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  • Wednesday, 20 June 2018

    Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 20th June 2018 Written Update "Kratika-Ranbir come Closer in Cold Storage Room"

    Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 20th June 2018 Written Update "Kratika-Ranbir come Closer in Cold Storage Room"

    The Episode starts with Ranbir comes inside the cold storage and Door Gets Locked He asks Kratika how Can Kritika Kohli BA, LLB  Locked herself in this Room This Room means Invite Your Death You are Amazing Everyone is Partying outside and You are Chilling Inside. She asks How Do You Know I am Inside he tells I Heard Your Screaming. 

    She tells Only You Listen How Can You Listen to They Both are confused that Only he Heard Not even her Sister.  Akki drops Ishani home. Ishani says bye and goes. Pummy Looks From Balcony and thinks the fair boy has become a driver and says he is good. Ishani comes and surprises her. Pummy asks I sent two Body Guard where are Jiana and Kritika? Ishani says Jiana went for some work and she doesn’t know where is Kritika? Pummy asks who was he? Ishani says she told him clearly that she is not interested in him. 

    Pummy Says Fairy Boy Has Interested in You She is Shocked Pummy says no driver shall drop you next time. Ishani says he is Ranbir’s brother Akki. Pummy is Little Surprised
    Ranbir tells Kritika that They Should Go Out he doesn’t want to get Freeze with her here He Gives her hand and They come to Room But they tried their Hard to open the Door.

    Kritika says I asked you to hold the door. Ranbir says you just said door. Kritika has Problem in Saying Still She says if I can Open the Door I could come out. She says sorry and says you are stuck because of me. He Gets Angry and Hits on The Door.
    Pummy comes to Ishini and tells her to give a Chance to Fairy Boy Akki. Ishani says you had told not to like any guy. Pummy says I asked you not to like Ranbir as he has many girl fans and tells that she likes Akki and says you will be rich. Ishani says How She Explain You get So Much Property and Both are Dreaming and Screaming.

    Ranbir is Pacing and Talking there should be any way to go Out.
    Kritika says it is unbreakable door and Soundproof too. Ranbir tries to call Jiana, but there is no network.
    He tries top open again He Calls Himself Strong and He tries All Way Also Taunt her that it is as stubborn as you. She says strong like me. He tries to break the door with carret. He says you are Right It's Unbreakable he Looks at her and Tells her that You are really freezing. Kritika tells him That we have to call someone. Ranbir Assures her nothing will happen to us. He Looks at her She is Freezing he Covers her with his Jacket and He Sits near her and He Rubs his hand He says he is chilling too  Kritika  Looks at him and holds his hand and rubs his hand.
    He just Stares at her and She comes Near Him and covers coat to him also.. Ranbir thinks Strange why do I feel that her pain is mine what is this connection all About She Thinks That What is this Why I am thinking That He Has so come to Save me.  She signs him to rub his hand and Give Mouth air to Hand.  And He Does What She Said, She puts her head on his shoulder. Ranbir tells her not to close her eyes and Don’t Sleep and says it is not good. She couldn’t keep her eyes open and rests on his lap. Ranbir asks her to wake up and not to shut Eyes he knocks on the door Again and Again rubs her hands.

    Shilpa tells Malishka that She Saw Ranbir was Running towards cold storage room.She tells her that I was Going to call You But You Know its Dangerous Malishka asks her to make sure that Ranbir doesn’t go outside the hotel and thinks he will get trapped in her net, and today this night will unite them. She Doesn’t let go Him Out.
    Kritika gets Unconscious and Ranbir tries to make her gain consciousness. he Stands Her up and Looks here and there So That he Can open the Door, he thinks to bring kritika near the lights because its warm near Below the Lights He throws the things kept on the table and brings Kritika and makes her lie down there.
    Jiana thinks where is Ranbir He told me That he will come soon and She Doesn’t have his Number too She thinks to go home else Pummy will not leave her. Ranbir covers his coat on Kritika and asks her to open the eyes. He rubs his Hands with her
    He knocks on the door and Shouts for Help . He asks Kritika to open her eyes and thinks I have to get her out any how. He hits on the door, but nobody listens to him.
    He comes Back to Kratika and Thinks I have To Bring Her into consciousness I can’t let her die he Checks her Plus and Breathing He thinks That She Need Breathing How Can I Give her Breathing he comes Close to Her Face and Hesitates and thinks Only One way to Help her and that is  mouth to mouth resuscitation. He gives her CPR.

    Kritika  asks her why you did that .He asks her What I did ? She tells him That I Know What you did He again Looks at her She tells You Know What I am talking About.   Ranbir is surprised.

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