti for taking Kartik there. Suwarna and Manish reached there. Suwarna asks them what happened to him? Manish asks whose stood idea it was? Suwarna says that it's all because of Naira.
     Naksh and Naira reached home. Naitik asks them how they went much late? Naira starts crying and hugs him. Naitik asks her what happened??
    Next's the day for Haldi. Manish scolds Kartik for the previous night. Suwarna supports Kartik and puts the blame over Naira. Manish caught the fact that Kartik drinks often. But Suwarna is still not ready to accept that's Kartik's mistake.

    Precap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 14th August 2018 :

    Manish scolds Kartik and asks him to solve his matters first and if he himself can't...then he can ask the court to give them divorce at the earliest. Singhanias listens to Manish speaking so.

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