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  • Friday, 10 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2018 Written Update"Raman-Ishita's Cute Moments"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th August 2018 Written Update"Raman-Ishita's Cute Moments"

    Ishita brings new medicines for ago and asks Mihka not to give him the older medicines. Mihka agrees. Ishita tells her that they've cleaned Adi's room also.  And asks Mihka to come back as everyone at Bhalla house is missing Adi. Mihka agrees to go back with her and says that Adi is sleeping with Madhvi she may bring him from inside.
    Santoshi returns from her meeting with Swati Shukla. Ruhi strikes with her accidentally. She tells her that she is going to bring Adi back and asks her to join her. They go to Iyer's house. Santoshi sees Adi crying as he goes into Ishita's lap. Santoshi remembers what Swati Shukla said about Adi and Ishita.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today's Written Update

    Raman sees Ishita packing baby's clothes and comments that she will not fit into them. Ishita tells him these are Pihu's older clothes. Shagun had kept them safe. She thought that they can be used for Adi so she brought them out. She says that she will give these clothes to Mihka. Raman says that she and Mihka are just the same. They became a new mother and have new dramas. Ishita asks Raman how many times he became a mother? And tells him how complicated being a mother is. Ishita says that when she did it for the first time. As Ruhi's mother, she was very nervous. Raman replies that she was never nervous. Inserted she roared as a lioness in the court during a custody battle.

     Ishita tells him that a  mother is like that she has to be a lioness for her child and Mihka is doing the same. She says that if Adi will grow up in her upbringing. He will be much safe as Mihka will give him much love. Raman keeps on staring at her. Ishita asks him what's he watching now. Raman says that he's watching what he is used to watching every time...His wife and her 3 specialties. First...that she becomes 'Jhansi ki Rani' anytime for anyone. Second...the 'Jagga Jasoos ke keede' in her.. which whispers immediately into her ear if anyone has any problem. And third..that she shares too much knowledge. Ishita asks if she was sharing knowledge...he was the one who was asking her... And their lovely arguments begin.

    YHM 10th August 2018 Written Update

    Santoshi tries to sleep but the words said by Swati Shukla keeps on revolving in her mind. She saw her purse kept beside her. She holds it with trembling hands. She was about to take out the medicine but Mr. Bhalla wakes up and asks her what happened?? Why she's still awake. Santoshi makes an excuse that she felt thirsty and goes to the kitchen with an excuse of bringing water. She takes her purse with her. Param and Simmi saw her moving towards the kitchen. They kept a silent eye over her. Santoshi takes out the packet of the medicine from her purse. She looks at the medicine and again remembers what Swati Shukla said to her. She thinks about what she is trying to do...and keeps the medicine back. She says that she can't do this and starts crying. Param decides to make the final attempt to convince Santoshi that Ishita is really the evil spirit which is dangerous for Adi. After which Santoshi can't stop herself from killing Ishita.

    Next morning. Ishita takes baby Adi for the shower. Param and Simmi measure it as an opportunity for the success of their plan. Raman fights with the washerman with an excuse of losing his clothes to distract everyone until Simmi completes her task. Ishita leaves Adi on the bed and goes to heat water for his shower. Simmi enters the room and pours oil on the floor. And goes out.
    Pihu asks Raman to help her in completing her project. Neelu offers breakfast to Santoshi but irritated from Param and Simmi's quarrel with the washerman she denies eating breakfast. Santoshi asks Neelu to call Ishita and Mihka for breakfast. Pihu tells her that Mihka is sleeping and Ishita is showering the baby in her room. Santoshi gets worried to listen that Adi is with Ishita.  The words said by Swati Shukla again starts echoing in her ears. She moves ahead to see if Adi is alright. Simmi asks her to move carefully.
    Ishita comes back to take the baby for the shower. She takes Adi into her lap and starts moving ahead. She slips over the oil poured by Simmi and falls over the bed with baby Adi. Santoshi arrives in the room at the same moment. Baby Adi starts crying.  Santoshi starts scolding Ishita for being too careless in handling the baby. Simmi takes the baby from Ishita. Raman asks Santoshi to calm down. Ishita apologizes for the same and tells Raman that there was oil on the floor that's why she slipped. Santoshi is too concerned for the baby and keeps on scolding Ishita. Raman asks her to take Adi out. Ishita feels bad and says sorry to Santoshi. Raman asks Ishita if she's alright. Ishita tries to go and talk to Santoshi but she can't stand because of back pain. Raman asks her to rest a while and talk later.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th August 2018 :

     Santoshi offers poisoned milk to Ishita. Ruhi tries to awake Ishita but she doesn't wake up.

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