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  • Saturday, 11 August 2018

    Shivaay takes Stand For Anika’s Reputation In her Society Friendship Starts Between Shivika Ishqbaaz 11th August 2018 Video Written Update.

     Ishqbaaz 11th August 2018 Latest News

     Ishqbaaz 11th August 2018 Latest News

    Shivaay takes Stand For Anika’s Reputation In her Society Friendship Starts Between Shivika Ishqbaaz 11th August 2018 Video Written Update.

    Segment Start with Anika’s House where Shivaay is Present and He is Dragging Her Out of the House

    After that He is Yelling all the People Who were Taunting Anika that She is Characterless and When Shivaay comes to Know That He Came to her House and Gathered all the People in front of the House.
    He Calls Everyone That She is Anika You All People Taunted her She was Quiet Not Because She was at Fault, Yes She Was Hiding My Mistake Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s Mistake.

     Ishqbaaz Latest News and Spoiler 

    She Doesn’t Need anyone’s Certificate Her Reputation is Mine Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s Reputation
    He Threatens them That From Now If Anyone Dare to Taunt Her and if She Cries I will wipe Her tears Later But Before I will Break Him/Her to Dare to taunt her.

    Anika’s Interview: He Apologised to me By his Way He Was Standing in the Rain whole Night and Next Day to he was standing in the Rain I Not forgave Him that Easily But I Got Melt By Seeing Him Shivering and Couching. I Swear to Gauri that I Forgave Him and Now This is Starting of Our Friendship Things will go Further when I will be Sick and He Send Blanket and Soup for me.

    She Continues that Soon My Birthday will come and He Will Give me Surprise.

    She Point on the Rose on Her Ear and Says this Rose You are Seeing In my Ear he Placed It So Yes Soon You will See Shivika Moments In the Show.

    Stay Tuned Into for More Updates, Spoiler and Latest news of Ishqbaaaz.

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