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  • Tuesday, 7 August 2018

    ISHQBAAZ 7th August 2018 Written Updates"Shivaay makes Anika wear Payal Priyanka Out of Coma"

    ISHQBAAZ 7th August 2018 Written Updates, Ishqbaaz latest news

    ISHQBAAZ 7th August 2018 Written Updates

    "Shivaay makes Anika wear Payal Priyanka Out of Coma"

    Shivaay agrees to put the anklets on to his wife's ankles. He takes the anklets and walks towards Tia. Omkar stops him and says that the pandit has asked him to put it on to his wife's ankles. 


    Shivaay says that he is doing the same thing. Omkar and Rudra say that it's time to do something new. Since Shivaay wants to put it on to Tia's ankles, he must be blindfolded and he must identify his wife among five to six other girls. He states that he can identify his wife with a million girls. He is blindfolded and all the girls stand in line along with Tia. He walks forward and turns around exactly at Tia. 
    Just then, Rudra spots fire near Anika's Saree and alerts everyone. Shivaay, even though being blindfolded, rushes towards Anika and pulls her away from the fire and asks her in a panic if she is alright.


    Omkara claps his hands and tells Shivaay that even though he was blindfolded, he knew exactly where Anika was. Daksh interrupts and tells Shivaay to put on the anklets to Tia's feet. Shivaay also agrees and says that he shall put it on to whom he feels is his true wife. He goes towards Tia, blindfolded again. Just then, Tia's phone starts ringing and Payal's name is displayed on the screen. She panics and goes away from there. Omkar grabs the opportunity and pushes Anika to her place and Shivaay ends up tying the anklets to Anika's feet. He says that now, everyone knows who his true wife is but utters Anika's name instead.

     He removes his blindfold and is shocked to see Anika. Rudra and Omkar clap with happiness. Tia walks away as Daksh follows her and asks her to stop. She slaps him and says that he is responsible for what happened. She blames him that since he did not pick up Payal's call, she ended up calling her.


    In Shivaay's room, he enters to see Anika adoring her anklets. She starts humming a tune as soon as she sees him. Upon asking her to remove the anklets, she does not do so. He says that she made him put it on by cheating him. She in turn says that she hasn't cheated him but he has put it on to the right feet by mistake. She says that if he wants her to remove it, he must remove it by himself. As soon as he walks towards her, she tells him that in order to remove the anklets, he must bow his head down but he would never do so. She walks away in a jolly mood.

    As Anika goes away, Shivaay spots something shining among Anika's clothes. He picks it up and sees that it is his cuff links. He wonders how it is among Anika's stuff. He opens his wardrobe and checks his dress and finds out that it is the same cuff link. He remembers the day when he lost it. He remembers Anika telling him about how  Daksh had forced himself on her, the day she went to take Priyanka's dress from Payal's house. His grandma too would have told him that no girl would lie about a matter like that. He remembers that his cuff link was also lost the same day when he had gone to Payal's house to take Priyanka's dress. He suddenly gets to know by that, that Anika was indeed speaking the truth that day. He walks down and demands to know where Anika is. Suddenly, Anika calls out Shivaay from Priyanka's room. They all rush there and to everyone's joy and happiness, Priyanka shows some movements. They all wait desperately and finally, Priyanka wakes up! Shivaay runs to her in tears and helps her get up. They all are immensely happy and tell her how much they missed her.
    Shivaay sees Anika walking out of the room and goes behind her. He stops her and asks her if Priyanka woke up in front of her. She says yes. He says that he is relieved that when she woke up, someone being very close to heart was with her. He immediately adds that Priyanka had considered Anika very close to her heart.
    Daksh comes in search of Tia but she is nowhere to be seen. He then sees a message sent by her. It says that she is going to another town for a few days as she does not want to handle the insecurity and the shame she has been facing lately. Daksh gets angry at her decision.
    Shivaay announces to his brothers and his grandma that Priyanka and Daksh's marriage shall be held the next day itself. Everyone tells him that he must wait for a few days as Priyanka has just recovered but he does not listen. He states that the marriage shall be held the next evening and in the morning, a very important press meet shall be held. Upon asking what it is about, he does not disclose the matter. He calls Khanna and asks him to invite the most prestigious news channels and journalists for the press conference the next day.

    Precap: Anika warns Shivaay and tells him that he is committing a mistake by getting Priyanka married to Daksh. Daksh defends himself and says that she is on a constant mission to break his marriage. Shivaay says that he knows what the truth is. He also says that before the marriage, he shall give Daksh half of Priyanka's property

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