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  • Wednesday, 15 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 15th August 2018"Raman-Ishita's Cute Moments Simmi Slaps Param"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 15th August 2018 Latest news

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 15th August 2018"Raman-Ishita's Cute Moments Simmi Slaps Param"

    As Param gets busted in the previous episode..he tries hard to defend himself. Raman threats Param that now he'll spend his whole life in prison.

    Simmi still supports Param tries to convince Raman that Param is innocent. Ishita and Mr. Bhalla try to show Simmi Param's reality. Simmi replies that Ishita killed her daughter and that's why they did all this. Ishita asks Simmi if she had lost her memory as she knows very well that Ananya's death was an accident. 

    Ishita took the blame for Pihu's defense. And Param knew it from the day 1 but he didn't tell her. Param had been using her to destroy their family. Raman asks Simmi can't she realize that she's lost her family because of him. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman not to try to explain anything to her.. As its all just a waste of time.
    Param asks them to shut their mouth. She says that he's standing there silent only because of Simmi... To save her. As Simmi was the one who planned everything and he just helped her... So Param puts the blame for whole planning over Simmi.
    It's hard for Simmi to believe that Param betrayed her. She can't believe that Param is blaming her for the whole planning. He acts as he's really innocent and Simmi is responsible for all the jumbled up. Mr. Bhalla moves ahead to slap Param for trapping Simmi.

    But Param pushes him away. Param rushes downstairs. Santoshi follows him in great anger. She stops him and slaps him hard on his face. And asks him how he dared to raise his hands over Mr. Bhalla. Param was about to slap Santoshi but Simmi comes between them and says that nobody will touch him.
    Param thinks that Simmi is supporting him but... Simmi herself slaps him hard on his face. Param gets shocked to see Simmi against him. Simmi asks him how he dared to raise a hand on her mother. She had been supporting him in his every plan but he used her. Simmi beats Param for deceiving her and tells him that it's the end of his dirty games. He used Ananya... Her dead daughter... To provoke her.. And go against her family. But as Param attacked Simmi... Raman loses his temper and starts beating Param. Param takes out his revolver to defend himself. He points the gun towards Raman and tells them that Simmi had supported him in his all sins... And if they will send him to prison... Simmi will also go with him. Param keeps the gun pointed towards them and runs away from their house.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 15th August 2018 Latest news

    Santoshi says that it would be better if all this didn't happen. Raman replies that this incident was worth happening as it opened Simmi's eyes and they got proof against Param. Ishita asks which proof?? Raman tells them that he recorded all statements of Param. He confessed his all crimes and now he can't save himself.
    Pihu is waiting for Raman and Ishita as she's getting late for her camp. Pihu moves ahead to check where they are. Kiran stops her and asks her to sit with Kshitija and wait. Pihu had no patience and went to see Raman and Ishita.

    Raman informs about Param to police. Pihu comes there and asks the cause of stressed environment. Ishita makes an excuse and diverts the matter. Pihu asks Raman and Ishita to get ready soon as they've to drop her on her campsite. Simmi goes to her room and curses herself for helping Param.

    Raman and Ishita drop Pihu on her campsite. They had lovely moments on the way. Param follows Raman's car to take revenge of disgrace. But Param lost them in halfway. Santoshi feels worried about Simmi. Mr. Bhalla asks her to leave her alone so that she can understand herself. Santoshi replies that still, she's our child I can't stop worrying about her. But Mr. Bhalla replies that she will be alright..they don't need to worry.
    Raman and Ishita return home after dropping Pihu. Ishita expresses her concern for Simmi. Raman asks her to sit and tells her that he knows Simmi. She's feeling guilty for all those scandals. But they don't need to worry as she'll do nothing else. Ishita says that how bad she must be feeling on being betrayed by the person she loved a lot. It has been going on since she came to this house. Since then Param had been using her for his benefits but Simmi just loved him. She went against her family to support him. Raman replies that Simmi is his sister and they are with her. They'll not let her be depressed. Raman successfully vanished Ishita's stress.
    Simmi finally comes out from her room. She was going out. Ruhi stops her and asks her where she's going. Simmi replies that she's going to police to accept her crimes. Ruhi tries to stop Simmi and says that it can be dangerous for her. Raman and Ishita reach there and says that let her go. They request Simmi to take them with her to support her.

    PRECAP FOR Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 16th August 2018 : Param takes his next step to take revenge from Bhallas for his disgrace through Pihu.

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