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  • Tuesday, 10 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 10th July Written Update "Suwarna Saw Naira-Kartik at Chemistry Lab"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 10th July Written Update "Suwarna Saw Naira-Kartik at Chemistry Lab"
    Episode starts with Naira watching some girls doing Kathak.She remembers what Kartik told her and was happy that she will be able to dance again.She talks to herself that her father is right she should tell Kartik why she couldn't dance.

    Manish calls Daadi and asks if she is in college.But she says that she's at home for rest and asks him what happened why he is so tensed.Manish tells her that Suwarna went to Imperial College to surprise Kartik. She hadn't met Kartik yet but he is concerned what will happen if Suwarna will see Naira in the college. Manish asks Daadi to do something but she says that Let it happen Nobody will do anything.

    Meanwhile when Suwarna and principal were talking about their family reunion. Principal receives a call and asks Suwarna to excuse him.

    At home Luv and Kush were playing with Naksh but Daadi calls them for some work
    Suwarna calls Kirti and wishes her Happy Wedding Anniversary and asked her about yesterday.But Suwarna felt disturbed when Kirti hides about the reunion.Suwarna thinks she must talk to Kartik immediately.

    Suwarna leaves to meet Kartik and on the other side Naira also went to meet Kartik to tell him the truth in the Chemistry Lab.
    Kartik asks Naira what she wants to tell him as she is just to speak her hand strikes to a chemical container.The container is about to fall but Kartik and Naira holds it together.They stare at each other.
    Suwarna is on her way to chemistry lab.

    On other side Luv and Kush asks to leave as their vacations are about to end and they have to complete their assignment.Naksh tries to stop them.Surekha reaches there.
    She scolds Luv and Kush and said what happened if they asked you for some work.
    She says that they should be happy as they got chance to help elders.Luv and Kush went to bring water for everyone.

    Kartik asks Naira to ask what she wanted to tell him.She was about to speak but someone knocks the door because of which she suddenly fall upon Kartik.
    At the same moment some Students open the door and saw them together.They again started bantering them by stating them as a couple.Kartik scolds them and asks them to laeve.Suwarna was near the door and she heard all the conversation.She saw Kartik through the window with Naira

    On other side Luv and Kush were Having fun with Kirti's family.Surekha received a call and remembered that she had to join a party that day but she denied to join and decided to stay there.
    Someone told kartik that Miss Suwarna came to meet him in the college.He felt worried.
    Suwarna left the college in huge anger and met an accident.Naira was passing from the same path and she saw Suwarna there and asked driver to stop.

    At hospital surekha asks Naira not to come in front of Suwarna but this provokes Naitik.

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