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  • Monday, 20 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 20th August 2018 "Ishita On Param's Gun Point"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 20th August 2018 "Ishita On Param's Gun Point"

    Simmi gets a paper with Pihu's name written and crossed on it. Raman sees the paper and says that it must be Param's deed.

     They must call the police. Simmi stops Raman from calling the police as if Param will know about it he can harm Pihu. She decides to go to Param and sort out the matter. Raman warns her that Param is waiting for her only. If she will go there he will not leave her. Simmi asks if her life is more important than Pihu's life. She already hurt them a lot... Now she can't let Param harm Pihu. And requests her Raman to.let her go and she will bring Pihu back. Ishita replies that she'll not go anywhere alone. And asks Raman what to do about Miss Sanyal. Raman tries to call an ambulance for Pihu's teacher but can't call because if bad network. Ishita asks Raman to try to call from a landline. Raman tries to call from the landline but it doesn't work.

    Simmi searches for any sign to find Param. She gets Pihu's suspect lying on the floor. The guard shows Raman that the wire of the of the landline had been torn that's why it wasn't working. Raman goes out to get the network to call the police. Another landline there rings. Simmi rushes towards it and picks up the call. Its a call from Param.

     He says that he knew that she'll pick the call. Simmi asks him where's Pihu. Param asks her to come to meet him at that time. And also asks her to come alone. Raman and Ishita see Simmi near the phone and asks her whom she was talking to? Simmi makes an excuse and leaves.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 20th August 2018 

    Param ties Pihu to a chair and covers her mouth too. Pihu gains consciousness and finds a clown in front of herself. Pihu stares at the clown with hate in her eyes. Param removes the cloth from Pihu's face. Pihu remembers that Ishita asked her to not to get scared if anybody may try to scare her. It will make the person weak. Pihu asks the clown if he thought that he can frighten her.  And tells him that she's not afraid of him. Param bursts a balloon and laughs frightfully. Pihu speaks with courage that clowns are friends of children as they make them laugh but he's a bad clown who kidnapped a child. She's not afraid of him as she knows that  Raman and Ishita will surely come to save her and they will hand him to police. And then anybody can't save him. Param continues his attempts to scare Pihu but all his attempts go futile.
    Simmi gets a note in a car that said sit in the straight this way for half an hour and reach the location. Simmi drips the note and sits in the car to reach the location. Searching for Simmi Ishita reaches the parking. Ishita sees Simmi going somewhere in the car and calls Raman. Raman reaches there and asks her what happened? Ishita tells Raman that Simmi took the car and went. Ishita picks up the note and shows it to Raman. They get a hint about Param's location and drive towards it.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest Update  

    Param hits Pihu on her head that made her unconscious. Param talks to the unconscious Pihu and says that she misbehave with him. She should not warn anybody about her parents' strength as they can't harm him in anyway. Param starts shouting where's Simmi??? Simmi comes fast.. Pihu is waiting for you.

    Simmi reaches Param's location. She enters inside and starts searching for Pihu and Param. She gets frightened to see a horrible clown in front of them. Simmi asks the clown to stay away from her and questions who he is? But just as she listens to her name from him she realizes that he's Param. Simmi asks him where Pihu is? Param leads her on the way towards Pihu. As they reach near Pihu...Simmi starts appreciating Param for his plan of kidnapping Pihu. Param looks at Simmi with doubtful eyes and asks her if she would really help him? And tells her that she already helped reporting to the police. Simmi replies that it was her drama to show her family. And tries to convince Param that she's really supporting him. But it's not that easy to fool Param.  He expresses his doubts about her. But Simmi continues to act fake in front of him. Simmi asks him to leave Pihu at the location and they may go away from everybody and live a happy life there. Pihu wakes up and sees Simmi talking to the clown. Param asks Simmi if she's is speaking the truth? Simmi tells Param that she hated them and will hate them always. Param hugs Simmi. Pihu realized that Param is the clown and thought that Simmi is there to help Param..not to save her. Param asks Simmi to take Pihu with them to confirm their safety. Simmi has to act as she agrees to his plan. Param unties Pihu and takes her into his car. Simmi makes an excuse and sends Param inside. Simmi asks Pihu to keep calm and drives the car away from Param. Param realizes that Simmi fooled him. On the way Simmi's car strikes with Raman's car. Simmi gets injured. Ishita and Raman come out to see Simmi and Pihu. Param comes from behind and puts a gun over Ishita.

    Precap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 21st August 2018 :
     Raman and Simmi fight against Param. Simmi's injury becomes worse. Param fires bullet over Raman.

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