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  • Thursday, 16 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 16th August 2018 "Shivaay-Anika Hug Each-Other "

    Ishqbaaz 16th August 2018 Latest News

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 16th August 2018 "Shivaay-Anika Hug Each-Other "

    The Episode Start with Shivaay convinces Nikhil's mom that Anika is, in fact, a very nice girl But His Mom is not Ready to listen.

     His mom says that if she is such a nice girl, he must himself get married to her.

     Shivaay thinks about how he is already married to her. Nikhil's mom takes her son away from there. Priyanka and Omkar come in after Nikhil and his mom are gone. They ask him what happened but they do not reply. 

    Shivaay and Anika Both Leave them Confused. The next day Nikhil's mom is called. Shivaay tells her that Nikhil is still in love with Anika and they both must get married. She says that they have already spent a lot on the marriage that broke. Shivaay says that he shall spend for the marriage. Upon telling him that Nikhil does not have a job as well, he says that he shall give him a job in his company that too with a good salary. She then agrees.
    Anika comes back home and tells Gauri that she got a job. Gauri is very happy to hear that. Nikhil calls Anika and asks if she is free to meet up. She says that she is busy and asks if they could meet up the next day. He agrees. Nikhil, being at the Oberoi mansion, tells Shivaay that Anika is busy.

    Ishqbaaz 16th August 2018 Latest News

     Next, Shivaay calls her up and asks if she is free. Anika gets excited and says that she is totally free and she also tells him about the job. He congratulates her and says that he is coming to her house. Nikhil asks him why she said that she is busy when he called her but instantly agreed to meet up now. Shivaay tells him that it is probably because of what his mom had told her yesterday. Anika is asked the same question at her house and she replies that she wasn't in the mood for meeting Nikhil.

    A while later, someone knocks on the door. Just as Gauri is about to open it, Anika stops her and opens the door herself. Shivaay has arrived and she welcomes him home. He comes in and tells her that he wants to fix the marriage that he broke. He wants to give back the happiness that he took away from. He has insulted the relationship in a marriage and now wants to correct it. 

    Ishqbaaz 16th August 2018 Written Update

    He asks her if she is ready for the marriage or not. She looks at him and says yes. He is very happy to hear that. She happily hugs him tight.

    Shivaay tells her that he knew she would agree and that he has talked to Nikhil about this. Anika is surprised to hear Nikhil's name. Shivaay tells her that he has talked to his mom as well and now everything is sorted. She asks him in shock if he was talking about her marriage with Nikhil all this while. He says yes and observes her astonishment. Upon asking what she assumed, she remains quiet.
    Nikhil's mom tells him that Shivaay agreed to pay everything for the marriage. Nikhil is overjoyed to hear so. His mom tells him that she acted as though they are very poor and hence, he agrees to even give Nikhil a job. Nikhil says that they can now take advantage of him and he wouldn't even get to know. He tells his mom that he is doing all this out of guilt.

    Back in Anika's house, she stammers and says that she hadn't assumed anything. She asks him why he is doing so much. He replies that this is for her happiness. He asks her to sit down and he goes down on his knees. He says that since he has come on behalf of Nikhil, he shall propose to her on behalf of him. He asks him if she shall get married to her. He then corrects himself and asks if she shall get married to Nikhil. Nikhil and his family arrive. Chachi is surprised to see them. They tell her that they have come to fix a broken relationship. Her chachi says that she only wants Anika to be happy so she agrees to the marriage. Nikhil comes and holds Anika's hand and smiles at her. Shivaay leaves after congratulating them. He feels jealous each time he thinks of Nikhil and Anika together. On the way, Anika comes up to him. She says that she has a question for him. Since he has convinced Nikhil and his mom for all this, he must also tell her what to do. She asks if she must get married or not. Shivaay says that it's her life and she has to decide. She says that when he is deciding everything in her life, he must do this as well. He did not ask her before breaking her marriage, getting married to her, not believing in the marriage, handing over the divorce papers or deciding on her marriage with Nikhil.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz 17th August 2018 Written Update :

     Anika and Nikhil's marriage is going on. His mom hands over a gift to Anika. Just then, she observed the sindoor on her forehead. She asks her where that came from, outraged. Anika looks at Shivaay is a shock.

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