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  • Tuesday, 10 July 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 10th July 2018 Written Update "Anika-Shivaay's Moments Anika Steals the Engagement Rings"

    Ishqbaaaz 10th July 2018 Written Update "Anika-Shivaay's Moments Anika Steals the Engagement Rings"
    Episode starts with Shivalay and Ambika sitting together.Priyanka arrives there and starts bandaging Shivaay's injury.Anika leaves by saying she need to gather puja's samagri. shivaay asks priyanka to attend his call as he can do his bandaging himself.Priyanka agrees.

    Shivaay tries to do it himself but as the bowl of Haldi's lape is about to fell Ambika reaches there and catches the bowl and starts applying it.Shivaay says he can do it himself but Ambika says he's hurt. Shivaay replies that she is too hurt.The song Milke bhi hum na mile..... Starts

    Priyanka was requesting to Daksh to eat those sweets.He says that he is eating those sweets not because guruji told her but because of her.

    Anika thanks Shivaay for his concern.Priyanka reaches there and tell Shivaay that Daksh is not fine.He has stomach ache. Shivaay went with Priyanka.
    Anika thinks that Shagun's sweets had started working.

    Guru ji told shivaay that if the Puja will not be completed in 1 hour the muhurat will be delayed for 3 years. shivaay said that he had sent doctor to attend Daksh and he will reach here by time.Shivaay called Tia and told her that he sent doctor for Daksh and as soon as Daksh will be better They must reach for puja.Anika felt worried and started for a new plan.

    Anika heard Khanna talking to Shivaay about Daksh.Khanna said that he would bring Daksh with him.
    Anika plans to stop them from reaching there before 1 hour.She went near Khanna's car and suck petrol from it.She thought her work is done and leaves for oberoi mansion.

    Shivaay calls Tia and asks her where they are Tia told him that they are still at home because of some problem in their car.

    Guruji said that only 5 minutes are remaining for the muhurat otherwise the wedding will be delayed for 3 years.Daadi felt worried and said may be it's God's will.
    Anika talks to herself and apologize for this situation but it's better for Priyanka.
    Priyanka is about to leave the Puja but Shivaay asks her 8f she will go with whom Daksh will do Puja.
    Suddenly Daksh reaches there.Anika was shocked to see him.

    Rudra satire at the situation by thanking Shivaay as he will not have to wait for this wedding shopping for 3 years.
    Daadi asks everyone to start the Puja

    Daadi asks Om and Rudra to pack the presents.Shivaay reaches there.Dadi asks Shivaay to keep Priyanka's engagement ring safe with himself. Daadi says that these rings were kept in puja bu guruji so she want the engagement to be done with those rings only.Anika was listening all this.

    Anika follows Shivaay to see where he will keep those rings.B ut Shivaay suspects somebody is following him and catches her.He asked why you are following me.Anika felt some awkward and replied that she is not following him but she is searching for mobile network and leaves.Shivaay thinks why is she behaving so strange.
    Shivaay goes to his room and kept the rings in his cupboard.He receives a call and leaves the room.Meanwhile Anika entered the room and steal the rings.But before she may leave Shivaay returned.She had an entertaining hide and seek session with Shivaay but was not caught.

    Daadi gave Anika her salary in advance by saying that Priyanka told her that she needed money and her needs should be fulfilled as she is working good.Anika thinks that they are so good people.She can't let anything bad happen to them. She will have to expose Daksh As soon as possible.

    Precap:Everybody feels shock to know that engagement rings are missing.

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