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  • Wednesday, 20 June 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Ishra Caught Shagun Red Handed"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th June 2018 Episode Written Update "Ishra Caught Shagun Red Handed"

    Episode Start with Doctor Examines Roshni and She tells that Roshni is Okay Just Take Care of her and don’t give her Stress.
    Toshi and Madhvi Thank God and They Take Elders to Temple. 

    Raman is in Deep Thinking and He is thinking About Shagun’s Word and What Happened with Roshni and Attacks He Goes Out In Anger and Ishita Follows Him and Asks What are You doing He tells Someone from Our House is doing this and I won’t leave.
    Just Then Simmi and Param walk in and Raman Shouts on them that they are Planning to Kill Roshni’s Child Simmi tries to Explains that they were at function all the time.

    Raman asks Param About Mehandi Girls Param Replies that He Just Gave them to their Purse Ishita Suggest Raman that We Should Ask Those Mehandi Girls.
    Ishita Also Suspects on them and They come Out and Ask with Watchmen About those Girls He Says That He has Seen them they were in Hurry they gave My Friend for Auto and Gave Him 500 Rs He Shares his Friend Number with ishita.

    Ruhi Directly asks Aliya is she Behind this Aliya gets Furious and Shouts on Her Ruhi Apologies to her. There Roshni Gets Conscious and She asks Ruhi About Ishita, Ruhi calls Ishita and asks Her Where is She Going Ishita explains to her that they are going to find those Mehandi Girls. Ishita tells her to Stay with Roshni all the time.

    Raman and Ishita reach at Mehandi Girls House and One of them Open the Door and Get Shocked to See They about to run But Ishita Slaps both and Shouts on them.

    She Asks Them About Who Sent her Raman tells them that he is Calling Raman they Open their mouth that They just Got Message they didn’t See Face.
    Raman asks ishita How Can we Find the Culprit Ishita tells Him That I Know How We will Find.
    Everyone Gathered At Bhalla House and Worried about ISHRA ..Raman-ishita comes with those Girl to Bhalla House.
    Ishita tells Ruhi to Gather Everyone Here ..Ruhi calls Iyer and Except from Param and Simmi everyone is in the Hall.
    Raman goes to their Room and Snatches Their Phone and comes to the Hall. Param and Simmi Follow them.
    Ishita Takes Phone and Call on that Number from which those Girls are Receiving Message ishita tells Raman that Phone is ringing and Suddenly they hear Ringtone in Same Hall.
    Ishita follows the Voice and Sees Phone Inside one Purse She About to take Purse But Shagun tells That’s My Purse ishita what are you doing.
    Ishita takes Out Phone and asks Shagun that Is this Your Phone? Shagun Nods and Ishita comes to Shagun and tells everyone That From Shagun’s Phone messages Sent to these two girls to Harm Roshni and Her Child.
    Everyone get Shocked to listen to this.
    There Inside the Room, Roshni asks Aliya About Ishita Aliya Says That Roshni You take Rest I will call Amma.
    Pihu comes with Some Gifts for Roshni and She Explains Gift’s work also Diet Chart and Everything. Roshni Touched with Pihu’s Concern.
    Raman Shouts on Shagun that you try to Harm Roshni What is this Mani tells That You are Doubting On Shagun We are leaving them about to go But Ishita Stops and Explains Everything But Shagun Blurts that She Didn’t want to Harm She Just Wanted to Scare Roshni.
    Everyone gets shocked and Shagun Admits That She Wanted to Scare Roshni Because She was talking Aliya’s Place I did everything for Aliya I wanted to Scare Roshni so that She Left the House That’s it and I never tried to Harm My Adi’s Son Even I saved her from falling But You all Forget my Aliye and How can you all be Senseless towards her.
    Aliya Listen to all this and comes to Shagun and tells her Roshni is this House because I told yes I am Upset Now Not because of Roshni But Just because you did all this.
    Ishita looks at Aliya and Shagun.                                                                


    Romi Shouts on Raman that Simmi Di was Right when She was asking for her right Now i will Support her.Roshni Tells Everyone that She doesn't want to Stay Here where Her Child is Called As Bastard.Ishita tells Raman that She is Taking roshni Back and No one will Stop them.

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