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  • Tuesday, 7 August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 7th August 2018 Written Update"Naira-Kartik's Love and Tashan at Party"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 7th August 2018 Written Update, YRKKH WRITTEN UPDATES

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 7th August 2018 Written Update"Naira-Kartik's Love and Tashan at Party"

    In the previous episode, Kartik and Naira realized their concern for each other. Today's episode starts with Suwarna being worried at Suhasini's attempt to save Naira and Kartik's relation.

    Singhania family returns from Jamai Bhoj of Anmol. And gets shocked to see everything scattered..some people lying down... And Kartik Naira there together.  They ask Naira and Kartik if they are fine? And what happened there?  They replied that they are fine. Nothing happened.
    Suhasini asks Suwarna about what she told her on call... Is she treating her???  Suwarna replied that she tried to talk with the right way. But she didn't listen to her. Suhasini asks her what she wants?? 

    YRKKH 7th August 2018 Written Update

    Suwarna joins her hands and requests her not to try to join Kartik and Naira's relation. Suhasini asks her... Who's she to decide this??  Suwarna replies that she is Kartik's mother. Suhasini says that then she is his grandmother. And she is also concerned about him. Suwarna keeps on convincing Suhasini that the decision she took for Kartik is the best.
    Naksh asks Naira and Kartik how they handled five people. Nandini informs the police. Naksh keeps on asking them about the whole incident.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai Future Story

    Suhasini says to Suwarna that she agreed to whatever she said since the last two years. Suwarna asks her then why she is now against her... And in favor of Naira. What happened suddenly. Suhasini asks him will Kartik stay an isolated whole lifetime.

    Suhasini tells her that she found a girl for him... Aashi! Suhasini gets shocked and asks her how could she take such a big decision without any discussion with her. Suwarna replies that she too hide many things from her.
    Kartik and Naira told their family about the whole incident.
    Suwarna claims that Aashi is Kartik's friend and will be a friend only. Suwarna replies that Naira is Kartik's past and will be that only. Suhasini said she'll definitely save their relation. Suwarna replied that she'll surely break their relation. Both of them are fully determined to fulfill their expectations.


    Kartik tells Naira that the sentence "Leave my wife" slipped accidentally from his tongue. Naira replies that it doesn't matter to her. Kartik asks her why would it matter to her. As she too speaks anything. And same words slipped from her tongue too. Naira replies what if it came out so...??  Kartik replies that he should also get out and they may meet the next day at Mansi's Sangeet.

    Naira couldn't sleep at night. She remembered her Sangeet..and felt bad as she can't dance now. She tried to dance but couldn't. This attempt hurts her and she starts crying. Kirti enters her room and consoles her.

    Kartik is doing a rehearsal with Aashi for Sangeet. But can't concentrate on the thought that he is responsible for Naira's leg injury and she can't dance anymore..keeps on revolving in his mind. Aashi asks him what happened and tell him that if he doesn't want to spoil Mansi's Sangeet he must practice hard.
    Akhil and Manish notice the stress between Suwarna and Suhasini. Suhasini thinks to explain Naira when she will meet her in forget everything and think about Kartik and their upcoming baby.
    Goenkas arrive at Singhania Sadan for Sangeet.  Kartik comes in a stunning look. Singhania family welcomed Goenka family.
    Naira feels jealous to see Kartik and Aashi together.
    Kartik's eyes get stuck on Naira when he was her in fairy look. Naira is busy in her work but Kartik keeps on staring at her. But later he remembered that they are not together now. And he should give up on searching for happiness in these little moments. Aashi meets Naira. But later she takes Kartik with her with an excuse of some urgent work. Naira feels more uncomfortable.
    Suhasini takes Naira aside to talk to her. She asks Naira if she is not going to dance that day? She said her to not dance even if anyone may force her. As anyone doesn't know about her condition. Naira thinks that Suhasini is talking about her injury. And asks her who told her this? Suhasini replies that is doesn't matter and asks her again not to dance. Suhasini was talking to her but before the matter could be cleared. Rukmani arrives there and takes Suhasini with her. Naira thinks how Suhasini get informed about her injury and why is she so concerned? She thought that she hates her but.

    Precap: Naira and Kartik forced to dance together which made Suwarna jealous. But later Aashi's performance with Kartik spoils her mood.

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