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  • Friday, 25 May 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 25th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Kartik Gets Stuck In Lift Naira Helps Him"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 25th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Kartik Gets Stuck In Lift Naira Helps Him"

    The episode starts with Both Naira and Kartik Tell their Driver to take Malabar Hills Seashell Apartment.
    Suwarna is angry that She doesn’t want to go to Marriage Because She doesn’t want to Talk to Singhania She still Not Forget those Moments she is So Angry.

    Manish comes and tells I Listen to all your things Now You Listen to me She Nods But tells herself I will never forgive anything.
    Kartik and Naira Both Reach the Same Apartment and Karthik takes the Lift Naira runs to lift but Door Closes and Lift goes up.

    Surekha is Interacting Party Planner for Love and Kush’s Bday Party Suwarna Stops and tells Party Planner to go no party will happen here.
    Suwarna is so worried Because Kartik’s Phone is not Reachable She is Getting angry Manish is thinking I Jut Want Kartik to meet Naira.

    Kartik is angry on the Keerti that She sent him to Pickup the Medicine Lift Stuck in Between and There Naira Climbs to Stairs.
    Suwarna Gets to Know By Driver About Kartik’s Whereabouts she asks Manish About Sea Shell Apartment Manish Smiles.
    Karttik is Shouting for help and Naira Hears on the Second Floor She runs back to 1st Floor and tells watchmen Some ladies wonder that She is Asking Our Help Today.

    Naira comes back to Lift and Prays God for Help.
    Suwarna is still Trying Kartik’s Phone Surekha bursts her anger on Suwarna

    Suwarna tells her to go and make Your Kids Understand Surekha Replies her I wad doing this from Past 2 years.
    now you should also understand our feelings and kids asks me why have you changed so much, what should i tell them, Suwarna says you can say what you have to say, but NO party, Suwarna says listen to the reason, i have no problems with kids, but i am concerned about kids. She says who will take responsibility, she says we can’t trust anyone for safety of our kids.

    Manish says Suwarna has to understand, its high time now, its been two years.

    Watchman comes to help kartik who is stuck in lift, other people are there too, they take out kartik, Naira heards the guy from lift is OK, she moves to her house, kartik come out, they miss to see each other.

    Naira comes to her House and tells Naitik about her Admission naitik Tells her why No Drama and Nautanki in this Big News.
    Naira waters the plant and Naitik tells her In Cap Town You used to Shout on News Like this.
    He tells Chitti Maharaj to Bring Sweets He tells her that I am Sure this New Journey will come with so Many Happiness for you She Feeds both and Leaves, Naitik Thinks About her Bidaayi and How He wanted to Stop to her now he wants her to Go Back to where her Happiness is.
    Chitti Says You Made Cathori That Men will come to Eat Kachori hear.
    Naira Prays for Men who stuck in Lift.
    Kartik Receives Suwarna calls and Lies her that he came to take some medicine of his Fan she tells him to come to Hotel soon.

    He remember Temple Incident and Says Sorry To Suwarna he doesn’t want to make her upset.

    Precap : A girl come to Naira and Request her to make tea She Asks Why did Dadi have headache again Girl tells No Not Dadi Its for Kittu.Kartik is sitting and Girl takes naira with her Will they Meet.

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