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  • Tuesday, 21 August 2018

    Anika Throws Water on Shivaay's Face and Denied to Marry Nikhil Ishqbaaz Latest News 21st August 2018 Video Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News

    Anika Throws Water on Shivaay's Face and Denied to Marry Nikhil  Ishqbaaz Latest News 21st August 2018  Video Written Update

    Segment Start with Shivaay and Anika are Talking and Anika Says No To Shivaay that She won’t Marry Nikhil.
    Shivaay Tells her that We Should Sit and Talk But Anika Says That I am Already married and I Can’t Marry You want me to Send Jail But Shivaay Who is Folding Up His Tie tells her that We are Divorced You and Me Signed the Divorce Papers.
    Anika who is Angry takes Out papers and Shows him and Says No You didn’t Sign the Papers See This is Singed By Billu and You are Shivaay.

    He Sees and Tells her that By Mistake This Happened But Anika Says That If she is Going to marry Nikhil will it Effect Him Shivaay without Seeing her Says No.
    Anika Gets More Angrier And She Asks Him If I will leave from here will it Effect You He Says No Again.
    This is Enough for Anika She Goes and Takes a Glass of Water and Throws On Shivaay’s face Shivaay is Shocked and Stunned to See Anika’s Khiditod Avatar.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News :Anika's Khiditod Avatar Back

    She Again Asks Him Did this Effect You or not He Says No Again.
    Anika’s Interview: She Says I have Said Billu to Him We had Fun I tried to Make Him Realize But Noting Effect on Him I Thrown Water on His Face But he is So Cleaver That He Singed Billu On the Pepers Who does this Will You?

    She Says That He Doesn’t accept this But I Know He has Same Feeling.
    She Says That We are Doing this Khidkitod and Billuji and People are Loving this.
    Stay Tuned into for Ishqbaaz latest news and Written Updates.

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